Black Clover M – Fana [Hateful] Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Fana is a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and her combat prowess is characterized by her exceptional abilities. Classified as an SSR rarity, she falls under the Technique type and assumes the role of an Attacker in battles. Fana's release took place on June 8th, 2023, both in the Korean and Japanese markets. However, as of now, the global release date remains undisclosed.

Who is Fana?

Fana is a character in the anime and manga series "Black Clover." She's a former member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, an organization of mages with sinister motives. Fana is associated with fire magic, and her character goes through quite a bit of development in the series.

Fana's connection with Salamander, one of the four great elemental spirits, adds another layer to her character. The bond she forms with this spirit plays a crucial role in the unfolding events within the series. It not only enhances her magical abilities but also adds a mythical and mystical element to her storyline.

The themes of friendship, determination, and growth are prevalent in "Black Clover," and Fana's character is no exception. Her interactions with other characters, especially Asta and the Black Bulls, contribute to the overall themes of the series.

Fana [Hateful]'s Role

Fana plays a dynamic and impactful role within a party, and her contributions are significant in shaping the team's strategy. Here's an overview of her role in the party:

**1. High-Damage Dealer: Fana serves as a primary damage dealer, particularly excelling in dealing both single-target and area-of-effect (AOE) damage. Her ultimate ability, with damage scaling based on Hatred Stacks, allows her to unleash devastating attacks, making her a formidable force in battles. Whether targeting a single opponent or hitting multiple enemies with her AOE skill, Fana's damage output is among the highest in the game.

**2. Versatile AoE Utility: Fana's AOE skill not only deals substantial damage but also guarantees the application of burn. This makes her an excellent choice for teams focusing on burn damage strategies. The AOE utility extends her effectiveness in various team compositions, especially those centered around exploiting burn effects for additional damage.

**3. Strategic Hatred Stacks Management: The Hatred Stacks mechanic adds a strategic layer to Fana's role. Players need to carefully manage and accumulate Hatred Stacks to maximize her ultimate's damage potential. This dynamic element encourages players to plan their moves and consider the optimal times to unleash Fana's most powerful attacks.

**4. Survivability and Support: Fana's passives contribute to the overall survivability of the team. Her LR passive provides team-wide stun block or status abnormality immunity if the entire team is composed of green units. Additionally, her dupe passive triggers immortality and damage reduction when she reaches one percent HP with five Hatred Stacks. This resilience allows her to endure tough situations and continue contributing to the team's success.

Recommended Skill Pages

Her best skill, in this case, is her own skill page, which allows her to gain two stacks of hatred, burn enemies, and apply taunt. The taunt status also increases her damage by 20% for 1 turn.

Skill PageEffect
Salamander's PowerHit the target with ore magic and "Salamander" flame, dealing damage to all enemies.

・Applies 2 [Hate] effects to yourself
・Applies [Burn] continuous damage to the enemy for 2 turns
・Applies [Provocation] effect to the enemy for 1 turn with a 60% chance

Recommended Equipment Sets

Let's discuss the recommended equipment sets for Fana, keeping in mind her role as a high-damage dealer with a focus on magic attacks and strategic utility. The optimal equipment sets aim to enhance her damage output, survivability, and overall effectiveness in battles.

**1. Speed Set:

  • Main Stat: Speed
  • Substats: Magic Attack, Crit Damage, HP or Defense

The Speed set is crucial for Fana as it ensures that she takes turns quickly, allowing her to accumulate Hatred Stacks efficiently. Additionally, it contributes to her survivability by enabling her to act before opponents, potentially mitigating incoming damage. Substats should prioritize enhancing magic attack for increased damage and a mix of crit damage and defensive stats for added sustainability.

**2. Attack Set:

  • Main Stat: Attack
  • Substats: Magic Attack, Crit Damage, HP or Defense

An Attack set is a solid choice for Fana as it directly boosts her overall damage output. This set complements her role as a high-damage dealer, maximizing the impact of her single-target and AOE skills. Similar to the Speed set, focus on substats that enhance magic attack for increased damage and provide a balance of crit damage and defensive stats.

