Blue Archive Special Summer Mission Rabbit Squad Challenge 2

Video Showcase

General Strategy

To simplify things, we have color coded the teams to help players keep track of the arrows shown below.

Yellow Arrow= Team 1 bossing team
Red Arrow = Team 2 Piercing

Turn 1 

Team 2: Start off the stage by moving team 2 upwards to the right of team 1.
Team 1: Swap positions with team 2 and head to the right tile.

Turn 2 

Team 2: Move upwards to reach the enemy Kurumi.
Team 1: Once team 2 has defeated Kurumi a new platform will be available above team 1 move towards the newly spawned tile.

Turn 3

Team 1: For turn 3 move upwards to reach the next enemy Niko. 
Team 2: Once Niko has been defeated a tile will spawn above team 2 move towards the newly spawned tile.


Team 2: Once again start turn 4 with team 2 to move towards our next enemy Otogi.
Team 1: Finally, swap positions with team 2 and move to the tile upwards (1 tile below the boss Yukino)

Team Building

Team building for challenge stage 2 is straightforward, start by filling both teams with AoE Piercing damage dealers and a Single-Target damage dealer for the bossing team. After which fill in the remaining slots with tanks, healers, and supports as you see fit. If you have a well-invested account, you can replace a tank/healer slot with another damage dealer.

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options

Piercing AoE:

Piercing Bossing:

General Supports: