Minis Meta Tier List: Best Minis and Talents

All Warcraft Rumble Minis ranked in this meta tier list report, to help you choose the best Minis and their best talents for victory!
Warcraft Rumble Minis Meta Tier List: Best Minis and Talents

What are the best Minis in Warcraft Rumble and what are the best talents to invest in? With limited resources, these are important decisions you must make when playing the game and building decks! For a breakdown on the best leaders, check out our Leader Meta Tier List.

Tier List Explanation

  • S - Elite Tier: These minis stand at the pinnacle of excellence, often considered the absolute best and widely favored in both PvE and PvP.
  • A - Outstanding Tier: These minis are remarkable in their own right, and their value shines even brighter when used with synergistic minis.
  • B - Solid Tier: Opting for these minis won't leave you disappointed, and they often display synergistic potential with minis.
  • C - Average Tier: These minis are generally competent but start to constrain your strategic options as you progress.
  • D - Limited Tier: At best, these minis are suitable for specific situations, and their versatility is notably limited. Plainly speaking, they need a buff.

S Tier


Rain down Frost shards from the sky! Slows and deals Elemental damage to all enemies in a large area.

Blizzard is an awesome spell, great for both offense and defense, but particularly useful for the latter. If the enemy overcommits their army, drop a blizzard on them for lots of value. It doesn't cost that much, and along with its talent, can give you ample time to mount a counter-attack. It shines in both PvE and PvP content.

Cold Snap BEST
Freeze enemy troops in place.
Summons an additional Blizzard at your Base.
Brittle Ice
Enemies within take 30% additional damage from Physical sources.

Arcane Blast

Arcane Blast is a great low-cost spell to clear waves of enemies, especially effective in PvP where players often deploy Baron Riverdare decks to overwhelm opponents with numerous minions. The spell increases in power every time it is cast and can also be used on structures to deal that last bit of damage at the end of the round. Acquiring the Arcane Power talent makes it powerful right from the start.

Sequential taps increase radius by 1.
Arcane Power BEST
Spell sequence starts at rank 3 and ends at rank 4.
Gain a level after casting Rank 4.

Defias Bandits

Stealthy and weak on their own, but will sneak up and Stun enemies while your damage dealers open fire!

Defias bandits are amazing minis capable of generating value depending on the mini they're up against. They deploy stealthed, so the enemy doesn't even know they are coming. They stun upon hitting, and they are especially effective when used near a tower, allowing the tower to land hits while the enemy is stunned. They can also stun bosses, making them quite useful, especially if the boss has a lot of range.

Unlocking their poison talent increases their damage, further demoralizing enemy players who see their high-cost mini go down to a 1-cost mini. Additionally, they can be used to pick up chests and for cycling minis at a very low cost.

Deadly Poison BEST
Gain Poison.
Pick Lock
Earn an extra +2 Gold when opening chests.
Last Resort
On death, Stun the target for 3 seconds.

Earth Elemental

A flock of feathered fowl that can overwhelm even the heartiest of Tanks and Towers.

Earth Elemental is one of the best 3-cost minis in the game. Though it only attacks towers and bosses, it excels at what it does. It can also redirect the opposing player's army by dropping it right behind them. It will walk towards the nearest enemy structure, allowing you to hit the enemy army from behind, essentially dealing free damage. It is an unbound unit, meaning you can backdoor towers, structures, or bosses. They are fairly hard to kill, requiring elemental damage to inflict significant harm to them.

Ready to Rumble
Taunt on deploy.
Shrapnel Blast
Destroying a tower deals damage to nearby enemies.
Obsidian Shard BEST
On death, split into two smaller Earth Elementals.


A trio of fragile Fliers, but if they can reach their target, they will shred it in seconds.

Harpies are a 3-in-1 mini. They can be split up into two lanes for flexibility. They absolutely tear up their targets if they manage to reach them. If you see your opponent deploying their anti-air minis, it's time to deploy these ladies in another lane. They deal even more damage when you unlock their poison talent. They are a mainstay in all my decks and are especially great in Rend decks.

