Starting Out in Warcraft Rumble: Essential Leaders and Minis From the G.R.I.D.

In this guide, we will break down the best starting leader to choose from and the best minis to look out for and buy from the G.R.I.D.

Are you just embarking on your Warcraft Rumble adventure? Feeling overwhelmed by the choice of leaders when you start the game? Unsure which minis to purchase from the G.R.I.D.? Well, this guide is for you. Let's dive in!

Best Leaders

Upon completing the initial tutorial battle, you will be presented with a choice of starting leader from three options. The choices are entirely random, so you might not encounter the best leader initially. No worries, you can select a different leader as you progress through the game. Here are the best leaders to choose from (if they are offered):


Baron Rivendare

Baron Rivendare excels in both PvE and PvP content. His unique ability periodically summons skeletons at structures under your control. Upgrading the ability through a talent transforms the summoned skeletons from warriors to mages, granting them ranged attacks, which significantly enhances their survivability.

Baron Rivendare is exceptionally beginner-friendly due to his straightforward playstyle and ability to withstand damage without requiring additional protection from other minis. As a starting leader, Baron Rivendare is a solid choice that is difficult to regret.


Tirion Fordring

Tirion Fordring is another fantastic choice for a starting leader. He can simultaneously serve as a tank and a healer, providing both offensive and defensive support to your team. Additionally, you can unlock a talent that grants him invulnerability for five seconds when his health falls below 30%, significantly enhancing his survivability. Tirion's army slots are particularly valuable, as most of the starter minis belong to the Alliance faction. When placed in the appropriate army slot, Tyrion provides a level bonus to these minis, further strengthening your team.

Tirion's versatility makes him a top contender for a starting leader, excelling in both PvE and PvP content. You cannot go wrong with this choice.


Rend Blackhand

Rend Blackhand, though not as versatile as Baron Rivendare and Tyrion Fordring, is still a reliable starting leader. He lowers the deployment cost of flying units by 1, which is particularly beneficial for the Gryphon Rider, one of the starting units in the game. Later on, you can purchase the Harpies from the shop to further expand your team, and they will also benefit from Rend's ability.

Rend mounts a flying creature and possesses resistance to both physical and elemental attacks, depending on whether he is mounted or not. He is a robust and durable unit that deals significant damage.

Overall, Rend is an all-rounder capable of clearing content without requiring intricate strategies or playstyles. He is quite beginner-friendly, and you cannot go wrong with choosing him.



Hogger, while requiring a specific playstyle to maximize his effectiveness, is still considered beginner-friendly. With each deployment, he becomes stronger. Additionally, unlocking his talent further enhances his durability by increasing his health with each deployment. As the match progresses, assuming you consistently deploy him, his strength will continue to grow.

Similar to the other leaders, Hogger possesses significant tankiness and can withstand substantial damage. To fully utilize his tanking capabilities, consider surrounding him with ranged minis.

Best Minis

The minis and leaders you encounter on the G.R.I.D. are entirely random. Once you purchase one, the row and column it occupied will shift, revealing new options. Rarity upgrades can be applied to already owned minis or leaders by acquiring an additional copy from the G.R.I.D. Upgrading a Common mini to an Uncommon requires three copies. These are the minis you should keep an eye out for and invest in when your coins allow.


S.A.F.E. Pilot

She is already included in the starting army, so there's no need to purchase her initial copy from the G.R.I.D. However, keep an eye out for duplicates, as her talent makes her a particularly valuable asset. The best talent for her is the one that grants her stealth when disembarking from her plane.



As mentioned earlier, Harpies are an excellent mini to invest in. They deal significant damage, especially when they can reach their target. They excel as anti-melee units and can also attack air units, making them valuable for both defense and offense. Once you unlock their poison talent, they become even more effective at shredding their enemies.



Quilboar is an Unbound unit, similar to the S.A.F.E. Pilot, allowing you to deploy him anywhere on the map. He is particularly useful for reaching distant chests, denying access to enemy miners, and targeting backline minis and mages. Quilboar's resistant trait grants him enhanced resilience against elemental damage. Additionally, he can effectively draw aggro from bosses, creating space for your incoming army to close the gap and secure victory.


Defias Bandits

Defias Bandits: These one-cost minis deploy in pairs. They possess stealth and can stun their targets on their first hit. Defias Bandits are an inexpensive and effective way to defend your structures against high cost single enemies. They can also be used to cycle your minis, bringing specific ones to the forefront or making a Kobold Miner available.

Another strategy is to utilize the Defias Bandits to open chests early in the game when the Kobold Miner is not available in your opening hand.


Earth Elemental

The Earth Elemental is a three-cost mini classified as Unbound. This means you can deploy it anywhere on the map. It possesses armor, granting it resistance to physical attacks. However, it's important to note that the Earth Elemental only attacks structures and bosses.

One effective strategy for utilizing the Earth Elemental is to draw aggro from enemy minis. Since they will prioritize structures over minis and move towards the nearest enemy structure, the Earth Elemental will effectively lure the enemy army back to their base, buying you valuable time to launch a counterattack.

Additionally, you can use the Earth Elemental to draw aggro from the boss while your army advances to close the gap. This can be particularly useful in boss encounters, as it allows your ranged units to deal damage without being directly targeted by the boss.


Of course, there are many other valuable minis to acquire, especially for specific deck builds. However, the minis listed above are some of the most versatile and useful options for beginners. Keeping an eye out for them and investing your coins in acquiring them should provide you with a solid foundation for success in Warcraft Rumble.

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