Blue Archive Saki (Swimsuit) Overview

Character Overview

Saki (Swimsuit) is a Permanent 3* Explosive Striker student who will have a rate-up banner alongside her other clubmate Miyako (Swimsuit). She is a generalist supporter that has become a core pick-up in Gregorius by being able to apply multiple debuffs on to the boss.


  • Unique buff that boost the damage of Special students as a Striker
  • 3 debuffs on her EX Skill
  • Does not need high investment


  • Low HP 
  • Outside of specific teams/raids buffing the damage of Special students is usually worse than a normal Hyper-carry team

Skill Review

EX Skill

Starting things off, we have the main highlight of the skillset, her EX Skill. It deals damage to 1 enemy and applies three debuffs DEF, ATK, and Crit RES down for 50s. This allows her to find usage in almost any raid like Binah for DEF Shred, high Crit RES enemies like Goz, or any raid for survivability with an ATK debuff. This skill truly shines in Gregorius, in which the amount of debuffs applied is more important than what debuffs are applied on the boss.

Basic Skill

Moving on to her Basic Skill, it deals damage to enemies in a fan-shaped AoE after 15 normal attacks and deals additional damage against medium-sized enemies. Surprisingly, a strong skill with decent AoE capabilities, and when paired with her weapon type (MG) allows her to trigger the effect often.

Enchanced Skill

Saki’s Enhanced Skill is the weakest link in her skillset Accuracy is a stat that is rarely required outside of PvP, and the Debuff Retention at Unique Equipment 40 is usually overkill with her already long debuff duration of 50s.

Sub Skill

Saki’s Sub Skill increases the ATK of Special students and herself. As of writing, this buff is unique to Saki (Swimsuit) and pushes the damage dealt by some students, such as Minori to another level. We highly recommend raising this skill before Basic and Enhanced Skill, as it enables unique team compositions.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: For the early game, Saki (Swimsuit) does not see a lot of usage. Her niches of applying several debuffs to one enemy are not required to clear most general content stages.

Early game alternatives:


Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): In the late game, Saki (Swimsuit) can be used in almost any raid as her EX Skill covers a wide range of niches. However, where she truly shines is in Gregorius with a whooping 3 debuffs on EX Skill to fulfill the debuff requirements. In addition to this, she has a unique skill that buffs the damage of Special students, which can enable teams to run Special students as damage dealers.

  • Minimum Required Investment: 3*
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub > Basic > Enhanced


Overall, Saki (Swimsuit) is a strong and flexible supporter who was mainly designed around the new upcoming raid Gregorius by being a Special student buffer and debuffer. In addition to this, she has found usage in almost any raid for Extreme and below difficulty. Note that even if Saki (Swimsuit) is a strong student, there are other alternatives available for a debuffer, and she is not required to clear any content IF you are only aiming for Insane difficulty

How Much Should I Invest?: For most cases her base rarity 3* is enough, as her debuffs already have a long duration of 50s. 

Should you pull on her banner?: If you plan to clear Torment Gregorius, Yes. She is a core pick-up for this raid as she can apply 3 debuffs on EX Skill while also buffing Special students' damage. But if your goal is only to clear Insane, there are other strategies that do not use Saki (Swimsuit).


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