Infectious Swipes BEST
Gain Poison.
Trinket Collectors
Gain the Miner trait. Cost increased by 1.
Talon Dive
Deal double damage on 1st attack.


Morphs your foes into fluffy yet feeble sheep, stripping them of their defenses and making them Vulnerable for a precious few seconds!

Polymorph is a spell that fits well into any deck. It enables players to easily handle high-threat minions and large armies. Mastering the timing required for casting it takes practice, but once you do, this spell can generate a lot of value. Choose the 'Golden Fleece' as its talent to gain gold when eliminating the Golden Sheep.

Golden Fleece BEST
One sheep becomes golden. Killing it grants +1 gold.
Exploding Sheep
Killing a sheep Damages nearby enemies.
Stable Transfiguration
Lasts twice as long, but sheep regenerate health very quickly.


Surprise your enemies with this Unbound Melee burrower! Slow to emerge but bristling for a fight.

The Quilboar is a top-tier unbound mini with numerous uses. It can collect faraway chests, distract bosses from your advancing army, deny gold from enemy Kobolds, and tank towers. Unlocking its 'Tunnel Vision' talent enables faster deployment, providing a significant advantage. Its versatility allows it to excel in any deck, contributing to its high-tier ranking.

Deal a small amount of damage to Melee attackers.
Tunnel Vision BEST
Deploy much more quickly.
Bramble Burst
Inflict Poison on nearby enemies when emerging.

S.A.F.E. Pilot

A flexible Ranged unit. Crash her into enemies or land her behind your Tanks for Area Damage support.

"The S.A.F.E. Pilot serves as one of your starter minions, making it easier to upgrade to uncommon—requiring one less duplicate to purchase from the G.R.I.D. It stands as a top-tier unbound unit capable of easily decimating enemy backlines. Unlock its 'Stealth and Ambush' talent to amplify its damage output. This versatile unit can be used to one-shot gold chests, backdoor towers alongside the Quilboar, or deny enemy Kobolds from acquiring gold. It performs exceptionally well and can be effectively deployed in any deck.

Gnomish Cloaking Device BEST
Deploy from the explosion with Stealth and Ambush.
Comin’ In Hot!
Deploy twice as fast and Burn nearby enemies.
Gnomish Muttonizer
Polymorph the first blaster target.

Stonehoof Tauren

An exceptionally beefy bruiser that will Charge into battle, and even Charge while she’s in battle!

"The Stonehoof Tauren is a premium mid-cost tank that charges at other minis to swiftly close the gap. It particularly excels in Horde decks where it can be equipped in Horde bonus slots. Acquire the 'Momentum' talent to enable her to charge a second time if the initial charge connects.

After connecting a charge, Stun the target for 3 seconds.
Momentum BEST
After connecting a charge, immediately charge a second time if possible.
After connecting a charge, Taunt nearby enemies.

Whelp Eggs

Drop these eggs anywhere on the battlefield to surprise Melee enemies with many fiery Flying whelps!

Whelp's Eggs are top-tier defensive minis that compel enemies to reconsider breaking them. Countering them demands a few steps. You could use a Blizzard spell or a combination of melee and anti-air units. Placing them near gold mines protects your Kobolds or deters enemy Kobolds. Acquiring the 'Flame Burst' talent further enhances their value as they inflict damage upon hatching. They are highly recommended in any deck and particularly effective in a Rend deck due to the cost reduction.

When one egg hatches, the others hatch immediately.
Flame Burst BEST
Damage nearby enemies when hatching.
Chromatic Plating
Eggs gain Taunt.

A Tier

Darkspear Troll

This headhunter deals massive damage with savage spear throws. Enemies in the air beware!

The Darkspear Troll is one of the best anti-air units in the game. It boasts excellent range and damage, often one-shotting flying units. Additionally, it is surprisingly bulky, thanks to its regeneration talent.

Big Bad Voodoo BEST
Regenerate 10% health every second.
On kill, increase Attack and Movement speed by 10%. Stacks to 50%.
Serpent Sting
Gain Poison.


