Sneed Leader Build Guide: Best Deck and Talents

Sneed Leader build guide for Warcraft Rumble: Best talents, army, and how to use them.

For those looking to gain a competitive edge in gold within Warcraft Rumble, Sneed emerges as a strong leader for both beginners and seasoned players. His constitution as a tanky melee fighter, coupled with a unique ability to accrue substantial gold, makes him mechanically unique within the game. Sneed thrives on turning the gold tide in your favor, leveraging wealth to overwhelm your enemies. While Sneed is outclassed by some other leaders in the game, he is still a formidable and extremely fun leader to play in Warcraft Rumble.

Sneed has the Armored trait, making him a bulwark against physical damage as he only takes half damage from these attacks. His leader ability is a gold mine—literally. Whenever a Siege Damage unit under Sneed's command achieves a milestone like destroying a Tower, securing a Meeting Stone, or unlocking a Chest, players receive an additional 2 Gold, fueling additional mini plays and the ability to mount the pressure on your opponent.

In this article, I’ll show you how to build and pilot Sneed, the master of gold and siege in Warcraft Rumble!

Leader Details


As you progress through the single-player world map, you will unlock a talent for your first leader of choice when you acquire 20 sigils without having to purchase it on G.R.I.D. Sneed boasts three unique talents that enhance his gold-gathering prowess:

Mine Is Money, Friend! (Best Choice)

Gain the Miner trait.

Sneed will now stop to sniff the flowers… Gold ore veins, mining and enriching your army. Having a second (and much more durable) mining unit can do wonders in helping you contest and beat out your opponent when competing for map-based gold sources. Having the ability to capture more gold by split-pushing your mining minis does wonders in building your gold-generating engine in-game.

Mine is Money is likely the best talent choice for Sneed. Empowering Sneed with the miner trait may not seem like a big deal, but it gives you a second miner card in your deck, and the time that Sneed spends mining equates to more time to build your push and snowball your advantage rather than have Sneed march forward unsupported by your units.

Lead with Greed

Gain an additional +2 Gold when Sneed triggers Sneed Before Greed.

While this talent can be useful, the army build we use to support Sneed prioritizes the ability to capture objectives and destroy enemy buildings with many different units. It is hard to ensure that Sneed lands the last blow on objectives, especially when supported with other minis that help your overall strategy and the odds of winning. Because of this, it can be extremely difficult to consistently benefit from this talent.

Land Grab

Gain a level whenever Sneed Before Greed triggers.

Unfortunately, Land Grab was recently nerfed and a cap was introduced to limit the total overall levels that Sneed could acquire from this ability. What was previously a great choice should now be passed over in favor of other options.

Deck Build


This build of Sneed in Warcraft Rumble is designed to maximize siege-damage units to empower Sneed and help you claim a lot of additional gold throughout your matches. It excels at PvE content, but is still a viable option for PvP. High siege-damage units are paired with flexible and versatile units like Frostwolf Shaman and Darkspear Troll for added support capability and overall durability of pushes.

The idea of the deck is to snowball Sneed’s leader ability into an insurmountable attack on your opponent which has the potential to crush them quickly! For now, we will ignore Army slot upgrades to leaders and talents for individual minis that will be acquired later on in the game.

As a new player, you also won’t have every mini right off the bat and that’s okay! As Dirk mentions in his ultimate beginner’s guide, focus on acquiring new minis as a new player to raise your collection level—but be sure to keep an eye out for a lot of the minis in this deck as they are great overall options and can socket into many different decks.

Goblin Sapper

Mini Details

Goblin Sapper - two-cost. High Siege damage and if they are protected by your tanks, can quickly take out opposing towers and put pressure on your opponent’s base. Goblin Sapper is a great mini to help pursue extremely aggressive and risky moves early in a match in hopes of securing a quick victory. It’s a strong strategy in PVE and can help you quickly breeze through single-player content and unlock more sigils.

Darkspear Troll

Mini Details

Darkspear Troll - three-cost. Darkspear Troll deals strong ranged damage to single-target enemies and is a great counter to opposing flying minis.

His inclusion helps protect your army from swarms of enemy fliers or other minis that would otherwise punish the melee and land-based strategy this deck pursues.

Earth Elemental

Mini Details

Earth Elemental - three-cost. Earth Elemental is an unbound mini, meaning it can be played anywhere on the map.

Earth Elemental has the armored trait and serves as a powerful tank alongside Sneed and Gargoyle—supporting all the other units in the deck and helping you enact your strategy to trigger Sneed’s leader ability as much as possible.

Meat Wagon

Mini Details

Meat Wagon - three-cost. Meat Wagon deals AOE siege damage and can attack opposing towers from outside their defense range. It’s a fantastic card in this Sneed deck due to dealing high siege damage and can quickly deal with enemy melee squads as well as towers.

Don't be afraid to use Meat Wagon on another lane while the rest of your army pushes on another objective! This can be a great way to apply a lot of pressure on your opponent and force them to make suboptimal decisions or simply not have the means to defend your strategy!


Mini Details

Gargoyle - four-cost. Another siege damage tank, but this one has flying. Gargoyle will only target opposing buildings and bosses and ignores all other units. When paired with the rest of the team, Gargoyle is great to help support your army’s pushes and help secure the victory.

Frostwolf Shaman

Mini Details

Frostwolf Shaman - four-cost. Frostwolf Shaman deals high elemental damage to single-target enemies and can also heal the rest of your army. The utility and support capability of Frostwolf Shaman makes her a great inclusion in this list, rounding out the army and helping keep the bulky and durable tanks alive through the fight!


Sneed stands as a formidable leader in Warcraft Rumble, not just for his resilience in combat, but for his unique ability to snowball gold advantages into decisive victories. He's incredibly intuitive for new players, yet holds deep strategic depth for veterans. Whether in PvE or PvP, Sneed offers a pathway to victory paved in gold!

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