Blue Archive Special Summer Mission Rabbit Squad Challenge 4

Video Showcase

General Strategy

To simplify things, we have color coded the teams to help players keep track of the arrows shown below.

Yellow Arrow = Team 1 bossing team
Red Arrow = Team 2 Swapping 
Blue Arrow = Team 3 Piercing

Turn 1 

Team 2 (Center team): Start turn 1 by moving team 2 to the tile on their left.
Team 1: Then swap positions with team 2 and move upwards this should put you beside the first enemy of the stage Kurumi. 
Team 3: Move upwards closer to the teleporter

Turn 2 

Team 2: Once again with team 2 move to the left tile to reach the step tile.
Team 1
: If team 2 has been moved correctly, team 1 should now be able to access the tile above them.
Team 3: Go left closer to team 1.

Turn 3

Team 1: Move team 1 towards the breaking tile on the upper left.
Team 3: Followed by swapping positions with team 1 then attacking the next enemy Otogi.
Team 2: Once Otogi has been defeated a new tile should spawn to the left of team move towards it.


Team 1: Move team 1 to the right closer to the teleporter
Team 3: Then have team 3 step on the activation tile.
Team 2: Team 2 should now have a new tile they can move towards.

Turn 5

Team 1: Go upwards to reach the teleporter and use it. 
Team 2: Once again move upwards make sure you are right beside the next enemy Niko.
Team 3: Then swap positions with team 1 and team 2, this should put you right beside Niko then move towards her to attack.

Turn 6

Team 2: Move to the tile closest to Yukino.
Team 1
: Swap positions with team 2 and attack the final enemy of the stage Yukino.
Team 3: Do nothing (Stage should be done).

Team Building

Team building for stage 4 is similar to the previous map stage 2. You will want to spread your damage dealers for teams 1 and 3. Team 2 does not need to have any damage dealers since they will not be fighting any enemies. Fill in the rest of your slots with healers, buffers, and tanks as you see fit.

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options

Piercing AoE:

Piercing Single-Target:

General Supports:




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