The Abomination is a great tank for undead-based decks, especially when paired with a Necromancer at the back. It quickly hooks its target, closing the gap so it doesn't have to walk far to deal damage. It's effective for both PvE and PvP content. However, it can be easily countered by polymorph and Defias Bandits.

Noxious Presence
Poison nearby enemies every 3 seconds.
Cannonball BEST
On deploy and at 50% health, stun nearby enemies for 5 seconds.
Fresh Meat
After hooking a target, deal double damage on the next attack.

Deep Breath

Strike with dragon's breath in any direction, dealing Elemental damage to enemies in the line of fire!

Deep Breath is somewhat unique in that it can't be bought from the G.R.I.D. You have to defeat Onyxia in order to obtain this mini. It's a really good spell, especially when you unlock the two-direction talent.

Allies caught in the effect gain Resist.
Melting Point
Damaging Armored enemies removes their Armor.
Double Dragon BEST
Cast a second wave in the opposite direction.

Frostwolf Shaman

Why choose between Ranged damage and Healing when you can have both? Elemental mastery to heal and harm!

Frostwolf Shaman is an amazing mini capable of both dealing damage and healing. When you unlock its ability to buff minis with the armored trait, it becomes even more incredible. It provides great value at a cost of 4 and performs exceptionally well in Horde decks, as most of the leaders there are melee frontline units. It can be used in any deck; however, it also excels in Tyrion decks for a double healer composition.

Earthwall Totem
Once per deploy, place a totem that partially heals a nearby tower or base.
Lightning Mastery
Ranged attack chains to 3 nearby targets.
Earth Shield BEST
Grant Armored to a nearby ally. Ability has 1 charge.

Gryphon Rider

A sky-riding Flier that throws mighty dwarven hammers at aerial and ground troops alike.

The Gryphon Rider is one of the starting minis, bringing you one step closer to upgrading it to uncommon. Its 'Mighty Throw' talent is absolutely amazing, significantly extending its attack range. It's also a great cycling unit. Pair it with a sturdy frontline unit so it can endure longer and throw more hammers.

Air Drop
Periodically drop a potion, Leveling Up the first ally to touch it.
Odyn’s Fury
Gain Fury.
Mighty Throw BEST
Gain +3 Range.


A Fast and lethal Ranged rider.
Her glaives slice through Squads, bouncing from foe to foe.

The Huntress is a top-tier, high-cost mini because of its ability to clear multiple minis. It requires a sturdy frontline unit to protect it from damage so it can dish out its own. However, when facing elemental minis, it can withstand numerous hits thanks to its resistant trait. All of her talents are quite useful, so pick one depending on your playstyle.

Darnassian Steel
Glaive bounces an additional 3 times.
Elven Might BEST
Deal 50% additional damage to the initial target.
Gain Stealth and Ambush.


Endlessly summons Skeletons for protection while piercing through Armor with Elemental shadow bolts.

The Necromancer can generate a significant amount of value if not promptly dealt with. Pair it with a capable tank, such as the Abomination or the Ghoul, in an undead deck. Its best talent is 'Jeweled Skulls,' which replaces the skeleton warriors with mages.

Cult of the Damned
On kill, summon a Skeleton.
Jeweled Skulls BEST
Summon Skeletal Mages instead of Skeletons.
Breath of the Dying
On death, summon 5 Skeletons.


A Fast and ferocious Melee Tank. Sprints ahead to protect slower troops, or defend a far away fight.

The Prowler is an excellent tank, especially in Beast decks. It synergizes well with other Beast minis like Harpies and Quilboar, particularly when you unlock its aura talent that increases nearby Beast damage. It's also suitable for rush decks due to its 'fast' trait.

On The Prowl
Gain Stealth, and stun the target when attacking from Stealth.
Pack Leader
Grants nearby Beast allies 30% additional Damage.
Predatory Instincts BEST
Deal double damage to enemies who are at more than 75% health.