**3. Crit Damage Set:

  • Main Stat: Crit Damage
  • Substats: Magic Attack, Speed, HP or Defense

A Crit Damage set can further amplify Fana's damage potential by increasing the damage multiplier on her critical hits. This set is effective in maximizing her burst damage, especially when combined with high critical rate substats. Ensure a mix of speed and defensive stats in substats for a well-rounded build.

Equipment SetSet Effect

Relic of an Ancient Wizard
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 220]
[Magic power increased by 220]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 10%]

Nightmare Called by Demons
[2 sets]
If your health is 70% or higher, you will receive a buff that increases your critical rate by 10%.
[4 sets]
If your attack is not a critical attack, you will receive a buff that increases your critical rate by 10% for 2 turns. acquisition

Ominous Equipment
[2 sets]
[Attack power increased by 7%]
[Magic power increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
[Damage dealt increased by 15%]

Deep Sea Secrets
[2 sets]
At the start of WAVE, gives the wearer a speed buff for 2 turns

[4 sets]
[Speed ​​5 increase]
Traveler's Essentials[2 sets]
If the wearer becomes [Status Abnormal], grants a [20% speed increase] buff for 1 turn.

[4 sets]
At the start of battle, the wearer receives a [4% speed] buff for 1 turn. Increase] Increase buff

In scenarios where Fana needs to land her debuffs consistently, such as burn, an Accuracy set might be considered. This set ensures that her debuffs are more likely to apply, contributing to the overall utility of her AOE skill.

When choosing substats, prioritize enhancing Fana's magic attack for increased damage. Additionally, a balance of crit damage, speed, and defensive stats like HP or defense will make her a well-rounded and effective unit on the battlefield.

Remember, the choice of equipment sets can vary based on your preferred playstyle, team composition, and specific needs in different game modes. Experimenting with different sets and adjusting substats based on your preferences will help optimize Fana's performance in various situations.

Base and Maximum Stats

M. ATK13879
DMG Res201
CRIT Rate22%

Skills and Passives

  1. Hatred Stacks (Skill 1 & 2): Fana's Hatred Stacks are a crucial mechanic in her kit. Skill 1 and 2 grant 1 and 2 stacks, respectively, with a maximum cap of five. Each stack boosts her ultimate damage. This mechanic adds a strategic layer to her gameplay, requiring players to manage and accumulate stacks effectively.
  2. Single-Target and AOE Damage (Skill 1 & 2): Skill 1 deals 35% more damage if the enemy has a taunt, providing an extra edge against specific compositions. Skill 2, on the other hand, is an AOE attack that guarantees burn. Despite being AOE, its damage output surpasses the single-target skill, making it a versatile tool, especially in burn teams.
  3. Ultimate (3rd Skill): Fana's ultimate is the centerpiece of her kit, dealing massive damage. The base damage is 210%, with additional increments based on the number of Hatred Stacks, reaching up to 180%. This high damage potential makes her a formidable force in battles, especially as she builds up stacks over time.


  1. Team-Wide Stun Block or Immunity (Base Passive): Fana's LR passive provides either team-wide stun block or status abnormality immunity if the entire team is composed of green units. This adds a layer of protection against crowd control effects, enhancing the overall durability of the team.
  2. Dupe Passive - Immortality and Damage Reduction: As Fana accumulates Hatred Stacks (five times), her dupe passive triggers, setting her HP to 1% and providing immortality. Upon her turn, she heals 50% and gains damage reduction if taunted. This passive boosts her survivability significantly, allowing her to withstand heavy hits.

Fana's skills and passives collectively create a well-rounded kit that emphasizes both damage output and strategic utility. Her Hatred Stacks mechanic encourages players to plan their moves carefully, while her diverse skill set makes her effective in various team compositions. The combination of high damage potential and survivability through her passives positions Fana as a potent unit in both PvP and PvE scenarios.

