Blue Archive Special Summer Mission Rabbit Squad Challenge 5

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General Strategy

Stage 5 of this event will have you go up against the FOX squad and similar to stage 3, there aren’t a lot of gimmicks to worry about. All enemies on this stage will either have high EVA or DEF, Yukino and Kurumi have a high DEF, which makes it difficult to burst them down without a Mika. On the other hand, Otogi and Niko have high Evasion, making it difficult to land hits on them. Throughout all phases we recommend prioritizing Niko over everyone else as she can apply a shield to the entire team, prolonging the encounter.

Once phase 3 starts, all FOX Squad members will prioritize targeting the leftmost student you have during your team selection. This makes it important to have a tank in that slot if you are struggling to survive. Then destroy the item in the image to the left, as both Fubuki and Kirino will join in to help.

Team Building

We recommend bringing 1-2 Piercing AoE damage dealers, then have either Mika or Tank soak the incoming damage. If you are a newer player, we recommend having a tank and healer since this stage can take a while. If you are struggling to deal with Yukino and Kurumi, then you can consider bringing a DEF shredder like Akane or Noa.

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options

Piercing AoE

Piercing Single Target

General Supports




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