Sometimes you need to light an enemy on fire. She prefers to light them all on fire.

The Pyromancer is a top-tier ranged elemental damage dealer. Acquire the 'splash area increase' talent to decimate armies with her flames. Pair her with a capable tank to ensure her survival, such as Rend Blackhand or Drakkisath. Additionally, consider utilizing the Flame Elemental. While it excels in Drakkisath decks, it can be incorporated into any deck requiring elemental damage.

Conflagrate BEST
Splash area is doubled.
Deal triple damage on the first attack.
Blaze of Glory
Damage and Burn nearby enemies on death.

B Tier


Shrieks in delight at nearby enemies, Possessing the first she sees
to fight for you, permanently.

The Banshee is a good counter to high-cost solo minions, especially useful in PvE content. However, its utility is limited in PvP because players are aware of how to play around the Banshee. The best talent heals the possessed minion for more value.

Soul Eruption
Possessed targets detonate on death, damaging nearby enemies.
Unholy Frenzy
Possessed targets gain Bloodlust for 10 seconds.
Will of the Necropolis BEST
Fully Heal the possessed target.

Bat Rider

A cheap aerial unit that specializes in bathing the ground in flame while Flying above Melee enemies.

The Bat Rider is great against melee squads, particularly in Drakkisath decks. However, it is easily countered by anti-air minions, and it can't hit other flying minions, which is a major downside.

Flaming Pitch
Flaming pool reduces enemy’s speed by 30%.
Enchanted Vials BEST
Increase the size of the flaming pool by 30%.
Furious Fowl
“Accidentally” leave vials on the ground, Burning nearby enemies that touch them.

Chain Lightning

Swarmed by Squads of smaller foes? Send a surge of lightning sizzling through several enemies!

Chain lightning, like Arcane Blast and Blizzard, is a great spell for clearing waves of minions. However, it's not as potent as the previous two spells because it can't damage structures, making it a bit rigid. Before you unlock the jump distance talent, it's mediocre.

Brilliant Flash
On deploy, Stun enemies within for 1 second.
Storm’s Reach BEST
Dramatically increase jump distance between targets.
Can be cast a second time.

Core Hounds

This pair of Resistant Tanks is only dead when both are snuffed out. When one falls, the other rekindles it!

Core Hounds are really annoying to deal with after unlocking their unlimited resurrection talent. This is especially effective in Tyrion decks, where he can heal them to keep them alive longer. However, they are costly to deploy at 6 gold and can leave you vulnerable to a counter-attack on a different lane.

Fiery Rebirth
On Resurrection, damage nearby enemies.
Guard Dog
Deal 50% additional damage near friendly towers and meeting stones.
Eternal Bond BEST
Resurrection range is unlimited.

Dark Iron Miner

When there’s more Gold than your Kobold can mine, hire another to mine behind enemy lines!

The Dark Iron Miner is somewhat redundant with the Kobold Miner. While it does shine in some PvE content, it doesn't justify a slot in PvP. If you can make space for it in your deck, it provides excellent map control, especially when the proximity mine talent is unlocked.

Dark Iron Armaments
After Mining, gain Armored.
Gold Mine BEST
After Mining, drop a proximity mine. Damages nearby enemies when touched.
Dwarven Ambition
Gain Fury.


Firehammer requires a sturdy frontline mini to achieve its highest potential. However, it can still be easily countered by a well-placed S.A.F.E. pilot in the backline or a Quilboar deployed next to it, which is why it holds a low rank. When it gets going, though, it deals a substantial amount of damage, particularly to armored minis.

Moultin’ Metal
Deal 50% more damage to Flying enemies.
Blazing Speed BEST
Fury builds up to 40% higher.
Heightened Rage
Level up upon reaching full Fury.


Ignites the ground with waves of flame, incinerating supporting troops behind enemy Tanks.

Flakewaker is a good frontline unit in Drakkisath decks because it takes advantage of the elemental damage boost. However, in other decks, it doesn't perform well, hence the tier rating.

Heat Stroke
Damaging enemies Dazes them.
Engulf BEST
Burn enemies.
Successive attacks increase flame wave distance. Resets on movement.


A Flying fortress of Armor. This single-minded Tank attacks buildings and bosses, ignoring all other distractions.

Gargoyle works best in rend decks where it can benefit from the cost reduction. It's a good mini for split pushing, as it won't easily succumb to tower damage. If left unchecked, it can take down a tower on its own. However, it's easily countered by Darkspear Troll, which costs 2 less than it. Additionally, it flies very slowly, allowing the enemy to prepare for it. Unlocking the move speed talent can remedy that.

Wing Buffet BEST
Increases move speed by 33%.
Obsidian Statue
On death, summon a statue with Taunt. Lasts until destroyed.
Aerial Superiority
Incoming damage from Flying minis is reduced by 50%.

Gnoll Brute

A tough Tank with a menacing mace. Cleaves through Squads of enemies, or clobbers with collateral damage.

The Gnoll Brute is a good tank mini capable of dealing AoE damage. It is one of the starter units, making it easier to upgrade to an uncommon copy. The Rabid talent makes it even cheaper to deploy, and it can be used in many decks if you don't have stronger tanks yet.

Rabid BEST
Reduce deploy cost by 1 and gain the Cycle trait.
Deal Siege damage.
Thick Hide
Gain Armor.

Goblin Sapper

Sappers sacrifice themselves to deliver superior Siege damage in seconds. Topple Towers with this tag team!

The Goblin Sapper can perform well when paired with a sturdy tank to protect them from counters. They ignore other units and focus solely on attacking towers and structures. Due to this behavior, they excel in rush decks, allowing you to sneak them into an undefended lane, particularly when equipped with the Rocket-Powered Turbo Boots talent.

Extra BOOM
Deploy an additional +1 Goblin Sapper.
Rocket Powered Turbo Boots BEST
Move twice as fast and gain the Fast trait.
Crude Gunpowder
On death, Burn nearby enemies.

Harvest Golem

A hearty Melee automaton with a trick up its sleeve – After its first death it will shock itself back to life!

The Harvest Golem is a good, cheap, sticky tank that can generate even more value when you unlock its 'Trojan Chickens' talent. It pairs well with the S.A.F.E. pilot to keep enemies at bay while the pilot attempts to crash her plane on them. Additionally, it's beneficial to pair with healers like Tyrion and Frostwolf Shaman to gain more value from the revived version.

Trojan Chickens BEST
On death, spawn 4 Angry Chickens.
Unstable Core
On death, Stun nearby enemies for 3 seconds.
Bountiful Harvest
On death, apply a Heal over time effect to nearby allies.

Meat Wagon

Sieges enemies with slabs of meat. Bombards from so far away that it outranges Towers!

Meat Wagon is a good long-range siege mini, especially when you unlock its 'Fleet Trebuchet' talent, which increases its range. Make sure to protect it with a sturdy frontline unit so it doesn't fall too easily. It is countered by the S.A.F.E. Pilot, which is quite popular.

Meat And Bones
Every other attack summons a Skeleton instead of dealing damage.
Filet Trebuchet BEST
Increase Bombard Range by +2.
Greased Gears
Gain Fury.

Murloc Tidehunters

Fast and cheap, great for supporting Tanks and taking Treasure Chests, but weak on their own.

Murloc Tidehunters serve as excellent backline support minions. All of their talents are viable, so choose one depending on your playstyle. However, they are weak against AoE attacks and area-clearing spells, which makes them not as effective as the Darkspear Troll.

Safety Bubble BEST
Deploy with a bubble that blocks the first attack.
Careful Aim
Gain +2 Range.
Deploy with +1 additional Murloc.

Ogre Mage

Hurling fireballs is always brutal, but this Magi also buffs nearby allies with Bloodlust. More bang for your buck!

The Ogre Mage is an excellent support mini that excels in Horde decks. Since most leaders in the Horde faction are slow, they greatly benefit from the movement speed buff provided by Bloodlust. However, one downside to the Ogre Mage is its high cost, so it's crucial to plan its deployment carefully.

