Black Clover M – Charlotte [Clover Academy] Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Who is Charlotte?

Charlotte Roselei is a character in the anime and manga series "Black Clover." She is the captain of the Blue Rose Knights, one of the nine squads of the Clover Kingdom's Magic Knights. Charlotte is a skilled magic user, specializing in Briar Magic.

In the series, Charlotte initially struggles with her feelings for Yami Sukehiro, the captain of the Black Bulls, as her squad has a rivalry with his. She has a curse that activates whenever she feels embarrassed or experiences romantic emotions, causing her face to turn into that of a cat. Despite her initial reservations and the comedic aspect of her curse, Charlotte is a powerful and respected Magic Knight.

As the series progresses, Charlotte's character undergoes development, and her strength and determination make her an important figure in the Clover Kingdom's defense against various threats.

Charlotte [Clover Academy]'s Role


Academy Charlotte plays a crucial role as a supporter with a unique focus on counterattacks. Her primary function is to enhance the defensive capabilities of her allies by granting them the ability to retaliate when under attack. This distinctive feature sets her apart from other supporters, making her a valuable asset in various team compositions.

In the context of team dynamics, Academy Charlotte is most effective when integrated into formations that already excel in durability. Her role is to supplement the team's firepower by adding the strategic element of counterattacks. This not only provides an additional offensive option but also introduces a layer of unpredictability for opponents who might not anticipate the retaliatory strikes.

Her contribution extends beyond just counterattacks. Academy Charlotte proves her importance through the use of Awakening PS and Motif PS, which allow her to gain SP when taking damage. This, in turn, increases the rotation rate of special moves and cooperative skills. Her unique ability to generate SP through these mechanisms adds versatility to her role, making her valuable in both offense and defense.

It's worth noting that while Academy Charlotte excels in her role, there are considerations for optimal team composition. Her counterattack mechanism relies on taking damage, and team dynamics, especially in scenarios where enemies use single-target attacks or tanks are provoking, can influence the effectiveness of her counterattacks.

In essence, Academy Charlotte's role extends beyond conventional support, bringing a strategic layer to the battlefield with her counterattack capabilities and contributing to the overall synergy of her team.

Recommended Skill Pages

  • Total Defense Skill Page: Equip the skill page that adds Total Defense to Charlotte's skill 2, providing guaranteed block for one turn. This enhances both offensive and defensive aspects of her support role.
  • Stun Block Skill Page: In situations where crowd control is prevalent, consider using a stun block skill page to prevent Charlotte from being stunned.
Skills PageReason for Recommendation

flowers in the staff room
・Motif skill page
・Absolute defense buff added to skill II
・Probability of gaining SP when receiving damage PS (100% when fully exposed)

Insatiable spirit of inquiry
・When using Skill II, the ally with the highest total attack power is given a total attack power buff. PS
・A higher buff can be given to the attacker.

moonlight necklace
- Increased defense power/recovery amount PS
- Makes it easier to take advantage of the benefits of counterattacks and awakening PS that assume damage

breath of water
・Remove one debuff with probability when receiving damage
・While activating counterattack/awakening PS, you can also aim to remove debuffs.

Recommended Equipment Sets

  • Speed Set: Prioritize a Speed Set to boost Charlotte's speed, allowing her to act earlier in battles and ensuring timely application of buffs and counterattacks.
  • Defense Set: Complement the Speed Set with a Defense Set to increase Charlotte's survivability, making her more resilient on the battlefield.

Main Stat Prioritization:

  • Speed (Slot 2): Maximize Charlotte's speed to improve her turn order and responsiveness in battles.
  • Defense (Slot 4): Increase Charlotte's defense to enhance her overall tankiness, especially since she plays a support role.


  • Crit Resistance: Consider substats that boost Charlotte's crit resistance, reducing the likelihood of critical hits.
  • Defense: Prioritize defense substats to further improve Charlotte's tankiness.
  • HP: Enhance Charlotte's survivability by focusing on HP substats.
  • Block: Substats that increase block can contribute to reducing incoming damage.
equipment setset effect

Traveler's essentialsspeed
[2 sets]
If the wearer becomes [Status Abnormal], grants a [20% speed increase] buff for 1 turn.
[4 sets]
At the start of battle, the wearer receives a [4% speed] buff for 1 turn. Increase] Increase buff

deep sea secretsspeed
[2 sets]
At the start of WAVE, gives the wearer a [Speed ​​56% increase] buff for 2 turns
[4 sets]
[Speed ​​5 increase]

Mysterious tree in full bloomDefense power
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 250]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 20%]

Great merchant's trade goodsDefense power
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 30%]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 40%]
[Toughness 8%]

Remnants of the ice mansionphysical strength
[2 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
At the start of each turn, [recover] physical strength by 10% of maximum physical strength

scorching skyphysical strength
[2 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 2,000][4 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 10%]

Base and Maximum Stats

*The initial state is Lv1/Rank 0 of each rarity, and the maximum is LR/Lv100/Awakening 5 state.

Early (SSR)Maximum (LR)
DMG RES164164
CRIT DMG50%50.00%
CRIT RES0%25.00%

Skills and Passives

  1. Skill 1 - Counterattack Boost:
    • Charlotte's first skill applies a one-turn counterattack to the ally with the highest attack. While seemingly straightforward, this skill adds a strategic layer, allowing a chosen ally to retaliate when attacked. The timing of this counterattack could influence the outcome of battles, especially if used strategically against opponents with high damage output.
  2. Skill 2 - All Attack Increase and Total Defense:
    • Charlotte's second skill is a powerful support ability that grants a 40%-60% all-attack increase to the entire team. This not only enhances the team's offensive capabilities but also synergizes well with other damage-dealing units.
    • Equipping the skill page for this skill introduces the Total Defense effect, offering a valuable layer of protection. Total Defense provides guaranteed block for one turn, reducing damage by up to 30%, complementing the offensive boost provided by the skill.


