Dire Maul Dungeon Guide: Alliance Week

Dire Maul is this week's Warcraft Rumble Dungeon, and it's Alliance Week! This is our complete guide to the event including an example deck you can try.

Welcome to the Warcraft Rumble Dungeon guide of the week, for the Dire Maul dungeon. In this guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the dungeon, and how to complete it with the various factions. It’s important to note that while a specific faction leader is required to enter the dungeon this week, your leader’s army (deck) can be composed of minis and spells from any faction.

Of the Dungeons that I’ve played thus far, Dire Maul feels a little bit on the easier side. There are less mechanics to fear, and many different strategies are valid to achieve victory.

Why Complete Dungeons in Warcraft Rumble?

Dungeons (in addition to Arclight Surges) are a great source of Arclight Energy, which is required to upgrade the rarity and subsequently unlock new talents for your minis. In the earlier stages of the game, it is an easy currency to grind, since units only require three stars and 500 Arclight Energy for an upgrade. Completion of dungeons also allows you to upgrade your leader’s army board, allowing you to strategically position your units in your deck to gain bonus levels!

Overall, Dire Maul has simple mechanics that allow for a number of strategies to excel and breeze through each of the dungeon’s three wings. In this section, I’ll walk you through each encounter and provide some tips to help you clear the content with ease. 

For the first two encounters of the dungeon, you should prioritize including at least one strong ranged attacker like Huntress or Frostwolf Shaman . Darkspear Troll is also a great choice! Having good ranged damage output is essential for the first two wings of the dungeon, but less important for the third and final capstone encounter of your dungeon run.

For Relic selections, prioritize selecting relics that you think will synergize well with your build. As a general rule of thumb, the more minis or situations that relics affect, the better they will typically perform since you are getting more value from the effect regardless of what mini you choose to play. In a future article, I’ll be creating a relic tier list for all 50+ dungeon relics available in the game!

Stomper Kreeg

The key to defeating Stomper Kreeg is to prioritize playing your units with ranged attacks. Kreeg’s minis will start to berserk and attack anything (even their allies) when they are damaged. By having your ranged units engage Kreeg’s forces, you can stay back in safety while his units turn on one another and destroy themselves.

Prioritize building one strong push and amassing your army in a single location. Your minis will push up the board and quickly overwhelm Kreeg. As you are able, try to mine gold and open chests as well as take objectives along the way to help ease your way to victory.


Immol’thar summons Eyes of the Void that will detonate in an AOE and damage anything nearby. Each time you play a mini, he will summon an eye. Despite the apparent danger of such a strategy, one of the best ways to clear Immol’thar is to amass a large group of allied minis, especially those with ranged attacks.

Eyes of the Void have low health, and your ranged minis will safely destroy them before they have a chance to detonate and disrupt your plans. With this strategy in place, look to augment your gold income with chests and gold ore veins and push your mob forward to victory. This is an easy fight with this strategy, just make sure you have some durable tanky units ready to engage Immol’thar when you reach the end of the map.

King Gordok

King Gordok is the final adversary in Dire Maul to square up against! He is tough, and his companion Cho’Rush will heal him while your forces battle him.

The key to beating this wing of the dungeon is recruiting one of his lieutenants simply by reducing them to 10% health. They will go on cooldown, regenerate their health, then join your on your pursuit of victory!

I have found both Lethtendris and Kromcrush to be equally effective in helping win this encounter, and on lower dungeon levels, you will only need one lieutenant to help secure your victory. Start by making a push to acquire a lieutenant, once they are defeated they will go into cooldown to regenerate health then join their army. During this period, make a hard push up the center lane to capture the opposing tower which will serve as a forward deploy point for your army.

While your army (joined by your new lieutenant) advances up the left or right lane of the board, reinforce your army in the center using the newly acquired tower to secure the victory! In harder difficulties and dungeon levels, it may be necessary to recruit both Lieutenants to secure your victory.

Alliance Week

What Alliance Leaders and Decks Should I Use for Dire Maul in Warcraft Rumble?


The focus of this deck is to have two or more Tirions on the board simultaneously. Once you have more than one Tirion going, it'll be challenging for the opponent to eliminate them. We've included a variety of Alliance minions to capitalize on Alliance-specific relics. Most of these minions are inexpensive, allowing us to cycle through them quickly and obtain the other Tirion faster.


Maiev's cost decreases by 1 every time you deploy an unbound unit while she is in your hand. Therefore, we've filled the deck with unbound minions, including two Alliance minions to leverage the power of Alliance-specific relics, which are quite potent. The goal here is to efficiently capture objectives while reducing Maiev's deployment cost to gain advantages over the opponent.


Jaina increases the damage and reduces the cost of spells with this build, so it's logical to include some spells in the deck. We've added Blizzard and Chain Lightning, considered two of the best spells in the game. If you have Arcane Blast leveled up more, you could consider replacing Chain Lightning with it. Additionally, we've included two cheap Alliance minions, allowing Jaina to cast spells frequently. Furthermore, we've added a cheap tank in Ghoul and an unbound tank for picking up chests and distracting enemy towers.

Recommended Minis


Rain down Frost shards from the sky! Slows and deals Elemental damage to all enemies in a large area.

