Blue Archive Special Summer Mission Rabbit Squad Challenge 3

Video Showcase

General Strategy

This challenge stage is relatively straightforward without any unique mechanics to worry about, if you can burst down both S.Miyako and S.Saki quickly. However, for newer players, there are 2 skills to look out for the first being Moe’s AoE attack, which can deal a respectable amount of damage if your team is weak to her DMG type, then S.Miyu’s EX Skill can even pose a threat to high-level support students like Ui.

Another minor thing to take note of is S.Saki will come from the crates to the left, this may pose a threat to the student closest to her if they have Light armor. To deal with this you can reposition a student closer to S.Saki allowing the damage to funnel towards them.

Team Building

For this stage, you will want to focus on bringing Singe-Target Piercing damage dealers as both S.Saki and S.Miyako have Heavy armor. For newer players, we highly recommend having a healer in the team, if you have Light armored students in the team. But for players with well-invested Mika and hyper-carry buffers, you can easily one-shot both S.Saki and S.Miyako.

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options

Piercing Single-Target:

General Supports: