Black Clover M – Asta [Black] Guide: Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Asta [Black]

Who is Asta?

Asta's character development in "Black Clover" is quite impressive. His backstory reveals that he was abandoned as a baby at a church along with another orphan, Yuno. Despite being magicless in a world where magical prowess defines status, Asta remains undeterred in his ambition to become the Wizard King.

One fascinating aspect of Asta is his unyielding determination. Despite facing constant ridicule and obstacles due to his lack of magic, he never gives up. He compensates for his absence of magical abilities with intense physical training and develops incredible strength.

His anti-magic sword, the Demon-Slayer Sword, plays a crucial role in his journey. It nullifies spells and is capable of cutting through magical defenses, making Asta a significant threat to magical opponents.

Throughout the series, Asta forms strong bonds with other characters, especially his comrades in the Black Bulls, a group of misfit mages within the Clover Kingdom. His friendships and unwavering resolve inspire those around him, earning him both respect and admiration.

Asta's growth as a character isn't just about physical prowess but also about understanding the true meaning of strength, friendship, and perseverance. His journey to become the Wizard King is not just about power but about the values he upholds and the people he strives to protect.

"Black Clover" showcases Asta's evolution from an underprivileged boy with big dreams to a powerful and respected figure, proving that determination and hard work can overcome any obstacle. His story is a thrilling ride full of action, emotion, and meaningful life lessons

Asta [Black] Role


Recommended Skill Pages

The Power of the Unknown
  • If [Anti-Magic] is present on self, grants 10/25% [Increased DMG Dealt] to self per 1500 DEF.
  • Grants all allies a [Total Defense] buff for 2 turn(s) on Skill II
Breath of Darkness
  • Applies 10/20% [Increased All ATK] to yourself.

Recommended Equipment Sets

Give him an attack set for the meantime while you obtain lifesteal equipment. You'll want to focus on full defense main stats. Regarding sub stats, aim for defense percent and attack. Any crit values are not bad either.

Recommended Substats: DEF% > ATK > CRT

Equipment SetSet Effect

Relic of an Ancient Wizard
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 220]
[Magic power increased by 220]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 10%]

Ominous Equipment
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 7%]
[Magic power increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 15%]

(2) - Recover 10% HP after killing an enemy
(4) - Gain Lifesteal +20% when below 50% HP

Base and Maximum Stats

DMG Res210
CRIT Rate12.15%

Skills and Passives

Black Asta's skill set and passives make him a versatile unit capable of both tanking and dealing substantial damage. The unique Anti-Magic mechanic requires strategic HP management for optimal performance. Properly timing his skills, particularly the Skill 2 and Ultimate, can result in effective crowd control and damage output.


Demon-Slayer Sword

Skill 1

  • Type: Single
  • ATK: 110%
  • Description: Strikes down an enemy with the Demon-Slayer Sword, dealing damage.
    • If [Anti-Magic] is present on self, grants self +8 [Increased Special Points].
    • If [Anti-Magic] is not present on self, inflicts [Block HP Recovery] on an enemy for 2 turn(s).
    • Lv. 2: Skill ATK +6%
    • Lv. 3: Skill ATK +6%
    • Lv. 4: Skill ATK +6%
    • Lv. 5: Skill ATK +6%

Status Effect

Increased Special Points

  • Description: Increases the Special Points that can be used for Combined Attacks and Special Skills.

Block HP Recovery

  • Description: When you're under this effect, your HP can't be recovered.

Black Hurricane

Skill 2

  • Type: AoE
  • Turns: 2
  • ATK: 78%
  • Description: Asta creates a black hurricane while holding the Demon-Slayer Sword, dealing damage to all enemies.
    • If [Anti-Magic] is present on self, attacks after [Dispelling Barrier] from a designated enemy.
    • If [Anti-Magic] is not present on self, grants all allies an [Increased DEF Lv. 3] buff for 2 turn(s).
    • Lv. 2: Skill ATK +8%
    • Lv. 3: Skill ATK +8%
    • Lv. 4: Skill ATK +8%
    • Lv. 5: Skill ATK +8%

Status Effect

Dispel Barrier

  • Description: Removes a Barrier.

Increased DEF Lv. 3

  • Description: Increases Defense by 175%

Black Meteorite

Special Skill

  • Type: Single
  • ATK: 200%
  • Description: Delivers a blow imbued with the energy of Anti-Magic, dealing damage to an enemy.
    • If [Anti-Magic] is present on self, attacks after [Dispelling Barrier] from the enemy.
    • If [Anti-Magic] is not present on self, inflicts [Taunt] on an enemy for 2 turn(s).
    • Lv. 2: Skill ATK +25%
    • Lv. 3: Skill ATK +25%
    • Lv. 4: Skill ATK +25%
    • Lv. 5: Skill ATK +25%

Status Effect

Dispel Barrier

  • Description: Removes a Barrier.


  • Description: Only attacks the target who applied the status effect.

Combined Attack


  • Type: Combined Attack
  • ATK: 75%
  • Description: Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy.
    • Inflicts [Stun] on the enemy for 1 turn(s).
    • Lv. 2: Skill ATK +5%
    • Lv. 3: Skill ATK +5%
    • Lv. 4: Skill ATK +5%
    • Lv. 5: Skill ATK +5%

Status Effect


  • Description: Target will be disabled and will lose their turn.


Upon gaining [Anti-Magic], inflicts [Taunt] on all enemies for 1 turn(s).

Unique Passive

If HP is equal to or lower than 40%, applies [Anti-Magic] to self. If HP is above 40%, removes [Anti-Magic] from self.

Anti-Magic: Per 1,500 DEF, grants 15% [Increased DMG Dealt] and immunity to [Status Ailments].


Prioritize boosting attack and increasing damage, emphasizing defense. Reduce skill cooldown for a key ability and choose accuracy and penetration over blocking. Middle slots should enhance regular attack and magic attack, considering the prevalence of crit resistance in the current meta. Top slots prioritize defense, and a modest speed boost is suggested to improve overall performance without making the character overly tanky.

Team Composition

Combining Black Asta with William and barrier units like Rades is a great choice. William provides damage reduction, and with proper timing of barriers, you can enhance Black Asta's survivability.

  1. Black Asta (DPS)
  2. Julius (DPS)
  3. William (Support)
  4. Rades (Tank)
Black Asta

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