Best Standalone Minis in Warcraft Rumble!

Let's take a look at what the top 10 Minis in Warcraft Rumble that are good on their own and worthy of inclusion in any deck!

Early on in any new collection-based card game, we are quick to let the frustration take the better of us, and curse at every deck we see online, as we are missing cards to be able to make it. Warcraft Rumble also went a step further, with the Talents we can attribute to our cards that give them a special ability, making them much more powerful in the process. Same story applies here, as we all have picked a talent thinking it was super nice, only to go check online for ideas and figure we certainly didn't pick the right talent. Then, we go in the game to check how could we change it for the one most people seem to recommend, and understand we're going to have to work with what we have.

Well, this article maybe be a part of your solution, as we're going to discuss the top ten Minis in the game in both PvE and PvP modes which you can include in a variety of decks, and be very happy with what they bring to the table. Yes, I'll also include their best talent for a standalone usage, but don't read too much into it if you don't have it yet, the card can probably still be a solid inclusion.


Although a card two or three levels above the required level will always feel good in this mode, there are a few cards which should be helpful for a lot of bosses that you might want to focus your XP on if you aim to progress quickly. Indeed, you can quickly feel stuck in PvE, and forced to level your cards for days until you can take on the next zone you unlocked. This feeling only gets worse if you ask for advice and the recommended card is one you have at level seven, or worse, don't have yet.

Here is a selection of ten cards you can include in almost any PvE deck, and it should contribute well to defeating the next boss. Some are a bit more situational, and need your deck to play to their strengths, while the high ranked are just solid overall.

The recommended Talent is a nice bonus, but the card can still work without it.

A few honorable mentions before we begin:

  • and : Both cards can have a lot of upsides in PvE as there is always a big target for it. However, once you are able to build some momentum, you realize you don't necessarily need those anymore. however is also a solid PvP card so it could be worth investing into.
  • : Flying units tend to do a lot of good things in PvE, where ground based Tanks are pretty popular. In addition to its help cycling your deck, will represent a decent tool in that regard.
  • : There always are great occasions to use the spell in PvE. If it wasn't for other cheap options, would have been a top 10 card for sure!

1. Meat Wagon


This unit can shoot at any boss while being out of range, keep it alive and it could win you the fight on its own. It does require to build a deck able to protect units, hence why you should include some spells and maybe a couple of tanks. Once you found how to abuse it, Meat Wagon is just an incredible PvE unit.

Recommended Talent: Greased Gears for maximum damage, althought the extra range from Filet Trebuchet can also be very useful.

2. Harpies


The fastest damage dealer for its cost, the Harpies have the big downside of being extremely squishy. However, if you can distract the attention from them, they will melt any target you assign them.
Plus, they are a great defensive tool as well, as PvE tends to feature a lot of big tanks trying to get to your base. The Harpies will be great to deal with those for cheap.

Recommended Talent: Infectious Swipes for maximum damage over time

3. Dark Iron Miner


An over abundant income of gold is often extremely valuable to control everything that is happening over a PvE map, or just rush the boss before they can defeat your base. Then, similarly to PvP, Dark Iron Miner proves to be a solid cheap card, which will often bring more gold than it cost you to summon it.

Another upside of the card is the ability to summon it all over the field, which can be useful to take control of the meeting stones.

Recommended Talent: Gold Mine as you often won't be able to control all mines, so you can just target one early and know the next Kobold will not make it.

4. Quilboar


PvE is a mode where you take a real beating if you don't react fast enough to what is thrown at you, especially as you reach the higher levels. With that in mind, a cheap tank, able to distract the attention of the boss, or take a beating in place of your base for precious seconds can mean a ton of damages can be dealt or saved. For example, Quilboar plus Harpies is a great combo which only costs five golds.

Recommended Talent: Tunnel Vision for aggressive purposes, Bramble Burst for defensive purposes.

5. Defias Bandits

Defias Bandits

PvE is a lot about abusing the few units which are best for this particular boss and summoning them a lot to achieve victory. In addition to being the cheapest Mini in the game, which is already a compelling argument for a lot of decks, the ability to stun is very strong in PvE, as boss tend to be the strongest unit on the map. Then, locking them out of acting for a few seconds can open for a ton of damage to be dealt.