Frostfire Bolt
Gain Frost.
Burn enemy targets.
Avarice BEST
Gain Bloodlust when Bloodlusting an ally.


Fast savage slashers! Each extra tap increases Gold cost by 1 and deploys an additional Raptor.

Raptors excel in swarming strategies. Tapping them multiple times grants an extra raptor for each tap. Acquiring the 'Strength in Numbers' talent increases their damage for each additional raptor. However, they are vulnerable to AoE clears and flying enemies. It's crucial to support them with ranged minions in the backline for added protection.

Strength In Numbers BEST
Deal 10% more damage for each other Raptor nearby.
Fast Food
On kill, heal a small amount of damage.
Gain Bloodlust while a chest or gold vein is nearby.


These Skeletons can arise anywhere on the map to distract enemies or claim a remote resource.

The Skeleton Party is a top-tier unbound mini, though not as formidable as the S.A.F.E. Pilot and Quilboar. Nevertheless, it performs exceptionally well when you unlock its talent for summoning more skeletons when deployed near a tower. However, it's important to note their vulnerability to area spells and AoE damage, so avoid overextending your deployment.

Questing Buddies
One Skeleton gains Armor, one gains Resist, and one gains Stealth.
Gain Taunt.
Exhume BEST
If deployed near a Tower or Meeting Stone, deploy +2 additional Skeletons.


Chimaera is a two-headed Flying Beast Mini, able to target and damage two distinct opponents with poison and lighting attacks.

One head deals poison damage as splash damage, while the other unleashes chain lightning abilities. It deals the exact same damage for chain lightning and can hit up to 20 targets. Both heads attack independently, allowing them to attack different targets.

Leviathan BEST
Gain 10% additional Health per deploy.
Frost Shock
Lightning Ball applies Frost on hit.
Corrosive Breath
Poison Spit inflicts twice as much Poison.
Deals elemental damage. Strong vs Armored.
Deals stacking damage over time. Strong vs Armored.

C Tier


Flies over the battlefield with flaming breath, incinerating Flying and Ground enemies alike.

Drake is an interesting mini. It sounds strong on paper but not in actual use. I find it really easy to counter, and because of its high cost, it's demoralizing to see it go down to a DarkSpear Troll. When you unlock Mother Drake, it provides a lot of value, especially if you can keep it alive with a quality frontline unit or healing. Does really well in Rend or Drakk decks since it has reduced cost or increased elemental damage.

Mother Drake BEST
Periodically summon a Whelp Egg.
Engulfing Flames
Damaging enemies Burns them.
Perch on top of a nearby tower, staying there to defend it.

Fire Elemental

Resistant to Elemental damage. Specializes in Cleaving through Armored enemies.

Fire Elemental performs well in Drakkisath decks, but considering Drakk isn't very popular, Fire Elemental gets little use. There aren't a lot of armored high-cost minis it can counter. There's the Earth Elemental, but it's a 3-cost, so bringing a 4-cost against it results in lost value. It could perform great against Footmen, a 5-cost mini, but those also aren't very popular.

Immolation Aura BEST
Periodically Damage nearby enemies.
Molten Core
On death, summon a pool of lava, Damaging enemies within.
Fan The Flames
Taking Elemental damage increases Damage dealt by 10%. Stacks to 30%.


An Armored phalanx Squad of steel, a great Tank for fragile allies, and can be split to defend two lanes at once!

Footmen are costly, slow, and easily countered by elemental AoE minis, which generally cost less than them. They can be situationally good in content where there is no elemental damage and perform exceptionally well when paired with Tyrion or other healing minis. They are hard to kill without elemental damage.

Shield Bash
Periodically Stun the target for 1 second.
Fortification BEST
Gain 30% extra empty Health.
Last Stand
Armor increases to 75% damage reduction when no other Footmen are nearby.


A cheap but ravenous Tank, ready to feast on fallen enemies to replenish its Health.

