Blue Archive – On Your Mark @ Millennium ~ Kivotos Halo Festival Overview

Following the previous event, we are introduced to a rerun event “On Your Mark @ Millennium ~ Kivotos Halo Festival”. This event features 1 new character Kotori (Cheer Sqauad), and a returning welfare student Hibiki (Cheer Squad), who will be added to the permanent pool of students once their banner ends.

This event will only have a runtime of 1 week, which may make it difficult for everyone to clear out the shops. There will also be a returning welfare student C.Hibiki, who can be farmed via the Stadium. Lastly, this event also features a new minigame similar to lessons, which can be a good time to stock up on certain artifacts if you are running low. 

Currency Drops per Stage:
Bolded text is the best stage to farm the currency

  • Bean Bag: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Millennium Flag: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Whistle: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Event Points: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Shops and Stadium

Bean Bag

For our first event currency, we have a Bean Bag, which is your standard event shop that contains Activity Reports, Tech Notes, and Furniture. We recommend prioritizing the Tech Notes as these are used to raise your student’s skill levels. If you are a newer player, then you can instead prioritize Activity Reports if you need the levels to raise your students. Utaha Elephs are also available in this shop, which can be a high-value target if you want to save your PvP coins.

Characters with Events bonuses:

Millennium Flag

The next event currency is Millennium’s Flag, which is similar to the previous shop but instead now has Enhancement Stones and Blu-rays. Once again prioritize school-specific mats like Blu-rays as you will need them to raise your student's skills. Feel free to skip the Enhancement Stones, as you can always buy these daily from the regular shop. As for the Kotori Elephs, you can safely skip these if you already have a well-built shielder/repositioner.

Characters with Events bonuses:


Lastly, this shop contains Artifacts namely, Haniwa and Wolfseggs. We highly recommend clearing out both Artifacts to stock up on skill materials, prioritizing the one you need the most. As for the Chihiro Elephs, it is fine to skip these if you do not have her unlocked or don't need a high-rarity Chihiro. Feel free to grab Furniture if you want them otherwise, we recommend focusing on Event Points.

Characters with Events bonuses

Event Points and Stadium

This event has a currency called Event Point Rewards that can be used to visit the Stadium. Visiting the Stadium costs 500 Event Points and is limited to 5 times per cycle before the students in the area will be switched. This minigame is similar to Lesson, making it a decent way to earn Elephs and Bond. There are also additional rewards that can be obtained depending on the area level such as Artifacts. 

In total there are 8 areas that can be unlocked after reaching a specific rank. Refer to the list below for the amount of points required to rank up. 

  • Total: 14000 Event Points
  • Rank 1: 500 Event Points (Default Administrative Office)
  • Rank 2: 1000 Event Points (Unlock Running Track)
  • Rank 3: 1500 Event Points (Unlock Gym Warehouse)
  • Rank 4: 2000 Event Points (Unlock Audience seats)
  • Rank 5: 2500 Event Points (Unlock Sports Ground)
  • Rank 6: 3000 Event Points (Unlock Large Warehouse)
  • Rank 7: 3500 Event Points (Unlock Broadcasting Room)

20% Drop Up

Milestone Rewards

There will also be Milestone rewards depending on the amount of Events Points you have accumulated throughout the event.