Blue Archive Wakamo (Swimsuit) Overview

Character Overview

Wakamo (Swimsuit) is a Permanent 3* Piercing Striker student who will be having a rate-up banner during the upcoming event rerun “Abydos Resort Restoration Committee” alongside other returning students Nonomi (Swimsuit) and the new rate-up student Shiroko (Swimsuit). 

On release, S.Wakamo was a strong option in HOD insane for her ability to deal a respectable amount of damage while applying CC. However, then she was overshadowed as Kayoko was able to solo CC HOD. With the addition of stronger Piercing damage dealers, such as Mika, S.Wakamo has mostly been benched. With the release of the new raid difficulty, S.Wakamo has once again started to see usage in extra teams that are trying to finish off the boss or take out the towers in P1.


  • Lots of self ATK buffs
  • Strong CC effects


  • Basic Skill takes too long to stack
  • Increases her own damage taken overtime

Skill Review

EX Skill

Starting things off, we have the highlight of S.Wakamo’s kit which deals damage to 1 enemy and has a respectable multiplier of 1074%. However, the main selling point of this skill is its multi-hit boasting 6 total hits with each being able to trigger CC

Basic Skill

Next, we have S.Wakamo’s Basic Skill, which is the main source of self-attack buffs, which ramps up over 3 minutes. While this skill does essentially double her ATK stat, it is unfortunately not enough to allow her to keep up with the rest of the Piercing damage dealers currently in the game.

Enchanced Skill

Similar to most other Enhanced Skills, it provides her a straightforward boost to her stats. Keep in mind that if you do not have UE40, we recommend raising her Basic Skill first, as it provides better damage buffs.

Sub Skill

Finally, S.Wakamo’s Sub Skill deals an additional instance of damage to enemies that are below 30% HP. With this skill, S.Wakamo can be brought into raids when the boss has less than 30% HP remaining to gain the full benefits of this skill. Note that the damage instance can Crit which may lead to some damage variance.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: Unfortunately, S.Wakamo does not find much usage in the early game as CC is not a required niche to clear general content. In addition to this, her ATK buffs take too long to stack up, making it irrelevant when trying to meet the time conditions to clear stages.

Early game alternatives:

Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): With high investments, S.Wakamo is a potent damage dealer who can carve out a niche for herself in CC-oriented raids like HOD. For Torment, she is commonly used, as a damage dealer who can apply CC. She is also usable in her own upcoming raid, Wakamo (Hovercraft) for phase 1.

  • Minimum Required Investment: Unique Equipment 40 
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Enhanced > Basic > Sub


Overall, S.Wakamo is a solid student who has once again found relevance with the introduction of higher-difficulty raids. She is an excellent option to fill the CC role for additional teams in HOD if you do not have other alternatives available, such as Chihiro or Saki.

How Much Should I Invest?: Unique Equipment 40 is usually a good stopping point to get the additional ATK boost on her Enhanced Skill.


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