Ghoul is a nice, cheap undead tank that slots in well in undead decks. Its talents are all conditional, hence the low tier rating. It is particularly useful for leaders who don't have a tank army slot but have an undead slot, like Baron Rivendare.

Bone Shield BEST
Cannibalizing grants Armored for 10 seconds.
Cannibalizing grants Bloodlust for 10 seconds.
Taste for Blood
Deal 50% additional damage to enemies who are below 50% health.


This inseparable Tank and Ranged pair cover each other for an instantly effective offensive!

The Mountaineer differs from another 6-cost mini, the Molten Giant, as it combines two minis in one. The Sniper heals the bear and, upon unlocking the talent, also heals nearby beasts like the Harpies. It could provide a lot of value, but the mini is costly to deploy and easily countered by hitting the Sniper with the S.A.F.E. Pilot and attacking the bear with flying units.

Frenzied Spirit
When the Bear or Mountaineer die, the other gains Bloodlust.
Mend Pets BEST
Heal up to 3 additional nearby Beasts when healing the Bear.
Bear gains Taunt.

Skeleton Party

The Skeleton Party is a costly unbound mini when compared to the top-tier unbound minis in the game, such as the Quilboar and S.A.F.E. Pilot. However, it does shine when you unlock its '5-man' talent, particularly in Maeve decks. Its usefulness is rather niche, which contributes to its low tier rank.

5-Man BEST
Summons a Skeleton Tank, Rogue, Priest, and 2 Mages.
Corpse Run
Gain +1 level for each deploy after the first. (Maximum +3 levels)
Ritual of Rime
Summon 5 Skeleton Mages who guard the deploy location.


A Squad of Poisonous predators. Their venom will pierce Armor and down even the mightiest of Tanks.

Spiderlings excel at countering armored melee minis. However, they are vulnerable to elemental attacks and area-clearing abilities, which has limited their usage.

Bloated Carapace
Explode on death, Poisoning nearby enemies.
Gain Frost.
Envenom BEST
Deal twice as much Poison damage.

Warsong Grunts

While slow and steady at the start, this Squad of fighters will speed up, Furiously slashing at frightened foes

Warsong Grunts are slow and costly to deploy. They can be easily countered by flying minions, so it's advisable to protect them with a ranged backline unit. Their talents are mediocre; however, if I were to choose, I would opt for the 'Command' talent, which grants increased damage to beast allies.

Blood Pact
When a Grunt dies, the other gains Bloodlust.
Guard Duty
Remain at deploy location until entering combat.
Command BEST
Nearby Beast allies deal 30% additional Damage.

Warsong Raider

This Fast rider smashes Towerswith savage sustained Siege damage. Clear a path and she'll clear the rest.

The Warsong Rider excels at besieging towers, especially when the 'Razing Focus' talent is unlocked. It performs well in Horde decks but might require precise deployment timing due to this mini's 'fast' trait.

Damaging a tower reduces its damage dealt by 50% for 3 seconds.
Razing Focus BEST
Become a Siege unit, ignoring troops.
Sunder Armor
Damaging an Armored enemy removes their Armor.


This Stealthy predator assassinates annoying Ranged units. Play him anywhere and tear their support apart!

The Worgen is proficient at eliminating backline minions, but there are superior options available, such as the S.A.F.E. Pilot and Quilboar.

Lone Wolf
On deploy, grant +1 gold if no allies are nearby.
Premeditation BEST
Increase Ambush damage by 50%.
On kill, gain Bloodlust for 10 seconds.

D Tier

Angry Chickens

Angry Chickens are strong against single-target minis but are very vulnerable to AoE attacks and spells. Picking the Walking Crate talent helps with their survivability. However, I wouldn't invest resources in upgrading them as there are better minis available.

Nearby Beast allies can consume a Chicken to heal themselves.
Walking Crate BEST
Deploy in a protective crate. When destroyed, Chickens emerge.
Furious Fowl
Gain Fury.

Cheat Death

Imbue your minions with one last breath of death, preventing them from dying for a precious few seconds.

