Black Clover M – Langris Vaude Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Langris Vaude

Who is Langris Vaude?

Langris Vaude is a character in the anime and manga series "Black Clover." He's a member of the Golden Dawn squad, which is one of the nine squads of the Magic Knights in the Clover Kingdom. Langris is known for his exceptional magical abilities, particularly his Spatial Magic. He's also the younger brother of Finral Roulacase, another member of the Golden Dawn.

His type of magic allows him to manipulate space itself, giving him control over spatial dimensions and distances. With his Spatial Magic, Langris can create spatial rifts, warp objects, and control the space around him. It's a powerful form of magic that provides him with a significant advantage in battles.

One of his signature spells is called "Coral Peacock's Brachiation," where he creates spatial rifts that allow him to move swiftly and unpredictably on the battlefield. Another notable spell is "Coral Peacock's Prison Hunting Ground," which creates a spatial prison trapping anyone within its boundaries.

Langris Vaude's Role


Recommended Skill Pages

Now, let's explore other potential skill cards for Langris. Breath of Darkness boosts Lang's attack by 10 to 20%, and Julius's card grants a 20 to 25% increase in all attack. Another great option is Yami's card, applying a 2.5 to 4.5 increase in crit at an ally's turn end, and it stacks.

Breath of Darkness
  • Applies 10/20% [Increased All ATK] to yourself.
Level-Headed Noble
  • Upon attacking an enemy afflicted with [HP Recovery Immunity], attacks after granting a 20/40% [Increased Favored DMG Dealt] buff. Does not activate when the partnered mage performs a combined attack.
  • Sacrifices 2 of a designated ally's SPs to grant self a [SP +3] buff on Skill 2.
Pride of the Wizard King
  • Gain 10/25% [Increased All ATK].
Easy-going Teacher
  • Has a 20/40% chance to apply [Increased Special Points] +1 to yourself upon attacking.

Recommended Equipment Sets

When gearing up Langris, prioritize magic attack over regular attack since he starts with zero attack. Ensure each gear piece emphasizes magic attack. For sets, go for a crit damage set (7% increased crit damage, two pieces), a gold penetration set (two pieces), and consider a gold attack set. Aim for gold sets whenever possible, as they enhance stats more effectively than regular sets.

Substat Priority: MATK > CRIT

Equipment SetSet Effect

Relic of an Ancient Wizard
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 220]
[Magic power increased by 220]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 10%]

Ominous Equipment
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 7%]
[Magic power increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 15%]

(2) - PEN +7
(4) - DEF PEN +15%

(2) - Crit DMG +7%
(4) - Crit DMG +15%

Base and Maximum Stats

at level 100

M. ATK14959
DMG Res201
CRIT Rate22.04%

Skills and Passives

His first skill, Space Magic Bullets, is a single-target attack with a 50% chance to grant an SP plus one buff. While it's decent, it's not recommended for immediate upgrading due to its moderate damage.

Moving to the second skill, equipped with his skill card, it becomes an SP plus 3 self-enhancement ability. This skill sacrifices two SP from a designated ally to grant himself an SP plus three buff. The 45% chance to inflict a reduced HP recovery debuff on an ally isn't ideal, but upgrading mitigates this. It also provides a speed level three buff, crucial for his initially low speed.

His special skill, Space Destruction Barrage, is the key to his kit. It's an AOE attack that prevents an enemy from healing for two turns, grants allies a 20% increased favor damage dealt buff, and inflicts a reduced HP recovery level three debuff. It also gives himself debuff immunity for two turns.

For upgrade priority, consider skill two first to avoid harming your team, followed by the AOE attack, and then the single-target attack on skill one. Alternatively, prioritizing the special for maximum damage is a valid strategy. His combo skill is a bonus, allowing him to attack after removing an enemy's barrier.


Space Magic Bullets - Skill 1

  • Type: Single
  • ATK: 100%
  • MATK: 100%
  • Description: Shoots magic bullets, dealing damage to a single enemy. Has a 50% chance to grant a [SP +1] buff.

Status Effect

  • Increased Special Points: Increases the Special Points that can be used for Combined Attacks and Special Skills.

Level Upgrades

  • Lv. 2-5: Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%

Pride of House Vaude - Skill 2

  • Duration: 2 turns
  • Description: In the name of House Vaude, focuses on the battle and strengthens self. Sacrifices 2 of a designated ally's SPs to grant self a [SP +2] buff. Has a 45% chance to inflict 20% [Reduced Healing Received] to the designated ally. Grants self an [Increased SPD Lv. 3] buff for 2 turn(s).

Status Effects

  • Increased Special Points: Increases the Special Points that can be used for Combined Attacks and Special Skills.
  • HP Recovery Reduction: Reduces HP Recovery.
  • Increased SPD Lv. 3: Increases Speed by 55%

Special Enhancement

  • This skill can be enhanced with the signature Skill Page.

Level Upgrades

  • Lv. 2-5: Chance to inflict [Reduced Healing Received] -8%

Space Destruction Barrage - Special Skill

  • Type: AoE
  • ATK: 86%
  • MATK: 86%
  • Description: Throws a magical sphere of spatial magic that erases everything it touches, dealing damage to all enemies. Inflicts [Block HP Recovery] on an enemy for 2 turn(s). Grants all allies a 20% [Increased Favored DMG Dealt] buff for 2 turn(s). Inflicts a [Reduced HP Recovery Lv. 3] debuff on an enemy for 2 turn(s). Grants [Debuff Immunity] to self for 2 turn(s).

Status Effects

  • Block HP Recovery: When under this effect, your HP can't be recovered.
  • Increased Favored DMG: Increases favored damage done (based on the elemental wheel).
  • HP Recovery Reduction Lv. 3: Reduces HP Recovery by 40%.
  • Debuff Immunity: Blocks debuffs while the duration of the effect is active.

Level Upgrades

  • Lv. 2-5: Skill ATK +8%, Skill MATK +8%

Combined Attack

  • Type: Single
  • ATK: 65%
  • MATK: 65%
  • Description: Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy. Attacks after removing an enemy's [Barrier].

Status Effect

  • Dispel Barrier: Removes a Barrier.

Level Upgrades

  • Lv. 2-5: Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%

Passive LR+2 and LR+5

  • At the start of his turn, grants himself [SP+2]. At LR+5, when using a special attack, grants 100% of Max HP as [HP Recovery].

Unique Passive

  • When HP is below 30%, grants an [Immortality] buff for 1 turn(s). (Once per battle).


For talents, prioritize magic attack since all his abilities scale off it. Choose the talent that grants a 2.5% increased crit rate at the start of a wave for potential higher damage. Defense-wise, go for the 20% defense and stacking defense with crit resist – a solid choice for most characters. In terms of support, swiftness is a must, designed perfectly for his kit. It grants an SP plus one buff at the start of a turn when having less than two SP, complementing Langris's SP gain. Additionally, opt for damage resist to enhance his survivability.

Team Composition

Consider running Langris in a stall tactic team. He's a selfish character, stealing SP and needing a team built around him. I like this team setup with Noelle's barrier, Kahono's healing, defense, and attack boosts, and Mimosa for revive and healing. It's a balanced mix of two healers and two attackers, effective in both PVP and PVE. In PVE, Langris excels at wave-clearing with favored damage support. Overall, a versatile team for various scenarios.

  1. Langris (DPS)
  2. Noelle [Swimsuit] (DPS)
  3. Mimosa [Clover Academy] (Healer)
  4. Kahono (Healer)
Noelle [Swimsuit]
Mimosa [Clover Academy]

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