Old Murk-Eye Leader Build Guide: Best Deck and Talents

Old Murk-Eye Leader build guide for Warcraft Rumble: Best talents, army, and how to use them.

Residing in Westfall, is seasoned Murloc has (and hasn't) seen plenty of battles. This fast moving Beast leader has an ability that revolves around spending gold after playing him, which creates an unique and extremely fun playstyle in Warcraft Rumble.

is a ranged type unit that deals elemental damage, making him strong against units that have the Armored trait. His attacks are AoE type, bouncing from the first enemy hit to secondary targets, allowing him to clear multiple units simultaneously. He is perfectly suited for a faster gameplay style, and while he might be a bit more challenging for beginners to master compared to other leaders like or , in proper hands he can be a truly terrifying leader to use.

In this article, you will learn how to get the most out of the Leader in Warcraft Rumble, and turn the tide of the battle with your never ending wave of Murlocs! *Mrglmrglmrglmrgl*

Leader Details

Leader Ability

has an unique ability called March of the Murlocs, which allows you to summon a free from your base for every gold you spend during the first 5 seconds after you deploy him on the board. The level of these Tidehunters is tied to the level of your base so they can be higher or lower level than your leader is.

In order to maximize the utility of this ability, you should aim to play just before you reach the maximum amount of gold (10). Make sure to be ready to deploy him right away at this point though, as sitting around with maximum gold is not a beneficial state since you cannot earn any more gold from neither passive nor active sources before spending some.

Needless to say, your goal during this timeframe is to spend as much gold as you can, and playing him at this point makes sure you have heaps of gold to spend right after playing him, allowing you to flood the battlefield with .

Your gold bar will have a different visual outlook for as long as his ability is active, so you can easily tell if playing something will result in you getting a free Murloc or not:

While March of the Murlocs is active, your gold bar will look like this
While March of the Murlocs is active, your gold bar will look like this

Tip: You can further boost the utility of this ability by timing 's deployment just as you are about to mine gold from gold veins or busting open a chest!


Once you are able to get 3 stars for your leader, you can upgrade it to Uncommon and unlock the first Talent slot for that leader. Also, while progressing through the single player campaign, you will unlock talent for your first leader of choice once you acquire 20 sigils.

has three different talents to choose from, each boosting his playstyle in a slightly different manner.

Marathon of the Murlocs (Best Choice)

March of the Murlocs lasts an additional 5 seconds longer after deploying.

Marathon of the Murlocs extends the duration of ’s ability by an additional 5 seconds, giving you a full 10 second timeframe to spawn a free for every gold you spend after deploying this leader. This increased timeframe will allow you to not only gain more gold passively that you can then spend before the ability’s duration is over, but also gives you more time to earn extra gold from gold veins and chests.

Murlocs that spawn from your base will advance through multiple lanes, enabling you to pressure your opponent on multiple lanes simultaneously (and essentially for free). These Murlocs can also help you to kill your opponents’ Kobolds, steal their chests and to just force them to thin out their ranks to counter that additional pressure, giving you advantage to push hard on a single lane that you want to focus on. The additional duration to ’s ability makes this the best talent to choose for him.

Tip of the Spear

Tidehunters spawn at Old Murk Eye's location instead.

This talent fundamentally changes how 's ability works, making the Tidehunters to spawn directly at the location of your leader instead of spawning from your base. This can create some huge value for pressuring a single lane with an insane horde of ranged units (hopefully fortified by a frontline tank) and can situationally be a very strong talent to use.

However, with this talent you lose the ability to do easy multi-lane pressure against your opponent, which is why this talent ranks a little lower than Marathon of the Murlocs.

Electric Eels

Attacks briefly Stun enemies.

This talent allows to stun enemies with his ranged attack, which can help him win one-on-one fights and trade more effectively, while still allowing you to do multi-lane pushes with his ability.

