Arclight Surge Infinite Gold Exploit Update

Information about the major Arclight Surge exploit.

Ever since the version 3.0.0 patch went live, players were able to repeat the Arclight Surge indefinitely to earn as much Coins as they desired - the most valuable currency in Warcraft Rumble! Obviously, this is not intentional and over 24 hours since it happened, players were not sure what was happening or what to do. Here's everything we know so far.

Final Verdict

Following up on the bug exploit with our most recent patch:

  • We will be removing all illegitimately earned coins over the next few days. As a result, some players' coin balance may go negative.
  • We are closely monitoring the more extreme cases of abusing this exploit and are considering further action for those accounts.

In acknowledging the inconvenience that this patch may have caused, we will be compensating all players with 500 coins over the next few days. We deeply appreciate all of our players sticking through this with us, and hope that you all have a wonderful holiday. We're looking forward to an exciting 2024 and can't wait to share what we've been working on.


Official Announcements

Abusing the bug could be a risk to get your account banned or rolled back, yet if you did not participate you would lose out on your regular source of Gold without any sort of compensation.

We're aware of an exploit for Arclight Surge, we are fixing the bug presently and will be looking into any exploitative actions taken by players. I will follow up with more details soon.


In the meantime, to fix the big, the servers were taken down:

Servers are back online and a fix has been implemented for a bug surrounding the changes to Arclight Surges. We are currently evaluating the results of an exploit related to this bug and will take action soon.


Statement from Blizzard Developer

Landy is the Lead Server Engineer at Warcraft Rumble:

I'm the lead engineer for the server team, we're responsible for everything from the ground up on the server side of things, anything from the infrastructure like where we run in the cloud, what technologies we rely on for networking them all together, how we can scale out to support a growing player base, to a platform like how do our services scale, how do we handle storing data for each individual player, to features, like all the different features like quests, surge, dungeons, etc.


Providing further discussion with the community:

I'm not the community manager, so I can't say for certain what I'm allowed to say. We are pulling data for all the extra gold earned during this window. We are discussing what actions we will be taking for each player. There are many options of what we can do, I'm not going to comment on each individual option, but everything is on the table from simple currency revokes all the way through to banning of accounts.


Rollback is not an option:

Rolling back an entire game is a no go. That's a destructive behavior for any game or any company with live data.


With potential to reward players who did not participate:

It's something I am pitching.


Checking Your Gold History

Players can view how much gold they earned during this time on the account page here.


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