Recommended Talent: Last Resort, stunning a boss is extremely strong.

6. Arcane Blast


This one can raise a few eyebrows, but the value of this spell if you manage to control the gold flow in PvE is absolutely stupid. Indeed, once you control the map but can't necessarily DPS the boss in peace as there are too many units around, or it just melts your tanks in a matter of seconds, Arcane Blast can come in.

Setup an attack with gold stored, and knowing you are going to get some more in the near future, and just start spamming Arcane Blast a few times to understand how much damage you have in the palm of your hands. It can quickly become pricey, but with the right setup, you should be able to cast it five time, using 15 gold.

Recommended Talent: Amplification or Arcane Power, depending on what you value the most.

7. Firehammer


We discussed Harpies a few entries higher on this list, as a great DPS as long as we had a way to protect them. Well, Firehammer is a bit more expensive, and needs to build up to its max power, but is much, much easier to protect. Fit the card in a deck with a few tanks, able to take on a beating for more than 5 seconds, and you should see your Firehammer make several bosses look like training dummies.

Recommended Talent: Blazing Speed, we're all about that Fury!

8. Ogre Mage


If Firehammer is easier to set up as it only needs to be protected, Ogre Mage will do a similar job in making your damage output much bigger as long as he's alive. There is the drawback of the fury being only relevant if we can have several units benefit from it, otherwise Ogre Mage would be much higher on this list.

Recommended Talent: I like Ignite to help with getting the kill even faster, but there isn't a clear cut better talent here.

9. S.A.F.E. Pilot


One of the best cards in the game for PvP, S.A.F.E. Pilot is also a solid card to invest into in the other mode, and the reason why you should quickly be able to do without Blizzard in your deck. From dealing with a large group of units to shoot from afar at the boss with your other DPS, the card simply does a lot for its cost.

Recommended Talent: Gnomist Muttonizer for PvE, but you might want to invest into the PvP talent for this one instead.

10. Necromancer


Already an annoying card when playing against humans, the summoned skeletons will buy you more time than you can count as you progress through PvE. Necromancer could almost be consider a Tank in the mode, except it's a ranged DPS as well.

Once again, this is a card which is strong in PvP as well, and you can use the same talent in both modes, so I recommend you invest in Necromancer.

Recommended Talent: Jeweled Skulls, mostly because it's really good. You could consider Cult of the Damned if you don't care about the card in PvP at all.


There are few cards which are much stronger once they unlocked a specific talent, for example are an incredible card once they unlock Flame Burst, as they virtually become a premium removal to any ground based unit, anywhere on the field. I kept them out of the list this time around, as my goal was trying to highlight cards which you can buy in the shop, and quickly get to use alongside several leaders in PvP.

Before we dive in the top ten, here a few honorable mentions:

  • : Great utility tank if you need one, which won't ruin you while taking damage instead of your important units.
  • : A much more expensive tank compared to Ghoul, but great to take care of ranged units. Only include if you can afford the price, but it is usually worth it to hide your DPS or healers behind.
  • : Cards with the ability to spawn anywhere on the field are overall great in Warcraft Rumble, so consider this to represent said category.
  • : A very solid card when you can include multiple units in the AoE, particularly in a deck relying on DPS units, which can often lose to a tank heavy line-up. There are many good spells in the game, so it isn't mandatory to go for it, but it's a nice card to have in your rotation.
  • : A great spell if you afford the four gold cost in your deck, so preferably with cheap units, or in a deck with a solid control of gold available on the map. The range is big enough to typically be able to damage both opposing units and base, while it can also save you on defense on occasions.
  • : One of the best defensive tool against tanks in the game in my book. They are extremely weak, but will get the job done in seconds against an opponent unable to take care of them.
  • : It would have made the list if it wasn't so expensive. Unfortunately, although the Bloodlust ability almost makes Grommash Hellscream feel like a useless leader, five gold means you need to be more than a great situational card. Still, in a cheap average cost deck, relying on a multitude of cheap units, this one can quickly turn your army into a killing machine.