Cheat Death costs too much to be effective at what it does. You want to cast it on high-cost, high-value minions, so you might need to wait for 8 to 10 gold before you can use it. Alternatively, you could cast it on a bunch of minions, but that still requires a lot of gold to deploy a big army. It's just too slow and clunky to be of much use.

Last Gasp
Affected minis gain Bloodlust, but die when the effect ends.
Vampirism BEST
Affected minis are Healed when dealing damage.
Affected Skeletons Resurrect at your base when they die.


Savagely slice through enemies, chopping off half of their maximum Health in one swipe.

Execute isn't useful just by itself. It needs minis deployed on the map or minis deployed after it is cast. Its 3-cost is also a negative, as you would need more gold to achieve the desired combo. It is also highly situational, being highly effective on high-cost minis and mediocre against low-health minis.

Bloodthirsty BEST
Bloodlust allies within spell area for 10 seconds.
Killing Spree
If an enemy is killed, the next Horde mini costs 1 less.
Knock enemies away from the cast location.

Holy Nova

Bathe friend and foe in holy light, Healing allies and damaging enemies to turn the tide of battle!

Holy Nova is a costly spell with several conditions to meet for it to provide value. It's beneficial to have in elemental decks like Drakkisath decks, as one of its talents doubles its effects on elemental minis. However, in other decks, it is mediocre. You can simply equip Blizzard for just 1 cost more to achieve more predictable and effective results.

Inner Fire BEST
Affected allies gain Armored and Resist for 5 seconds.
Also adds a heal over time to allies.
Amplify Magic
Effects are doubled on all Elemental minis.

Living Bomb

Plant a bomb on a group of enemies that all blow up for excessive collateral damage. The more the flamier!

Living Bomb is an unbound mini that costs 6 gold to deploy. It's absolutely not worth a slot in the deck. It's way too clunky to play and doesn't provide a lot of value.

Burden Of Fate
Affected enemies are Dazed.
Chain Reaction BEST
Splash damage inflicts Living Bomb.
Blast Radius
Also burn enemies within 10.

Molten Giant

A wall of Armored obsidian. Slow and lumbering but devastating to Towers. The ultimate Melee Tank.

The Molten Giant is slow, costly, and easily countered. A single polymorph and a damage-dealing mini can handle it easily. It's not worth a slot in the deck unless you truly want to face a disadvantage.

Threatening Presence
Gain Taunt.
Blood Of The Mountain BEST
On death, explode, Damaging nearby enemies.
Heal when destroying a tower.

Plague Farmer

Bombards enemy ground troops with Poisonous pumpkins. Keep him alive and watch enemies rot!

The Plague Farmer is simply inferior to other 2-cost ranged units like Murlocs. It doesn't even target flying units, so it's more advantageous to equip the Darkspear Troll instead.

Parting Gift
On death, summon a pumpkin. When touched, it Poisons nearby enemies.
On kill, Poison enemies near the target.
Splashing Pumpkins BEST
Increase Range by+1 and double the Splash area.

Smoke Bomb

Get the drop on your enemies by granting Stealth to nearby allies. Use in a skirmish to confuse the enemy!

Smoke Bomb has niche utility, particularly in Maeve decks, but it lacks significant usefulness in other deck types, contributing to its low tier rank.

Strangers in the Night
Effects apply to enemies as well.
Band Of Thieves
Grant +2 levels to Cycle minis within.
Through The Shadows BEST
Affected minis Move 50% faster until unstealthed.


A cheap pair of Flying scavengers. Two vultures are a nuisance, but each vulture victim adds to the flock!

Vultures are inexpensive flying minis that multiply upon consuming dead minis. In my experience, they aren't particularly worth a slot. They are notably weak, and other flying units like Harpies tend to be more effective.

Tendon Rip
Attacks Daze enemies for 3 seconds.
Feeding Frenzy
The flock gains Bloodlust for 5 seconds when spawning a new Vulture.
Migration BEST
All additional Vultures spawn at your base.


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