Furthermore, the stun can provide useful support to the frontline, making the enemies unable to attack your frontline units, boosting the support capabilities of . This talent can also be worthwhile to use, but still falls a bit short compared to the recommended one.

Gameplay Tips

Both and the spawn via his ability are ranged units and therefore rather fragile and easy targets especially for your opponents’ AoE units. Try to provide cover for them by placing durable units that have a lot of health in front of them, so that your Murlocs can attack safely from the backlines. They can deal extremely high damage for as long as someone is taking the beating for them.

You can also trick your enemies with your unbound units, a tactic which I recently covered in my Unbound Trait Guide:

Fast and cheap builds makes this leader very good to be used during Arclight Surges as well whenever Glass Cannons or Overclocked modifiers are in play!

  • Glass Cannons: All Minis deal double damage and have half health.
  • Overclocked: Triple Income (Passive Gold income increased to 300%.)

Deck Build


This build of focuses on cheap units that you can play after deploying your leader and activating his ability. And while is an exceptionally strong leader in PvP matches, this build can just as well be used in PvE matches as well as you are doing quests or acquiring sigils.

As a new player, you also won’t have every mini right off the bat and that’s okay! As Dirk mentions in his ultimate beginner’s guide, focus on acquiring new minis as a new player to raise your collection level—but be sure to keep an eye out for a lot of the minis in this deck as they are great overall options and can socket into many different decks.

Angry Chickens

Mini Details

– two-cost. Cheap unit that can be quickly deployed to the frontline, and while individual Chickens might be weak, together the flock is strong against single target melee units - or overwhelming enemy Towers. The Walking Crate talent makes this unit more durable and allows it to live longer as a meat shield and more consistently to get close to the enemy units.

Other great alternative options you could use for this deck slot include and , both of which are tanks.


Mini Details

– three-cost. Invaluable part of the build. allows you to temporarily turn your enemies into sheep and make them Vulnerable for the duration of the spell. Be ready to use this spell to quickly turn enemy AoE units into sheep before they can blast your fragile ranged horde into smithereens. Timing this spell correctly allows you to clear out enemy units with your high DPS ranged units without taking any casualties for your team!

Golden Fleece talent grants you 1 gold if you kill the golden sheep, and gaining more gold is the key element to this build – more gold, more Murlocs!


Mini Details

– two-cost. This super cheap tank unit goes extremely well with this deck. The can easily tank the frontline while your ranged units rain destruction from behind. He is able to heal himself by feasting on fallen enemies and the Bone Shield talent will boost his survivability even further, giving him the Armored trait for 10 whole seconds after consuming a corpse.

Whelp Eggs

Mini Details

– three-cost. Extremely good and versatile unbound unit. can be used to guard locations or lanes, capture meeting stones, or to easily take out any approaching enemy melee units, who are helpless against the flying Whelps.

With the Flame Burst talent they also act as another way for you to snipe out enemy AoE units that would otherwise pose a threat to your Murlocs. Place them on top of a ranged unit like Pyromancer and she will die from the burst damage, leaving your Whelps unscathed. This talent can also be used to instantly deal huge damage to Bosses or enemy groups.

Earth Elemental

Mini Details

– three-cost. This unbound unit has the Armored trait, giving it 50% physical damage reduction. As a siege unit, it can be used to deal huge damage to enemy Towers and bosses – and while doing that, it serves a purpose in drawing aggro, making the enemies attack him instead of your Murlocs.

Another option for this deck slot is the , who serves in the same role as Earth Elemental, but has Resistant trait instead of Armored .


Mini Details

– three-cost. Your source of AoE damage to quickly take out enemy group units. The Conflagrate talent doubles the splash area of her attack, making it ideal when dealing with large numbers of enemies.


Once you get used to the playstyle, is a fantastic leader choice for your PvP and PvE matches. I find him especially strong in PvE maps that boasts a lot of melee units, and who wouldn’t love the adorable sound of Murlocs spawning from your base! is a leader you definitely don’t want to skip.

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