Blizzard is an awesome spell, great for both offense and defense, but particularly useful for the latter. If the enemy overcommits their army, drop a blizzard on them for lots of value. It doesn't cost that much, and along with its talent, can give you ample time to mount a counter-attack. It shines in both PvE and PvP content.

Cold Snap BEST
Freeze enemy troops in place.
Summons an additional Blizzard at your Base.
Brittle Ice
Enemies within take 30% additional damage from Physical sources.

Defias Bandits

Stealthy and weak on their own, but will sneak up and Stun enemies while your damage dealers open fire!

Defias bandits are amazing minis capable of generating value depending on the mini they're up against. They deploy stealthed, so the enemy doesn't even know they are coming. They stun upon hitting, and they are especially effective when used near a tower, allowing the tower to land hits while the enemy is stunned. They can also stun bosses, making them quite useful, especially if the boss has a lot of range.

Unlocking their poison talent increases their damage, further demoralizing enemy players who see their high-cost mini go down to a 1-cost mini. Additionally, they can be used to pick up chests and for cycling minis at a very low cost.

Deadly Poison BEST
Gain Poison.
Pick Lock
Earn an extra +2 Gold when opening chests.
Last Resort
On death, Stun the target for 3 seconds.

S.A.F.E. Pilot

A flexible Ranged unit. Crash her into enemies or land her behind your Tanks for Area Damage support.

"The S.A.F.E. Pilot serves as one of your starter minions, making it easier to upgrade to uncommon—requiring one less duplicate to purchase from the G.R.I.D. It stands as a top-tier unbound unit capable of easily decimating enemy backlines. Unlock its 'Stealth and Ambush' talent to amplify its damage output. This versatile unit can be used to one-shot gold chests, backdoor towers alongside the Quilboar, or deny enemy Kobolds from acquiring gold. It performs exceptionally well and can be effectively deployed in any deck.

Gnomish Cloaking Device BEST
Deploy from the explosion with Stealth and Ambush.
Comin’ In Hot!
Deploy twice as fast and Burn nearby enemies.
Gnomish Muttonizer
Polymorph the first blaster target.

Gryphon Rider

A sky-riding Flier that throws mighty dwarven hammers at aerial and ground troops alike.

The Gryphon Rider is one of the starting minis, bringing you one step closer to upgrading it to uncommon. Its 'Mighty Throw' talent is absolutely amazing, significantly extending its attack range. It's also a great cycling unit. Pair it with a sturdy frontline unit so it can endure longer and throw more hammers.

Air Drop
Periodically drop a potion, Leveling Up the first ally to touch it.
Odyn’s Fury
Gain Fury.
Mighty Throw BEST
Gain +3 Range.

Chain Lightning

Swarmed by Squads of smaller foes? Send a surge of lightning sizzling through several enemies!

Chain lightning, like Arcane Blast and Blizzard, is a great spell for clearing waves of minions. However, it's not as potent as the previous two spells because it can't damage structures, making it a bit rigid. Before you unlock the jump distance talent, it's mediocre.

Brilliant Flash
On deploy, Stun enemies within for 1 second.
Storm’s Reach BEST
Dramatically increase jump distance between targets.
Can be cast a second time.


Surprise your enemies with this Unbound Melee burrower! Slow to emerge but bristling for a fight.

The Quilboar is a top-tier unbound mini with numerous uses. It can collect faraway chests, distract bosses from your advancing army, deny gold from enemy Kobolds, and tank towers. Unlocking its 'Tunnel Vision' talent enables faster deployment, providing a significant advantage. Its versatility allows it to excel in any deck, contributing to its high-tier ranking.

Deal a small amount of damage to Melee attackers.
Tunnel Vision BEST
Deploy much more quickly.
Bramble Burst
Inflict Poison on nearby enemies when emerging.

Dark Iron Miner

When there’s more Gold than your Kobold can mine, hire another to mine behind enemy lines!

The Dark Iron Miner is somewhat redundant with the Kobold Miner. While it does shine in some PvE content, it doesn't justify a slot in PvP. If you can make space for it in your deck, it provides excellent map control, especially when the proximity mine talent is unlocked.

Dark Iron Armaments
After Mining, gain Armored.
Gold Mine BEST
After Mining, drop a proximity mine. Damages nearby enemies when touched.
Dwarven Ambition
Gain Fury.

Horde Week

What Horde Leaders and Decks Should I Use for Dire Maul in Warcraft Rumble?

Dire Maul is a relatively simple dungeon. Prioritize using the leaders you want to play and upgrade for use in PvE & PvP content in Warcraft Rumble. If you don’t plan on playing Horde leaders regularly while playing content, simply pick whatever is easiest or the most fun in helping you secure Arclight Energy from dungeon clears which can then be used for your mini rarity tier upgrades.

Arclight Energy varies for each dungeon clear and how many times you have cleared the dungeon with a particular hero, so it may be worth completing the dungeon multiple times with different leaders to maximize Arclight energy gain.

If you need a horde leader and deck to clear the content with, try my recently-published Sneed build guide—I’ve used it to clear multiple levels of Dire Maul and upgrade my leader army board.



That’s all for this week’s Warcraft Rumble Dungeon guide. Good luck in Dire Maul and tackling your content!

Stay updated with the latest Warcraft Rumble strategies at DotGG network! How are you faring in Dire Maul? Let me know in the comments below or follow me on Twitter.


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