  • Counterattack Barrage:
    • Charlotte's ultimate unleashes an Area of Effect (AE) counterattack. At max level, it provides counterattacks to the entire team. While initially at a 60% chance at level one, investing in the ultimate skill can improve the reliability of this counterattack. This skill contributes to the team's overall defensive strategy by enabling multiple counterattacks simultaneously.


  1. LR Passive - Silence Infliction:
    • Charlotte's LR passive is triggered when the entire team is composed of blue units. In this scenario, she inflicts silence for one turn on the entire enemy team. The unique aspect of silence, being unblockable, adds a powerful crowd control (CC) element to her support role, disrupting the enemy's planned skill rotations.
  2. Dupe Passives - Extended Counterattacks and Stat Enhancements:
    • Charlotte's dupe passives significantly enhance her capabilities.
      • At the second dupe, counterattacks last for two turns instead of one, increasing the effectiveness of her counterattack support.
      • She gains 6 speed, 8,000 HP, and a 25% increase in crit resistance. These stat enhancements contribute to her survivability and overall effectiveness in battles.

Skill I: Thorn's quick attack

A thorn quickly rises from the ground and damages one enemy.

・Applies [Counterattack] effect to the ally with the highest total attack power for 1 turn

Lv.2Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.3Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.4Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.5Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%

Skill II: Preparation/review

Charlotte will make all allies do homework and give buffs to all allies.

・Gives all allies a buff that increases their total attack power by 40% for 2 turns.

Lv.2[Total attack power] +5%
Lv.3[Total attack power] +5%
Lv.4[Total attack power] +5%
Lv.5[Total attack power] +5%

Motif skill page

iconEnhancement skill details
Charlotte will make all allies do homework and give buffs to all allies.

・Gives all allies a [40% increase in total attack power] buff for 2 turns.
・Gives all allies a [Absolute Defense] buff for 1 turn.

Special move: Clover school teacher's ability

Charlotte gives a passionate lesson to the students of Clover Academy and gives buffs to all allies.

・Applies [Counterattack] effect to all allies for 1 turn with a 60% chance

Lv.2[Counterattack] Activation rate +10%
Lv.3[Counterattack] Activation rate +10%
Lv.4[Counterattack] Activation rate +10%
Lv.5[Counterattack] Activation rate +10%

Cooperation skill: Powerful skill

Gives beneficial buffs to all allies.

・Gives all allies a buff that reduces the amount of damage received by 12% for 2 turns.

Lv.2[Reduced amount of damage received] +2%
Lv.3[Reduced amount of damage received] +2%
Lv.4[Reduced amount of damage received] +2%
Lv.5[Reduced amount of damage received] +2%

Unique Passive

・If the attribute of all allies is [Technique], at the start of battle, all enemies will be given [Skill Silence] for 1 turn.

Enhanced Passive

・If you receive damage, [obtain 1 SP]


  1. Counterattack Focus:
    • Prioritize talents that enhance counterattack damage, frequency, or add extra effects to counterattacks.
    • Improve the performance of her skill 1, which grants a counterattack to the chosen ally.
  2. Buff Enhancement:
    • Invest in talents that boost the effectiveness of her team-wide buffs, including the all-attack increase and Total Defense.
    • Look for talents that extend the duration or increase the potency of her skill 2.
  3. Survivability and Utility:
    • Consider talents that improve Charlotte's defensive stats (HP, defense) for increased survivability.
    • Explore talents that add utility, such as debuff removal, to enhance her versatility.
  4. Speed and Turn Manipulation:
    • Choose talents that increase Charlotte's speed for quicker turn rotations.
    • Consider talents that manipulate turn order or reduce cooldowns to enhance overall efficiency.
  5. CC (Crowd Control) Resistance:
    • Opt for talents that provide resistance to crowd control effects, ensuring Charlotte remains an active participant in battles.

Team Composition

  1. Full Blue Team:
    • Creating a team with all blue units is optimal to fully activate Charlotte's LR passive, inflicting silence on the entire enemy team. This adds a powerful crowd control element to battles.
    • Notable blue units to consider include Lotus, Noelle, William, Ghost, and others who synergize well with Charlotte's support abilities.
  2. Counterattack Synergy:
    • Build a team that capitalizes on counterattacks, taking advantage of Charlotte's focus on this mechanic. Units with strong counterattack abilities or passives can complement her playstyle.
    • Examples of units with counterattack synergy include Julius and other characters with abilities that trigger on counterattacks.
  3. Blue DPS Focus:
    • Construct a team that emphasizes blue DPS units, benefiting from Charlotte's all-attack increase and Total Defense. This enhances the offensive capabilities of your damage-dealing units.
    • Consider pairing Charlotte with powerful blue DPS characters like Charmy, Noel, or William to amplify their impact.
  4. Anti-Noelle Team:
    • Given Charlotte's ability to counter Noelle effectively, consider a team designed to counter Noelle's strengths. This may involve units that reduce mobility, increase damage reduction, or provide debuff removal.
    • Lotus, Mars, or other characters with abilities that counter Noelle's kit can be valuable additions to such a team.
  5. Turn Manipulation Team:
    • Construct a team that focuses on manipulating turn order, ensuring Charlotte's buffs and counterattacks are strategically timed.
    • Units with speed manipulation abilities or turn reduction skills can complement Charlotte's speed-focused playstyle.
  6. Survivability and Control:
    • Create a team that prioritizes survivability and control by including units with strong defensive abilities or crowd control effects.
    • Combining Charlotte with tanks or support units that provide heals, shields, or crowd control can enhance the team's overall resilience.

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