Warcraft Rumble Shop Analysis: The Best Bundles & Purchases to Buy

Your complete guide to the Warcraft Rumble Store: A breakdown of what the best purchases from the shop are, to get the best bang for your buck or gold coins!

Warcraft Rumble is a blast. The addition of fun, and exciting PvE content on top of the wildly successful Clash Royale formula has created a fun new entry to the genre set in the iconic world of Warcraft. As a new player, it’s important to be conscious of the game’s monetization as well as understanding the best ways to go about spending real money in the game for progression, should you choose to do so.

There are countless bundles in the shop to choose from, and plenty of time-gated offers that will be thrown in your face from the start. In this article, I’ll help you cut through the noise and determine which bundles are worth your hard-earned time and money, should you choose to purchase them.

Gold Coins Baseline

To better assess the value of a bundle, it’s helpful to establish a baseline of the value of gold coins to $USD. If you are in a different geographical region, your pricing may look different. Gold coins are used to purchase minis and stars (used for rarity upgrades and talent acquisition), purchase additional Arclight Energy, and purchase optional XP tomes to fast-track leveling up minis and improving your account’s collection level—which improves overall XP acquisition across the board and will allow you to play harder content.

At a baseline, the number of gold coins acquired per USD spent caps out at 120 coins/$1 starting at the $10 purchase mark. It’s a bit surprising not to see a larger bonus, especially at the $50 and $100 purchase tiers which many games include in their monetization business strategy.

With the number of bundles available in the game that provide well-above average coins per USD spent, purchasing gold coins outright should be a last resort for players after they have exhausted all other options and purchased bundles that provide well-above-average value.

Gold CoinsUSDGold Coins/USD

Troop/Leader/Spell Purchase Prices in Gold Coins & USD Equivalent

Troops (minis) & spells can be purchased on the G.R.I.D. for 90 gold coins. If a mini is already owned, players will acquire a star for that card instead. At the price of 90 gold coins, this equates to $0.75 USD per G.R.I.D. purchase. Leaders cost a bit more at 120 coins/ $1 USD.

Upgrade Star or First PurchaseGold CoinsUSD Equivalent
Star (Troop/spell)90$0.75
Star (Leader)120$1.00
Talents (units)250$2.08

XP Tomes

Unless they are part of a bundle that provides exceptional gold coin value, XP Tomes should be avoided for purchase outright. The Quest mechanic allows players to grind XP for target minis almost endlessly (and freely). XP Tomes can help greatly speed up progress, but they can be earned through normal gameplay loops and guild rewards.

I would advise players avoid purchasing tomes outright for their gold coins and only buying tomes that are part of great bundles instead. Tomes may be of more value in the end game, but for players just getting started and working to collect new minis and talents, there are much better uses for gold coins.

ItemGold CoinsUSD Equivalent
Major XP Tome60$0.50
Mega XP Tome500$4.17

Arclight Energy

Arclight Energy is the currency needed to upgrade rarity tiers of your minis and spells. Arclight energy can be earned in dungeons or Arclight surges, or purchased in the shop at a rate of 5 Arclight energy per gold coin spent. There are no discounts for bulk purchases of Arclight Energy.

Since I only have uncommon rarity minis at the moment, Arclight energy has felt plentiful enough from free sources. I have not felt compelled to purchase it in the shop and acquiring minis/stars has so far been the far superior usage for gold earned in-game and from bundles.

Arclight EnergyGold CoinsUSDArclight Energy/Gold Coin

Arclight Booster

I would consider the Arclight Booster to be the true cost of admission for Warcraft Rumble. Yes, it’s entirely possible to be a F2P player and acquire everything needed to play the game, but the Arclight Booster provides a massive increase to both XP and gold acquisition through gameplay activities.

First, the Arclight booster awards 1,000 flat gold coins to players. It also increases your XP gain from all sources by 20%, and your gold acquisition from gameplay by 50%. This is a MASSIVE boost to your gold-generating income. You will earn 1,200 gold coins by completing your Arclight Surge events two times a week as opposed to the usual 800. You’ll also earn more gold throughout playing the campaign and earning gold rewards from guild content, etc.

The Arclight Booster retroactively tracks all extra gold you have earned—meaning you won’t miss out if you clear a bunch of content then decide to purchase it at a later date. The only drawback of this strategy is that you will miss out on the extra XP that would have been earned by having the booster. If you only make one purchase in the game, make it the Arclight Booster and you’ll be in a great place to fast-track your progress and collecting all the playable minis & Spells.

Arclight Booster

Bundles to Consider and Calculating Value

It’s quite simple to evaluate the value of any bundle. Simply divide the gold provided in the bundle by 120, then divide that number by the purchase cost of the bundle. You can add the gold value of XP tomes, boosts, etc. that are included in the tables above if desired, but I like to just value the gold itself when determining value. If you want to add the value of additional items, simply sum them with the coins provided in the first number of the calculation.

Here’s an example of how to use the simple formula with Hogger’s Bundle. 1,500 coins divided by 120 = 12.5. 12.5 divided by $4.99 (purchase price of bundle) = 2.5x value.

Hogger’s Bundle

Some bundles that provide great value and should be considered beyond the Arclight Booster purchase are:

  • Hogger’s Bundle $4.99 - 1,500 coins, two tomes. 2.5X value to gold coins, excluding tome value.
  • Lordaeron Loot! $9.99 - 2,500 coins, 5 mega XP tomes. 2.1x value, excluding value of tomes which doubles the overall value of the bundle.
  • Ashenvale Cache $6.99 - 2,000 coins, 3x mega tomes. 2.38x value before adding in the tomes.
  • Blessing of Stormwind $9.99 - 750 coins, +3 stars for Tirion Fordring , Maiev Shadowsong , and Jaina Proudmoore . 3x Major XP boosts. 0.62x value, but 1.5X after factoring in the gold coin cost of the stars for these Alliance leaders which represent better gold coin value than the included XP tomes. This bundle does not provide as much value as the others, but is still much better than purchasing gold coins outright.
  • Avoid purchasing the Season 1 Rare Mini bundle outright since Sylvanas Windrunner can be acquired relatively easily through the guild rewards system.
  • Avoid bundles that do not contain any gold unless there is something you really want.


That’s it for now! In future articles, I’ll share value analysis on new bundles that are added to the shop, but for now, feel free to reference this article and bust out the calculator for a simple way to evaluate the value of Warcraft Rumble Bundles in the shop. I hope this article is helpful in showing you how you should prioritize spending your money if you decide to make some in-app purchases in this game!

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