Blue Archive Saya (Casual) Overview

Character Overview

C.Saya is a Permanent 3* Piercing Special student who will be having a rerun during the upcoming event recap alongside other returning students Shun (Small) and Kokona. On release, C.Saya was one of the few students capable of being a strong AoE damage dealer for Chesed while being a Special student. This allowed players to have more flexibility when building teams. However, with the release of stronger AoE students and students that can fulfill multiple roles in a team like Cherino, C.Saya started to see less usage.


  • Special AoE damage dealer allows for more flexibility when team building


  • Low damage at lower investments
  • Not farmable

Skill Review

EX Skill

Starting things off, we have C.Saya’s EX Skill which deals damage to enemies in a rectangular AoE that lingers for 20 seconds. The important points of this skill comes with its lingering effects, as it can pick off newer enemies that spawn after the initial wave has been dealt with.

Basic Skill

Without Bond Item Lv2 unlock, this is your standard AoE skill which deals damage to enemies in a circular area. However, with Bond Item unlocked, it adds a Poison DoT, which deals a small amount of damage to enemies over time. This is a niche ability that comes into play in some JFD stages.

Enchanced Skill

Similar to most other Enhanced Skills, this provides C.Saya with a boost to her stats. However, at UE40 she gains a Stability buff which reduces the damage variance when dealing damage. While this may be good on paper, this stat is usually not worth investing Elephs unlocking as Stability does not come into play outside of specific raids.

Sub Skill

This skill allows C.Saya to be a potent Crit DMG statstick, allowing her to find usage in teams outside of her usual niche. However, you will most likely not default to picking C.Saya, as there are usually better alternatives available. We recommend raising this skill first as it increases the entire team’s damage output.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: In the early game, C.Saya is an AoE damage dealer who can cover a wide area of the map. At low investments, she may struggle to finish off enemies with her EX Skill due to its low multiplier. In addition to this, several Piercing AoE damage dealers are available, making it difficult to prioritize C.Saya.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): In the late game, C.Saya finds usage mainly in 1 raid Chesed. This raid perfectly caters to her niche as it features several waves of enemies, C.Saya’s EX Skill fits well in Insane+ as the lingering AoE can deal with multiple waves of enemies and the additional spawns when enemies are defeated. Outside of this, she can find usage as a Crit DMG statstick for extra teams.

  • Minimum Required Investment: 3*
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub > Enhanced > Basic


Overall, C.Saya is a strong AoE damage dealer that has stayed relevant even after the release of other stronger alternatives. This is mainly due to the new release of higher difficulty in raids, allowing her to find usage in extra teams for Chesed Phase 1. She is also a welcome addition to a newer player’s roster, as C.Saya can free up a Striker student slot.

How Much Should I Invest?: 3* is usually enough to deal enough damage to clear out mobs for INS. If you wish to go further, Unique Equipment 30 is a good stopping point as Stability does not come into play in Chesed INS+.


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