Black Clover M Noelle [Halloween]: Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Who is Noelle?

Noelle Silva is a prominent character in the anime and manga series "Black Clover." She belongs to the noble Silva family, known for their powerful magic and prestige in the Clover Kingdom. Noelle is initially introduced as a member of the Black Bulls, a magic knight squad known for its misfit members.

Noelle stands out due to her struggle with controlling her magic. She possesses water-based magic but has difficulty controlling it, resulting in erratic and often destructive spells. This issue stems from the pressure of being born into a prestigious family where magic prowess is highly valued. Noelle faces discrimination and ridicule from her family and others due to her inability to control her powers perfectly.

However, despite these challenges, Noelle is determined to improve herself and prove her worth. Throughout the series, she undergoes significant character development, gradually gaining control over her magic while also showcasing immense strength, determination, and loyalty to her friends. Her character evolves from a self-conscious and insecure individual to a powerful and confident magic knight who fiercely protects her comrades.

Noelle's growth, determination, and her ongoing struggle to control her magic make her a compelling and beloved character in "Black Clover.

Noelle [Halloween]'s Role


Recommended Skill Pages

For the skill pages, her main one is likely the best, reducing enemies' special points when she takes damage and blocking HP recovery for skill two on the chosen target.

Skill PageEffect

Little Halloween Devil
Fires a heart made of water and damages one enemy.
・Applies [Lv.3 Magic Power Reduction] debuff to the
enemy for 2 turns
・Applies [Provocation] status to the enemy for 2 turns
・Decreases 1 SP to all enemies
・Enemies receive the debuff for 2 turns [Recovery] blocked

Recommended Equipment Sets

For gear, focusing on speed is crucial, with a bit of defense for survivability.

Equipment SetSet Effect

Deep Sea Secrets
[2 sets]
At the start of WAVE, gives the wearer a speed buff for 2 turns
[4 sets]
[Speed ​​5 increase]

Traveler's Essentials
[2 sets]
If the wearer becomes [Status Abnormal], grants a [20% speed increase] buff for 1 turn.
[4 sets]
At the start of battle, the wearer receives a [4% speed] buff for 1 turn. Increase] Increase buff

Great Merchant's Trade Goods
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 30%]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 40%]
[Toughness 8%]

Mysterious Tree in Full Bloom
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 250]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 20%]

Base and Maximum Stats

Her speed, which is extremely high at base at 112, puts her in the top ranks.

M. ATK10264
DMG Res221
CRIT Rate13.5%

Skills and Passives

Her first skill extends debuff duration by one turn and lowers SP by one. The second skill lowers magic attack by 52, which is good for most meta DPS characters. The taunting aspect is important for later, making it so that enemies can only attack Noelle and preventing them from using buff skills. The ultimate reduces skill points by three, making it useful for stopping attack ultimates. It also removes all buffs, applies weapon disarm, and reduces SP by one.

Her passives are good, especially the first one, which applies 30 incapacitate to all enemies every turn. The second passive removes continuous HP recovery buffs from enemies when attacked. The LR passive applies 40 reduced damage dealt on attacker-class enemies, making her great for PvP.

Water Prank

Skill 1: Single

  • ATK: 90%
  • MATK: 90%
  • Summons a waterfall, dealing damage to an enemy.
  • Inflicts [Extend Debuff Duration] by 1 turn(s) on an enemy.
  • Inflicts [SP -1] on an enemy.
  • Lv. 2-5: Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%

Status Effect: Extend Debuff Duration

  • Extends debuff duration.

Status Effect: Reduced Special Points

  • Reduces the Special Points for Combined Attacks and Special Skills.

Little Devil's Prank

Skill 2: Single (3 turns)

  • ATK: 110%
  • MATK: 110%
  • This skill can be enhanced with the signature Skill Page.
  • Blow heart-shaped waterdrops at an enemy, dealing damage.
  • Inflicts [M. ATK Reduction Lv. 3] on an enemy for 2 turns.
  • Inflicts [Taunt] on an enemy for 2 turns.
  • Inflicts [SP -1] on all enemies.
  • Lv. 2-5: Skill ATK +10%, Skill MATK +10%

Status Effect: M. ATK Reduction Lv. 3

  • Reduces M. Attack by 52%.

Status Effect: Taunt

  • Only attacks the target who applied the status effect.

Status Effect: Reduced Special Points

  • Reduces the Special Points for Combined Attacks and Special Skills.

Trick Water

Special Skill: Single

  • ATK: 150%
  • MATK: 150%
  • Summons a giant waterdrop in the shape of a pumpkin, dealing damage to an enemy.
  • Inflicts [SP -3] on an enemy.
  • Removes all [Buffs] from an enemy.
  • Inflicts [Weapon Disarm Lv. 3] on an enemy for 2 turns.
  • Lv. 2-5: Skill ATK +15%, Skill MATK +15%

Status Effect: Reduced Special Points

  • Reduces the Special Points for Combined Attacks and Special Skills.

Status Effect: Remove All Buffs Lv. 3

  • Removes all positive effects from the target.

Status Effect: Weapon Disarm Lv. 3

  • Damage is reduced by 34%.

Combined Attack

Combined Attack: Single

  • Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy.
  • Attacks after removing an enemy's [Barrier].
  • Lv. 2-5: Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%

Status Effect: Dispel Barrier

  • Removes a Barrier.


Passive: At the start of a wave

  • Inflicts a 30% [Increased DMG Taken] debuff on all enemies.
  • When attacked, removes [Continuous HP Recovery] buff from all enemies.

Unique Passive

At the start of the battle

  • Inflicts a 40% [Reduced DMG Dealt] debuff on Attacker Class enemies for 1 turn.


In terms of talents, reducing the cooldown of skill two by one is good, along with the block chance and defense bonuses.

Team Composition

When building a team around Noelle, it's essential to complement her abilities and enhance the overall synergy. Noelle, as a powerful blue unit, works exceptionally well in a team that capitalizes on her debuffing and taunting capabilities

Blue Mono-Team:

  • Noelle (Leader): Capitalize on her debuffing skills and high speed.
  • Charlotte: The synergy between Noelle and Charlotte can be powerful, especially with Noelle's taunt and Charlotte's silence on skill two. This combo can disrupt the opponent's strategy.
  • Blue Unit (Julius)
  • Blue Unit (Lotus)
Charlotte (Academy)

This is a good team if you want to go for a full blue team because Charlotte applies silence on her skill. It's going to be effective. If you use her with Noelle, what you could do is basically use Noelle's ultimate to prevent the enemies from using their skills or ultimates. Then, Charlotte can silence them for one turn, forcing them to use their basic skill. This synergy can be very powerful.

However, if you don't want to go for the full blue team, which is where Charlotte's silence is strongest, you can still build a solid team. Noelle, regardless of the team composition, is a great addition. She brings a lot to the table with her kit. Unfortunately, you can't stack another Noelle, but it's still a strong team.


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