Blue Archive Special Summer Mission! RABBIT Squad Event Overview

Following the release of the new story chapter, we are greeted with a new event Special Summer Mission! RABBIT Squad. It features a new welfare student Miyu (Swimsuit), who will be the farmable student for this event. More details about her can be found HERE

Unlike most events, there will be 4 event currencies available for you to farm and a mini game similar to the Dice Track from Get Set, Go!. If you plan to pull for or have students from Valkyrie you need to raise, then this will be a good time to stock up on materials for them. In addition to this, artifacts for the upcoming FES character S.Hanako are available in the shop and stage drops.

Currency Drops per Stage
Bolded text is the best stage to farm the currency

  • Pebble: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Shell: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Dried Starfish: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Frozen Shrimp: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Artifact Drops per stage
Note that higher difficulty stages have better drops.

  • Antikythera Mechanism: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Wolfsegg: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Nebra Sky Disk: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Aether: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Shops, Gacha Box, and Omikuji


To start things off, we have the first event currency/shop Pebbles. For players that pulled S.Miyako, S.Saki, or have a Valkyrie student who they wish to raise. We highly recommend prioritizing all the Tech Notes in the shop to help with skill leveling. You can then clear out the Activity Reports if you need the EXP or want to stock up. 

For newer players, you may want to prioritize the Activity Reports first. This will help you raise other students to help clear stages. If you have excess currency you can exchange them for Gifts or Furniture.


Moving onto our next shop/currency, we have Shells which is similar to the first event shop. Once again, prioritize school-specific mats like Blu-rays if you have students that need them, then go for Enhancement Stones, as they can be hard to come by. We highly recommend you get at least 4 Buried Treasure Maps for Aru since this will be important to unlocking her Bond Item level 2.

Dried Starfish

Next, the Dried Starfish shop is unique from the previous two shops as it only has Gifts and Artifacts. We highly recommend clearing out both Antikythera Mechanism and Wolfsegg if you are running low or plan to roll for S.Miyako, S.Saki, or S.Hanako. Then clear out the Gifts if you have spare currency left over. 

Frozen Shrimp and Dice Rice Track

For our last currency, we have Frozen Shrimp, while this currency will not have a shop. It will be part of another mini-event similar to the Get Set, Go! event. It will feature several goodies such as Activity Reports, Elephs, and Miyu (Swimsuit) Eligmas.

If you have missed Yuzu (Maid) and do not have Minori, we highly recommend farming this currency as this will be your main method to raise S.Miyu to a higher rarity. Keep in mind, that you will want to avoid the Enhancement Stones as they are not efficient to farm from Dice Race.


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