Warcraft Rumble Tier List

The best Warcraft Rumble Leaders, Minis, and Spells in the current meta, as well as the best Talents to build.

This Tier List is currently being updated! We are currently reviewing all units and directing you to the related guides where available! You can also check out our deck database for more.

  • S - Elite Tier: - Elite Tier: These units stand at the pinnacle of excellence, often considered the absolute best and widely favored.
  • A - Outstanding Tier: These units are remarkable in their own right, and their value shines even brighter when paired with more dominant units.
  • B - Solid Tier: Solid Tier: Opting for these units won't leave you disappointed, and they often display synergistic potential with other choices.
  • C - Average Tier: Average Tier: These units are generally competent but start to constrain your strategic options as you progress.
  • D - Limited Tier: Limited Tier: At best, these units are suitable for specific situations, and their versatility is notably limited.


PvE TierPvP TierMiniTalent 1Talent 2Talent 3
SSBaron Rivendare
Death PactSkeletal FrenzyChill of the Grave BEST
AABloodmage Thalnos
BaneDrain LifeDominance BEST
BBCairne Bloodhoof Reincarnation BESTPlainsrunningAftershock
DDCharlga Razorflank Nature's GraspCavernous Mists BESTSpirit Passage
CCGeneral Drakkisath Chromatic Scales BESTPiercing BlowsLasting Legacy
ABGrommash Hellscream BladestormMirror ImageSavage Strikes BEST
SSHogger Ham Hock BESTSpoiled MeatFatal Frenzy
CCJaina Proudmoore Blink BESTClearcastingFlurry
AAMaiev Shadowsong
Enveloping Shadows BESTShadowstepRemorseless
BBOld Murk-Eye
Tip of the SpearMarathon of the Murlocs BESTElectric Eels
AARend Blackhand
Flaming SoulScale and Steel BESTLegionnaire
BBSneed Mine is Money, Friend! BESTLead With GreedLand Grab
AASylvanas Windrunner Black Arrow BESTBanshee's WailForsaken Fury
SSTirion Fordring Divine Shield BESTConsecrateBy The Light


  • Baron Rivendare excels at commanding the map by summoning skeletons and producing mages, making him a perfect choice for beginners who seek strong map control and resource security.
    Chill of the Grave is the best talent, transforming the skeletons he periodically summons into mages rather than warriors, making them ranged instead of melee units. Minis must close the gap before dealing damage to these mages, who can attack while the gap is closing, giving them an advantage.
  • Bloodmage Thalnos is a potent unit, celebrated for his potent AoE damage and long-range attacks, though his vulnerability in PvP situations makes careful positioning crucial.
    Dominance is the sole worthwhile talent.
  • Cairne Bloodhoof 's high health and Horde unit buff offers some survivability but can be costly to deploy and is easily countered, with room for improvement if more powerful Horde units become available in the future.
    Cairne has two excellent talents in Reincarnation and Plainsrunning. The superior choice is usually Resurrection, as it allows for resurrection at 50% health after death, making it a valuable talent.
  • Charlga Razorflank is not recommended for beginners due to her complex ability, and while she can have strong starts, her effectiveness diminishes later in the game, potentially leading to challenging situations, particularly given the restrictions and skill required to play her deck effectively.
    Cavernous Mists is the top talent choice, as it reduces the deploy cost by 1, which synergizes well with her ability.
  • General Drakkisath is an excellent choice for countering elemental decks and specific elemental stages due to his elemental resistance ability, making him a go-to leader for those situations, but his specialization may not be the best fit for beginners as it can limit deck-building options.
    Chromatic Scales is the best talent choice, as it grants nearby allies the Resistant trait, which is highly effective when facing elemental damage.
  • Grommash Hellscream 's Bloodlust Trait enhances the speed of nearby units, while his AoE talents and high health pool establish him as a strong leader, especially for beginners, though he may have some limitations in later stages of the game.
    Savage Strikes is the best talent option, dealing double damage to enemies below 50% health. It's somewhat situational, but the additional damage is worthwhile. Alternatively, you could choose "Bladestorm" for crowd control.
  • Hogger 's outstanding attributes, including high attack, health, and the ability to boost his maximum health, establish him as a robust frontline unit, highly favored by players for his versatility and adaptability.
    Ham Hock is the best talent, which boosts his HP by 10% each time he is deployed, which synergizes with his movement and attack speed scaling, making him progressively tankier and more challenging to eliminate as the game advances.
  • Jaina Proudmoore 's effectiveness is limited by the need to restrict deck building, her squishiness, and the prevalence of backline killers, making her an okay but not top-tier choice, particularly since her elemental damage isn't always necessary in the current meta, and there are better all-round leaders available.
    Blink is the best talent option, as it periodically teleports Jaina away from attackers, providing her with a form of survivability, which is important due to her squishy nature.
  • Maiev Shadowsong 's mastery of stealth and battlefield control, along with her Alliance synergy, makes her a strategic asset, but her non-beginner-friendly playstyle may require skillful timing for optimal results.
    Enveloping Shadows is the best talent choice, casting Smoke Bomb on deploy and stealthing nearby allies, which can be powerful when used and timed correctly, offering strategic advantages. Alternatively, you can opt for "Relentless" for a simpler gameplay experience.
  • Old Murk-Eye stands out as a formidable choice, offering ranged AoE damage, Tidehunter support, and high mobility, though his intricate playstyle may pose challenges for beginners, earning him a spot in the B-tier.
    Marathon of the Murlocs is the top talent choice, as it extends the duration of March of the Murlocs by an additional 5 seconds after deploying. This allows you more time to deploy minis, making it somewhat easier to maximize his ability.
  • Rend Blackhand 's abilities, cost reduction for flying troops, and proficiency in countering melee units make him an excellent choice for beginners looking to build a strong flying team with the added advantage of being a flying AoE unit.
    Scale and Steel is the best talent choice, granting Resistance while Flying and Armored while dismounted, which enhances Rend's tankiness and durability.
  • Sneed 's tankiness, siege potential, and objective-pushing abilities were once top-tier, but a recent nerf, capped levels from Land Grab, and his high cost have lowered his status to the B-tier.
    Mine is Money, Friend! is the best talent choice, granting the Miner trait, which allows Sneed to act like a kobold, efficiently mining resources and opening chests.
  • Sylvanas Windrunner offers versatility with various deck options, but her reliance on specific strategies and the need for a protective tank or unique playstyle make her less suitable for beginners, despite her potential for value through spawning a banshee on death, particularly excelling in PvP with a split-lane pushing deck featuring Gargoyle and Necromancer.
    Black Arrow is best talent option, allowing you to pierce through enemies in a line and deal Elemental damage, making it an excellent crowd control talent, particularly valuable on maps with bridges, narrow tunnels, and passages.
  • Tirion Fordring stands out as an excellent leader choice for beginners, thanks to his healing abilities, synergy with starter units like the Gryphon Rider and S.A.F.E. Pilot, making him a wise and reliable option.
    Divine Shield is its best talent, adding significant survivability, allowing him to tank a substantial amount of damage for 5 seconds while simultaneously healing.


