Blue Archive Shiroko (Swimsuit) Overview

Character Overview

Shiroko (Swimsuit) is a Permanent 3* Mystic Special student who will be having a rate-up banner during the upcoming event rerun “Abydos Resort Restoration Committee” alongside other returning students Nonomi (Swimsuit) and Wakamo (Swimsuit). 

Following her release, S.Shiroko has become a staple choice in PvP. If you plan to retain a high ranking, this is attributed to several strong utility effects packed into her kit, such as Cost Recovery and Cost Reduction. Outside of this, she is a good backup student in most raids if you do not have core supports such as NY.Fuuka, Ako, and Himari.


  • DEF debuff on a Special Student
  • Cost Reduction for all allies
  • Cost Recovery on Sub Skill


  • Cost Reduction only triggers once per battle
  • Special Slot is extremely competitive for strong supports (NY.Fuuka, Ako, Himari. etc)

Skill Review

EX Skill

To start things off, we have S.Shiroko’s EX Skill which deals damage to 1 enemy and decreases their DEF for 30 seconds. This skill allows her to find niche usage in high DEF raids like Binah. While this skill does have a decent damage multiplier, she is unable to receive buffs from other buffer like Ako or Himari. In PvP, the defense reduction can help take down DEF centric tanks.

Basic Skill

Moving on to S.Shiroko’s Basic Skill, it provides a Crit Buff to all allies which can help the team’s damage output. The real reason to care about this skill comes with its secondary effect of reducing the entire team’s EX Skill cost by 1. This effect also applies to Special students other than herself.

Enchanced Skill

Not much to say here, while an ATK increase is always a welcome buff S.Shiroko does not deal enough damage to justify prioritizing this skill over the rest of her kit. 

Sub Skill

Finally, we have the main highlight of S.Shiroko’s skillset for PvE content. This skill alone justifies bringing her into any team even if you are unable to make full use of the DEF debuff on her EX Skill.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: In the early game, S.Shiroko can be slotted into any team for her Sub Skill to help your team quickly cycle through EX Skills. Outside of this, the DEF debuff on the EX Skill does not come into play as often as AoE is preferred.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment):  In the late game, S.Shiroko can find usage in almost any raid mainly thanks to her Cost Recovery buff on Sub Skill. Unfortunately, there are several other alternatives for supports such as Himari, Ako, NY.Fuuka, and NY Haruka to name a few. Where S.Shiroko truly shines is in PvP, as her Basic Skill can change the tide of the fight. She also has a niche use case in Binah as a DEF debuffer.

  • Minimum Required Investment: 3*
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub > Basic = Enhanced


All in all, S.Shiroko is a solid student who has found usage in both PvE and PvP content. While she may not be the best pick for raids, she has still found usage as a backup student. For PvP, she has become a top pick, similar to how Shun is one of the most prevalent choices regardless of the terrain.

How Much Should I Invest?: You can usually leave her at 3* as her Enhanced+ does not provide a significant enough boost to her damage.


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