Harpe - Skill 1 - Single

DescriptionThrows a harpe, dealing damage to an enemy. Applies 1 instance of [Hatred] to self. When using a Special Skill, performs an [Extra Attack] that deals increased damage based on the number of [Hatred] stacks (Stacks up to 5 times). This effect is maintained between waves. Attacks after granting a 35% [Increased DMG Dealt] buff if an enemy has an active [Taunt].
Lv. 2Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
Lv. 3Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
Lv. 4Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
Lv. 5Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%

Status Effect - Increased Damage

| Description | Increases damage done. |

Pincer Movement - Skill 2 - AoE

DescriptionThis skill can be enhanced with the signature Skill Page. Uses Mineral Magic and "Salamander's" flames to hit all enemies, dealing damage. Applies 2 instances of [Hatred] to self. Inflicts [Burn] on an enemy, dealing continuous damage for 2 turn(s).
Lv. 2Skill ATK +10%, Skill MATK +10%
Lv. 3Skill ATK +10%, Skill MATK +10%
Lv. 4Skill ATK +10%, Skill MATK +10%
Lv. 5Skill ATK +10%, Skill MATK +10%

Status Effect - Burn

| Description | Takes damage equal to 20% of ATK and 20% of M. ATK at the start of your turn. (Stacks up to 3 times) |

Salamander's Roar - Special Skill - AoE

DescriptionActivates the Salamander's explosive power, dealing damage to all enemies. Inflicts [Barrier Removal] on a random ally. If [Hatred] isn't present on self, performs an [Extra Attack], dealing damage equal to 30% of ATK and MATK. If [Hatred] is present on self, performs an [Extra Attack] to deal damage based on the instances of [Hatred].
Lv. 2Skill ATK +15%, Skill MATK +15%
Lv. 3Skill ATK +15%, Skill MATK +15%
Lv. 4Skill ATK +15%, Skill MATK +15%
Lv. 5Skill ATK +15%, Skill MATK +15%

Status Effect - Dispel Barrier

| Description | Removes a Barrier. |

Combined Attack - Combined Attack - Single

DescriptionPerforms a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy. Inflicts [Taunt] on an enemy for 1 turn(s).
Lv. 2Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
Lv. 3Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
Lv. 4Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%
Lv. 5Skill ATK +5%, Skill MATK +5%

Status Effect - Taunt

Only attacks the target who applied the status effect. |


If [Hatred] stacks 5 time(s), Max HP is set to 1% and grants self the [Immortality] buff for 1 turn(s). At the end of a wave, grants 50% of Max HP as [HP Recovery]. |

Unique Passive

If all allies have the [Sense] attribute, grants [Status Ailment Immunity] to all allies for 1 turn(s) at the beginning of the battle. |


Talents further enhance Fauna's capabilities. Optimal talent choices include the standard defense boost, extra SP, and block. For the second talent, enhancing magic attack with crit rate or crit damage is a solid choice. Given Fauna's focus on stats, I recommend prioritizing magic attack for increased burn damage. The third talent can be tailored to your preferences, with options like defense for added survivability.

Team Composition

**1. Green-Themed Team with Rhades:

  • Fana (Damage Dealer): Fana remains the primary damage dealer with her high-damage output.
  • Charlotte (Support): Charlotte provides healing and support for the team's sustainability.
  • Rhades (Tank/Utility): Rhades takes on the tank role while providing additional utility, such as buff removal and control.
  • Langris or Yuno (Utility/Control): Langris adds utility with barrier removal, or Yuno provides control with potential stuns.

With Rhades in the lineup, the team gains a different set of tanking abilities and utility. Rhades' potential to remove buffs and contribute to control adds a unique aspect to the team's strategy.

Adapting your team composition based on the strengths and synergies of each unit allows for flexibility in various scenarios. Whether you prioritize Rhades' utility over Ress' tankiness depends on the specific challenges you face and your preferred playstyle. Experimenting with different compositions will help you find the optimal synergy for your team and enhance its overall effectiveness.


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