Black Clover M – Jack [Clover Academy] Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Who is Jack?

Jack the Ripper is a character who serves as the captain of the Green Mantis squad, one of the nine squads of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights. His magic attribute is Slash Magic, and he's known for his exceptional sword skills. Jack is a bit of a wild and aggressive character, but he's a powerful force on the battlefield.

Jack [Clover Academy]'s Role

Clover Academy Jack takes on the role of a formidable single-target attacker, prioritizing powerful instant firepower. His unique skill, 'Misaligned Calculation,' empowers him to stack up to three buffs, significantly amplifying the damage output of his special move.

Strategically, Jack's special move unleashes high instant firepower, showcasing his prowess in swiftly dispatching a single target. However, it's crucial to note that the additional attacks against enemies occur randomly, potentially leading to dispersed damage when facing multiple foes.

Equipping the Motif Skill Page adds an intriguing layer to Clover Academy Jack's capabilities. This page enhances the third additional attack with the maximum stacked unique buff, transforming it into a source of formidable firepower. This highlights the importance of making thoughtful equipment choices to unleash Clover Academy Jack's full potential in diverse battle scenarios.

The discussion on the awakening passive underscores its significance. With two enhancements, Clover Academy Jack gains the ability to initiate battles with one 'Misaligned Calculation' buff, streamlining the process of accumulating buffs. This not only simplifies the path to maximum firepower but also broadens Clover Academy Jack's utility, enabling him to trigger an additional attack in the first turn, even during auto-operation.

Recommended Skill Pages

If you have Jack's Motif Skill Page, it makes a significant difference, providing a 500% boost to the ultimate. While the Motif Skill Page itself isn't groundbreaking, the additional buff makes it worthwhile. If you don't have it, alternatives like CU's Breath of Darkness or GSH can work. Mysterious Ancient Book for additional damage or Farore for crit rate are good options too.

skills pageReason for recommendation

Unbelievable teacher
・Motif skill page
・Added 500% attack power increase on the third additional attack to special moves
・Damage increased buff with probability when attacking PS (activated 100% at full attack)

Recommended Equipment Sets

When it comes to gear sets, go for double gold set attack. If you don't have a gold set, regular attack works too. Prioritize penetration, add speed, and make the last slot another attack gear set with the right sub-stats. This build not only benefits Jack but can also be applied to other attacking units like Kiato.

Now, for Jack's accessories, focus on doubling up on crit rate. Ideally, go for a crit rate necklace, but if that's not an option, double up on crit rate with whatever you've got. As for sub-stats, aim for attack, accuracy, crit rate, and crit damage. Keep it simple, as Jack is an attacker.

Equipment setSet Effect

Relic of an ancient wizardAttack/Magic
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 220]
[Magic power increased by 220]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 10%]

ominous equipmentAttack/Magic
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 7%]
[Magic power increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 15%]

Nightmare called by demonsAttention rate
[2 sets]
If your health is over 70%, you will receive a buff that increases your critical rate by 10%.
[4 sets]
If your attack is not a critical attack, you will receive a buff that increases your critical rate by 10% for 2 turns. acquisition

aristocratic heritageAttention rate
[2 sets]
[Attention rate increased by 5%]
[4 sets]
Attention rate increased by 10%

decisive judgmentCritical damage
[2 sets]
[Critical damage increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
[Critical damage increased by 15%]

Breath of bitter coldCritical damage
[2 sets]
When using "Special Move", attack after acquiring the [Critical damage increased by 10%] buff
[4 sets]
[Critical damage increased by 10%]

Base and Maximum Stats

StatAt Level 100
M. ATK3599
DMG Res201
CRIT Rate15%

Skills and Passives

Now, Jack's skills mainly focus on boosting his damage, so buff up his ultimate first, followed by the second and then the first skill. The combination skill enhances his damage as well.

Three-Point SlashSingleEnemy90%90%Swift slices, deals damage. Inflicts [Bleed]. 50% chance to [Stun].
Lv. 2-5: +5% Skill ATK, +5% Skill MATK
[Bleed] - Takes damage equal to 5% of max HP.
I'll Slice You Up!SingleEnemy80%80%Slices up an enemy, deals damage. Applies [Miscalculation] and buffs.
Lv. 2-5: +10% Skill ATK, +10% Skill MATK
[Miscalculation] - Adds extra attacks with Special Move.
[Increased PEN Lv. 2] - Increases Penetration.
[Increased ACC Lv. 2] - Increases Accuracy.
Golden Ratio of SeveranceSpecial SkillSingle50%50%Throws a giant protractor triangle, deals damage. [Additional Attack].
Lv. 2-5: +15% Skill ATK, +15% Skill MATK
[Additional Attack] - Extra attack based on [Miscalculated] stacks.
Combined AttackCombined AttackSingle65%65%Combined attack with partner. [Dispel Barrier]. [Additional Attack].
Lv. 2-5: +5% Skill ATK, +5% Skill MATK
[Dispel Barrier] - Removes a Barrier.
[Additional Attack] - Extra attack at the target.
PassivePassive---Applies [Miscalculation] at the start of the battle.
Unique PassiveUnique Passive---Grants 20% [Increased Stamina] when attacked.


Moving on to the talent tree, keep it simple with 7% attack and Battle Frenzy if you're up against a boss. For defense, go for endurance and increased defense, and for support, prioritize accuracy and penetration. Consider Mage Blessing, Swiftness, and increased damage resistance.


In summary, Jack requires a bit of a build-up, especially with his Motif Skill Page, but if you're up for it, he can be a solid addition to your lineup, especially for PvE. Just keep in mind the alternatives and enjoy the building process. Good luck if you decide to take on the challenge!


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