1. S.A.F.E Pilot

S.A.F.E. Pilot

Arguably the most flexible Spell / Unit in the game, this kamikaze girl will take care of most DPS at her cost, and reward you with a unit for your troubles. It can be a bit difficult to learn how to use at first, especially the aiming part on moving targets. However, once you get the hang of it, and learn how to leverage the S.A.F.E pilot, you have a real tempo maker on your hands.

Play the S.A.F.E pilot to contest a gold chest, to take care of a cheap ranged unit, demolish a group of harpies, murlocs or units which just left battle with little health left, there is nothing this card can't do. You could also simply throw it in a corner of the map, far enough for the opponent's base to not reach it, but just enough for her ability to shoot, this card is just incredible in any deck.

Recommended Talent: Gnomish Cloaking Device guarantees at least one AoE shot before being the focus of opposing units.

2. Dark Iron Miner

Dark Iron Miner

Gold is almost everything in Warcraft Rumble, and will often be the key to winning most match-ups. In the end, more gold means you get to do more things compared to your opponent. Then, if the Dark Iron Miner can bring back the two gold it cost you, or one gold and take out an opposing Kobold, it will usually be worth as it means your opponent has to do something about it, and spend resources to take him out. It might sound like nothing, but spending two gold to generate a revenue of three (adding what you get plus opponent spending to remove it) can quickly add up over the course of a match.

Also, being able to mine several places at the same time, if the situation allows it with both the Miner and a Kobold, can create a big flow of gold. With this infusion, you can be very aggressive with your spells, or spend on big units to be played in a row, and build a chunky group of figurines, extremely difficult for the opponent to deal with.

Recommended Talent: There isn't one clear-cut winner here, but Gold Mine is pretty annoying for opposing kobolds or close-combat unit trying to take out your miner or future Kobold.

3. Darkspear Troll

Darkspear Troll

My personal favorite figurine in the entire game, I think, as I'm always amazed at this unit ability to DPS much more expensive units, and to melt a base if left alone as well. At first, I was using it to deal with flying units in decks with a problem against those, but quickly, it just became one of those cards I was actively looking to include. I simply find it really packs a punch if you can distract the attention from it and let it shoot a few spears.

Plus, it also works as a great setup for cheap spells and all sorts of removals, as once you touch most enemies once or twice, a S.A.F.E pilot of Chain Lightning will often close the deal on anything that isn't a tank. Also, did I say it's pretty solid to contest gold chests early on or removing opposing Kobolds without your figurine being in the line of fire?

Recommended Talent: Big Bad Voodoo. This makes Darkspear Troll go from a solid unit to a one on one machine, and makes sure he enters every fight with full health.

4. Prowler


We continue our journey across cheap, but very effective cards with Prowler, a fast moving unit which will annoy a lot of DPS, contest a few gold chests and damage an opposing base on occasion. This unit is perfect to engage a fight for cheap with any opponent alone on the map, which isn't another high health figurine. Then, if the Prowler can't win the one on one, it will at least protect your DPS to make sure he isn't being damaged, or set up for a cheap removal later on.

Plus, it is one of the few tanks which is also very effective if you are dominating already, and simply want to push your opponent's base. In that scenario, Prowler is able to quickly join the battle, and will typically resist a spell from your opponent while it damages the enemy base. If Darkspear Troll was the three gold DPS I love, Prowler is the tank of that category. Also yes, three gold cards are pretty strong for their cost in Warcraft Rumble.

Recommended Talent: On The Prowl makes it insane against any DPS, and great to contest gold chests.

5. Stonehoof Tauren

Stonehoof Tauren

Want to get the edge in almost any one on one fight, except against high cost tanks ? Simply run this card in your deck, and you should be the nightmare of many ranged units trying to quietly collect a gold chest. Plus, the charge almost always guarantees this will get a few damages to the enemy base before it dies.
Huntress is very popular currently in the game, and Stonehoof Tauren is that card's worst nightmare when the battle begins and both players are gunning for the gold chests.