PvE TierPvP TierMiniTalentTalentTalent
AAAbomination Noxious PresenceCannonballFresh Meat
DDAngry Chickens SnackrificeWalking CrateFurious Fowl
BBBanshee Soul EruptionUnholy FrenzyWill of the Necropolis
BBBat Rider Flaming PitchEnchanted VialsFiery Surplus
BBCore Hounds Fiery RebirthGuard DogEternal Bond
BBDark Iron Miner Dark Iron ArmamentsGold MineDwarven Ambition
AADarkspear Troll Bid Bad VoodooHeadhuntingSerpent Sting
SSDefias Bandits Deadly PoisonPick LockLast Resort
CCDrake Mother DrakeRoostEngulfing Flames
AAEarth Elemental Ready to RumbleShrapnel BlastObsidian Shard
CCFire Elemental Immolation AuraMolten CoreFan the Flames
BBFirehammer Moultin' MetalBlazing SpeedHeightened Rage
BBFlamewaker Heat StrokeEngulfBackdraft
CCFootmen Shield BashFortificationLast Stand
AAFrostwolf Shaman Earthwall TotemLighning MasteryEarth Shield
BBGargoyle Wing BuffetObsidian StatueAerial Superiority
CCGhoul Bone ShieldRavenousTaste for Blood
BBGnoll Brute RabidPillageThick Hide
BBGoblin Sapper Extra BOOMRocket PoweredCrude Gunpowder
AAGryphon Rider Air DropOdyn's FuryMighty Throw
SSHarpies Infectious SwipesTrinket CollectorsTalon Dive
BBHarvest Golem Trojan ChickensUnstable CoreBountiful Harvest
AAHuntress Darnassian SteelElven MightShadowmeld
BBMeat Wagon Meat and BonesFilet TrebuchetGreased Gears
DDMolten Giant Threatening PresenceBlood Of The MountainBolster
CCMountaineer Frenzied SpiritMend PetsIntimidation
BBMurloc Tidehunters Safety BubbleCareful AimMorelocs
AANecromancer Cult of the DamnedJeweled SkullsBreath of the Dying
BBOgre Mage Frostfire BoltIgniteAvarice
DDPlague Farmer Parting GiftVirulenceSplashing Pumpkins
AAProwler On the ProwlPack LeaderPredatory Instincts
AAPyromancer PyroblastConflagrateBlaze of Glory
SSQuilboar BristlebackTunnel VisionBramble Burst
BBRaptors Strength in NumbersFast FoodMotivation
SSS.A.F.E. Pilot Gnomish CloakingComin' In Hot!Gnomish Muttonizer
CCSkeleton Party 5-ManCorpse RunRitual of Rime
BBSkeletons Questing BuddiesCackleExhume
CCSpiderlings Bloated CarapaceFrostbiteEnvenom
SSStonehoof Tauren PummelMomentumProvoke
DDVultures Tendon RipFeeding FrenzyMigration
CCWarsong Grunts Blood PactGuard DutyCommand
CCWarsong Raider SaboteurRazing FocusSunder Armor
SSWhelp Eggs RookeryFlame BurstChromatic Plating
BBWorgen Lone WolfPremeditationFrenzy


PvE TierPvP TierMiniTalentTalentTalent
ASArcane Blast AmplificationArcane PowerTorrent
SSBlizzard Cold SnapIcecrownBrittle Ice
AAChain Lightning Brilliant FlashStorm's ReachReverberation
DDCheat Death Seal FateVampirismApocalypse
AADeep Breath AttunementMelting PotDouble Dragon
DDExecute BloodthirstyKilling SpreeOverpower
DDHoly Nova Inner FireRenewAmplify Magic
DDLiving Bomb Burden of FateChain ReactionBlast Radius
ASPolymorph Golden FleeceExploding SheepStable Transfiguration
DDSmoke Bomb Strangers in the NightBand of ThievesThrough the Shadows