Black Clover M – Vetto Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Now, let's dive into the details of the final member of the Midnight Sun, Vetto, the new red SSR Defender. While you might not consider him the top-tier choice, there are some unique aspects worth exploring, especially his life-stealing capabilities.

Who is Vetto?

Vetto is a member of the Third Eye, a group within the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and they're pretty formidable opponents in "Black Clover." What sets Vetto apart is his Beast Magic, which gives him enhanced physical abilities, making him a formidable melee fighter. His determination and strength make him a memorable antagonist in the series.

The Eye of the Midnight Sun, as you might know, is an organization with the goal of obtaining magic stones and fulfilling their mysterious plans. Vetto's role in this organization adds a layer of complexity to the overarching plot.

Without giving away too many spoilers, the battles involving Vetto are intense and showcase the main characters' growth and determination. If you're a fan of action-packed scenes and character development, you'll likely find those arcs quite satisfying.

Vetto's Role


Vetto, a Defender capable of substantial self-recovery through lifesteal, can acquire lifesteal through his Skill II and special move, allowing him to recover a certain amount of damage dealt.

He possesses an overall attack power among Defenders comparable to a Debuffer, so it's crucial not to be overconfident. However, obtaining a certain amount of lifesteal recovery contributes to increasing survivability.

His abilities are minimal for a Defender. Although he has Defender-like effects such as "Weapon Damage," "Provocation," and "Barrier Acquisition" with motif equipment, considering the effect values and rotation rates, they are quite minimal.

In particular, "Provocation" becomes inactive when paired with Fana in a formation, essentially turning him into a character almost like an Attacker.

Recommended Skill Pages

Looking at Vetto's skills, the barrier-granting skill card is crucial for survivability. If you have SSR cards like Radus, Mars, or Moonlight Necklace, they provide additional benefits. For SR and R alternatives, consider options like Soul or ARA Picture Perfect.

In terms of skill pages, the universal ones work fine, but consider adding C's skill page for increased Max HP and defense, or even Moonlight Necklace for boosted defense and healing.

skills pageReason for recommendation

guide of despair
・Motif skill page
・Probability of debuff extension added to skill II
・Barrier acquisition passive when recovering physical strength

loyalty to sister
・When receiving damage, there is a chance that the attacking enemy will be given a debuff that reduces attack power.・
In conjunction with weapon damage, it will be easier to contribute to reducing enemy firepower.

breath of darkness
・All attack power increase passive
・If you have more than one and have extra, you can use it

unknown old book
・Increase damage dealt passively
・Easier to contribute firepower as a sub-attacker

Recommended Equipment Sets

When it comes to accessories, focus more on defense for both earrings and necklace. Unfortunately, if you lack a defense option for the ring like I do, you're stuck with crit rate and crit damage. Given Vetto's base stats, it's crucial to support crit rate, possibly boosting it with accessories while keeping defense on the necklace.

Moving on to gear sets and sub-stats, aim for a balance of attack, HP, defense, and damage resistance. Surprisingly, Vetto, as a Defender, packs a punch, especially with his ultimate. So, let's enhance his offensive capabilities. Consider going for attack, HP, and defense in the sub-stats. Speed is a flexible choice for the last slot.

equipment setset effect

Remnants of the ice mansion
[2 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
At the start of each turn, [recover] physical strength by 10% of maximum physical strength

Relic of an ancient wizard
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 220]
[Magic power increased by 220]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 10%]

ominous equipment
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 7%]
[Magic power increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 15%]

Mysterious tree in full bloom
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 250]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 20%]

Great merchant's trade goods
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 30%]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 40%]
[Toughness 8%]

scorching sky
[2 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 2,000][4 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 10%]

Base and Maximum Stats

*The initial state is Lv1/Rank 0 of each rarity, and the maximum is LR/Lv100/Awakening 5 state.

StatsEarly (SSR)Maximum (LR)
DMG RES210210
CRIT DMG50.00%50.00%
CRIT RES0.00%0.00%

Skills and Passives

Skill I: Wild blow

Deals damage to one enemy with a ferocious blow.