Recommended Talent: Pummel if you want to make it a DPS killer also able to interrupt other tanks at times, to save your DPS figurines. Or Momentum to deal with several cheap units in a row.

6. Huntress


Its relative high cost makes this card difficult to run in a deck with a pricey leader, or a big six gold tank to develop. However, in any other deck, mostly those looking to constantly harass their opponent, Huntress is generally a great inclusion. The card is able to deal with groups of cheap units, contest gold chests or contribute against flying figurines.

It is a bit expensive, and can be backbreaking to lose it quickly to an enemy tank targeting it, but in the right setup, Huntress is a very strong Warcraft Rumble figurine.

Recommended Talent: Elven Might makes the card much stronger in one on one battles, to kill a tank or push the enemy base.

7. Quilboar


If this was able to deal any damage at all, it would probably atop the list. Otherwise, Quilboar is such a good inclusion for just two gold, as it can summon anywhere it wants and take a beating if you need it in battle. Most of the time, this is used to contest gold chests while giving time to your DPS to join the fray, and benefit from being free to damage any enemy on the perimeter. Other times, you can simply use Quilboar to remove enemy Kobolds, as it will very difficult for a DPS to kill Quilboar before it is done with the Kobold.

Recommended Talent: Tunnel Vision in aggressive decks, or if you aren't sure of where to use it, or to help with that Kobold assassination job. Bristleback otherwise if you intend to use it as a tank primarily.

8. Gryphon Rider

Gryphon Rider

Probably the go-to cycle card in the game thanks to its Flying ability, Gryphon Rider will simply be used to roam lanes and take out opposing Kobolds, while chipping away at ground units as well. It tends to die pretty quickly to ranged units, meaning you can't really count on it for a one on one battle. However, if you have a deck looking to find the same figurine multiple times, this is great to help with your strategy, while contributing to the economy war.

Recommended Talent: Air Drop while you are in the capped levels of the PvP mode. Otherwise Mighty Throw helps a lot with taking out Kobolds before they finish mining, and for its own survivability.

9. Necromancer


Famous for being Baron Rivendare faithful ally, Necromancer is also an excellent midrange unit to absorb any sort of single target figurine, be it a DPS or a tank. Indeed, through being constantly joined by a few skeletons, this card is great at roaming the map for gold chests, or simply being deployed at your base, ready to absorb the assault of a single target unit.

While the Undead theme obviously fits the card perfectly, Necromancer can really help decks who aren't about rushing the opponent down, but instead are fine taking it slow and building from the ground up.

Recommended Talent: Jeweled Skulls is the all around solid talent for Necromancer, but Breath of the Dying can be a more interesting synergistic option in certain decks.

10. Defias Bandits

Defias Bandits

Managing your economy is a big part of finding success in Warcraft Rumble, so sometimes, it's fine to just throw a one gold figurine on a lane and cycle through your deck, especially if you have a strategy which relies on finding specific figurines, or the same one several times. In addition to being the cheapest figurine in the game, the Defias Bandits aren't so bad, as their Stun ability can be pretty annoying for certain units, and tilt a fight in your favor.

Overall, you could consider this one a cycle through your deck kind of pick, which will remove a Kobold, open a chest or stun an enemy on occasions, worth much more than what to pay to summon it.

Recommended Talent: Last Resort if you intend to use the Defias Bandits to annoy opposing Kobolds and find DPS units. Otherwise, Pick Lock is a pretty nice high roll to have for any kind of deck.

Closing Words

Even if you purchase the Arclight Boost, you probably won't have enough coins to get most figurines quickly, especially if you also use those gold to acquire talents. Then, it is important to have a few strong all-around cards which can help many decks, and I believe the ones listed here are solid in that regard.
In particular, I think the three and four gold units are very strong in this game, and there are many great figurine to pick up there, which will greatly contribute to a variety of deck, for offensive of defensive purposes.

I hope this article helped you get a better feel of how to tackle Warcraft Rumble as a beginner, and make you have fun playing!

Good Game Everyone,


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