Maiev Shadowsong Build Guide: Best Deck and Talents

Maiev Shadowsong Leader build guide for Warcraft Rumble: Best talents, army, and how to use them.

Maiev Shadowsong is not very popular, and many players sleep on her capabilities. In this article, we will take a look at a control Maiev deck that specializes in map control via unbound units. Let's dive right in.


Maiev Shadowsong


Strong vs Ranged units.

Strong vs Squad units

Invisible to enemies until it attacks or is damaged.

Can be played anywhere on the map.

Maiev Shadowsong Leader Ability

Master Assassin
Maiev's cost is reduced by 1 for each Unbound troop you play.

Maiev Shadowsong Stats

Area Damage160 Health620
DPS100 Attack Speed1.6
HealingN/A Speed?
Range8.5 Fan Damage300

Maiev Shadowsong Talents

Enveloping Shadows
Cast Smoke Bomb on deploy, Stealthing nearby allies.
Periodically teleport to a Ranged attacker when hit.
Remorseless BEST
Deal double damage for 2 seconds after killing an enemy.

Maiev Shadowsong Army Slots

Maiev has 2 Alliance slots and 1 Unbound slot. Most of the S-tier minis belong to the Alliance faction. Minis like the S.A.F.E. Pilot and Arcane Blast are good choices for these slots. As for the Unbound slot, you can equip Quilboar to deal with backline units and getting treasure chests.

The other three slots can be filled with the following categories: Cycle, Spell, Tank, Fast, Flying, Siege Damage, and Alliance, excluding Squad, Elemental, and Ranged slots.

Maiev Shadowsong Notes

Maiev excels in Warcraft Rumble due to her stealth abilities, the Enveloping Shadows talent, and her synergy with Alliance slots, making her a valuable addition to your team. Her ability to control the battlefield and catch opponents off guard can be a game-changer in your strategy. For this deck, though, we don't need her stealth talent.

Deck Build



The crashes on the ground, dealing a lot of damage, making it excellent for controlling chests. It one-shots the chest and proceeds to walk to the chest on the north, possibly opening it as well, at least until the map changes. I'm talking about the PvP map, of course.

Best talent is Gnomish Cloaking Device which make it deploy from the explosion with Stealth and Ambush.

, a great spell that can be cast multiple times to clear waves of enemies or to get the last hit on a structure. Cheap but effective.

Best talent is Amplification which makes sequential taps increase Radius by 1.

Another staple unbound unit is the which can pick up a chest at the start of the battle. It can tank tower hits and deny gold for enemy kobolds. It only costs 2 coins, so it's very cheap to deploy and has the added benefit of reducing Maiev's deployment cost.

Best talent is Tunnel Vision which makes it deploy much quickly.

Another staple unbound unit is the . They are mostly used defensively against melee units. they can also take our flying units with ease. Place them near your kobold miner to keep them safe. They can also be used offensively by dropping them near a tower and letting the tower hit them.

Best talent is Flame Burst which damage nearby enemies when hatching.

is included in the deck to deal with high-health minions. It is usually used for defensive purposes. There are many pesky minions, and Polymorph makes them easy to handle.

Best talent is Golden Fleece which makes one sheep become golden. Killing it grants +1 gold.

Lastly, we have the , a great unit to secure the map and push on structures. It's an instant army with no need to walk across the map, making it incredibly powerful when combined with the Quilboar.

Best talent is 5 man which summons a Skeleton Tank, Rogue, Priest, and 2 Mages.

How to Play the Deck

Secure the chests with Safe Pilot and Quilboar. Deploy the Kobold Miner towards the mine while securing the area with Maiev, Skeleton Party, or Whelp Eggs. Deal with enemy swarms with Safe Pilot and Arcane Blast. Deal with big threats with Polymorph plus any attacking minion, such as Maiev and Skeleton Party.

The general goal of this deck is to control the map, thus controlling the resources. When you have a lot of gold and the enemy has used crowd control spells, deploy your unbound units near their structures. Remember not to clump them up in one area. Deploy them in different directions to avoid area clears.

This deck will take many enemy players in PvP by surprise, since Maiev isn't being used much.


Here you have it, a maiev shadowsong control deck. catch your enemies by surprise when you play as her.


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