・Applies [Lv.1 Weapon Damage] debuff to enemy for 2 turns

Lv.2Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.3Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.4Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.5Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%

Skill II: Wild Onslaught

Deals damage to all enemies with a high-speed attack that is invisible to the naked eye.

・If your health is less than 75%, for each ally that was attacked or defeated after you acquired the [Vampire 65%] buff
, attack after you acquire the [Damage amount increased by 35%] buff.

Lv.2Skill attack power +7%, skill magic power +7%
Lv.3[Damage amount] +15%
Lv.4Skill attack power +7%, skill magic power +7%
Lv.5[Damage amount] +15%

Motif skill page

iconEnhancement skill details
Deals damage to all enemies with a high-speed attack that is invisible to the naked eye.

・If your health is below 60%, for each ally that was attacked or defeated after you acquired the [Vampire 50%] buff
, attack after you acquire the [20% increase in damage dealt] buff by
60%. Chance of being applied to the enemy [Debuff duration extended by 1 turn]

Special move: Bear claw

Swings the beast's claws wide and deals damage to one enemy.

・Attack after acquiring the [Vampire 70%] buff.
If you attack an enemy with a debuff, attack after acquiring the [Vampire 50%] buff.

Lv.2Skill attack power +15%, skill magic power +15%
Lv.3Skill attack power +15%, skill magic power +15%
Lv.4Skill attack power +15%, skill magic power +15%
Lv.5Skill attack power +15%, skill magic power +15%

Combination Attakc

Work together with your partner to damage one enemy.

・Applies [Provoke] status to the enemy for 1 turn with a 60% chance

Lv.2[Provocation] Activation rate +20%
Lv.3Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.4[Provocation] Activation rate +20%
Lv.5Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%

Bond Combined Attack with Fana

Fana pursues and damages the enemy that Vetto sends upwards with her fist.

- Attack after you acquire the [Increase amount of damage dealt] buff in proportion to your current health (up to 50%)

Lv.2Skill attack power +10%, skill magic power +10%
Lv.3Skill attack power +10%, skill magic power +10%
Lv.4Skill attack power +10%, skill magic power +10%
Lv.5Skill attack power +10%, skill magic power +10%

Unique Passive

・If you lifesteal, give self a [Toughness 15%] buff for 1 turn (applies only to lifesteal from your skill)

Enhanced Passive

・When attacked by a boss type enemy, [damage received is reduced by 7%]


Now, onto Vetto's talent page. Lean towards a mix of defense and attack boosts, emphasizing the +7% defense and +5% damage dealt. While life-stealing abilities are notable, skip life-stealing gear, as his ultimate doesn't have specific stipulations for its effectiveness.

Team Composition

Creating an effective team around Vetto requires careful consideration of his strengths and weaknesses. In PvE boss situations, Vetto's unique blend of offense and defense makes him a valuable asset. Here's a breakdown of suggested team compositions:

Healers and Supporters:

  • Mimosa: Boosts Vetto's survivability with significant healing. Her heals also contribute to stacking Vetto's skill card barrier.
  • Noelle: Provides additional healing and defense, enhancing overall team sustainability.


  • Fana: Amplifies Vetto's survivability by reducing enemy attack with her debuffs.
  • Mars: If available, contributes to reducing damage taken, solidifying Vetto's role as a tank.

Damage Dealers:

  • Asta: Paired with Vetto, Asta's offensive capabilities help in quickly dealing with enemies, complementing Vetto's defensive focus.

Crowd Control:

  • Yuno: Introduces crowd control capabilities, allowing Vetto to focus on tanking by controlling the battlefield.


Despite being an easy skip for many, Vetto does have value in PvE boss situations. His ultimate, combined with life-stealing and barriers, can make a significant impact. However, I must emphasize that he's not recommended for PvP. If you decide to go for Vetto, keep in mind his specific niche in PvE


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