Chimaera – Best Talent and Decks

The Chimera is the newest minion to be added to Warcraft Rumble. It's a 5-cost Beast flying unit that has two types of attacks. Let's dive into its best talent and the best decks you can use to maximize its potential.



Chimaera is a two-headed Flying Beast Mini, able to target and damage two distinct opponents with poison and lighting attacks.

One head deals poison damage as splash damage, while the other unleashes chain lightning abilities. It deals the exact same damage for chain lightning and can hit up to 20 targets. Both heads attack independently, allowing them to attack different targets.

Mini TypeTroopPvP TierB
Gold Cost5Faction/FamilyBeast
PvE TierB


Gain 10% additional Health per deploy.
Frost Shock
Lightning Ball applies Frost on hit.
Corrosive Breath
Poison Spit inflicts twice as much Poison.


Deals elemental damage. Strong vs Armored.
Deals stacking damage over time. Strong vs Armored.

How to Acquire

The Chimaera can be purchased in the store for $15. It's a rare unit with bonuses, allowing you to immediately select a talent that suits your preferences. Alternatively, you can acquire a copy of it from the first tier of guild rewards (costing 1000), eliminating the need to spend real money.

Best Talent

The Chimaera has a low health pool for a 5-cost minion. To address this, the Leviathan talent should be considered the best option. It can stack up to 3 times, maximizing its effectiveness. This talent proves especially helpful in PvP content where the enemy frequently targets it with S.A.F.E. Pilot.

The next best talent is Corrosive Breath, which enhances its poison output, thereby increasing its damage potential. However, choosing this talent means missing out on the HP increase unless you've already unlocked two talent slots. This could be a safer choice for PvE content since the AI tends to target it less frequently.

Best Decks

Rend Blackhand Deck


This deck comprises Rend Blackhand, Whelp Eggs, Dark Iron Miner, Harpies, Quilboar, Murloc Tide Hunters, and Chimaera. Rend possesses the ability to reduce flying unit costs by one, enabling us to play the Chimaera for four gold instead of five, making it an extremely valuable unit at that cost.

The strategy behind playing the Chimaera revolves around providing support. It's crucial to pair it with other units, as previously mentioned. Beginning with the Quilboar is essential, as it serves multiple purposes when played alongside the Chimaera. Firstly, many units can easily eliminate the Chimaera due to its fragility. By deploying the Quilboar, it distracts the enemy backline, potentially diverting threats that could otherwise one-shot the Chimaera, such as Darkspear Trolls or Huntresses. Successfully diverting attention from that backline allows the Chimaera to gain substantial value if maneuvered correctly.

The Dark Iron Miner stands out as one of the most effective units on the new PvP map. It swiftly mines the two gold mines in the middle upon deployment, significantly boosting its strength. Combining your Dark Iron Miner with a Quilboar can secure victory, especially if you possess a Quilboar while your opponent does not. Even without deploying the Dark Iron Miner, contesting with a Quilboar yields significant advantages.

Murloc Tide Hunters excel in dealing with units like Griffin Riders, providing crucial value and support.

The Whelp Eggs are advantageous because, once again, they cost two gold. All the flying units in this lineup cost two, including the Whelp Eggs. These eggs offer tremendous control potential. They can be employed to attack units, serve as a shield for other units, or control the gold mine. Offering a wide array of strategies, they spawn whelps that, when reaching the enemy base, can be bolstered by playing the Quilboar, forming a potent combination.

Poison synergizes effectively with other poison units, applying stacks that vanish simultaneously. Reactivating these stacks at the last moment inflicts additional damage. Harpies applying stacks, coupled with the Chimaera's poison damage, significantly amplifies the overall damage output. Therefore, I believe Infection Swipe stands as the best talent choice for the Harpies in this lineup.

Tirion Fordring Deck


The Chimaera is relatively easy to defeat, especially considering it's a five gold Mini. Hence, we're utilizing the 'Leviathan' talent, granting it a 10% additional Health per deploy, stacking up to three times. This makes the Chimera a bit tankier. Additionally, we can protect it with Tirion, providing healing support. These two Minis synergize well because the Leviathan Talent ensures the Chimera doesn't get one-shot, allowing Tirion to heal it back up.

On Tirion, I prefer the 'Divine Shield' Talent to extend his lifespan and protect the Chimaera. To further fortify our Chimaera and ensure it remains robust, we've incorporated 'Holy Nova' with the 'Inner Fire' talent, providing all allies with armor and resistance. This not only increases our Chimera's Health by 30% but also heals it through Tyrion, and grants it armor and resistance through Holy Nova. Moreover, the Chimera deals considerable damage. As long as we protect it, it should carry us through battles.

To enhance its protection with more Unbound units, we've included the S.A.F.E Pilot, known for her versatility and essential in almost every PvP team. Additionally, the Worgen serves as a counter against Huntresses, Trolls, or ranged Minis, effectively clearing them out. I favor the 'Stealth' talent for the Safe Pilot, while 'Coming in Hot' is also beneficial for the Worgen . We've also employed the 'Premeditation' talent on the Wargan to amplify its damage output, although any talent is suitable.

Furthermore, we're utilizing the Griffin Rider, a versatile and universally effective Mini. Placing it behind Tirion works well, and I prefer the 'Extra Range' Talent on the Griffin to facilitate trades against enemy Flyers.

Lastly, the Dark Iron Miner becomes an MVP on this season's PvP map, the Arathi Basin, with four gold nodes offering ample gold to collect. I lean towards the 'Gold Mine' Talent, placing numerous mines in the middle of the map. However, any Talent choice for the Miner suffices.


Here you have it, a guide to using the newest mini in Warcraft Rumble, the Chimera. Stay tuned to for more Warcraft Rumble content!


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