Best Talents for Every Warcraft Rumble Minis and Leaders

The best talents for Warcraft Rumble Minis and Leaders and why - the important choice you will make in the game!

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Very quickly in Warcraft Rumble, Talents become one of the most impactful mechanics in the game, as they can transform a Mini from an average one to a top tier very quickly. Through playing regularly, you should get your first Talents relatively soon, especially if you target specific Minis. However, even if you keep investing into some specific Mini once you reached the Uncommon rarity, getting them to Rare, then unlocking their second Talent in the process, can take a long time.

With this in mind, picking the right Talent for your Minis the first time around is crucial, and will save both your time, and your Coins as you have to pay 250 for each, not counting the increments of 90 Coins for each star from the shop.

Without further ado, let's jump in that list of the best talents for each mini, and make sure you don't need to grind another rarity level because of a rookie mistake.


Baron Rivendare: Chill Of The Grave


This talent is the reason Baron Rivendare is regarded as one of the best leaders in the game.

Bloodmage Thalnos: Drain Life


You don't care about much except keeping Thalnos alive so it can grow completely out of proportion. This talent helps in that regard.

Cairne Bloodhoof: Reincarnation


Cairne is pretty good at pushing the opposing base, as it hits also what is behind its primary target. With Reincarnation, it will lose the focus of opposing units, and push even more damage.

Charlga Razorflank: Cavernous Mists


If you are playing Charlga, it probably is because you are looking for a high roll of some sort, just go all-in for it.

General Drakkisath: Chromatic Scales


Drakkisath doesn't have a talent much stronger than the rest, instead, it has three solid situational choices. Chromatics scales will serve in the most situations, but Lasting Legacy could serve well in a deck focused around max damage output.

Grommash Hellscream: Bladestorm (PvP) or Savage Strikes (PvE)


As bosses have a ton of health, dealing double damage once they are below 50% represents quite a significant amount. Otherwise, Grommash can become a great anti squad unit when equipped with the Bladestorm talent.

Hogger: Ham Hock


The whole point of Hogger is to build a deck looking to replay it as much as possible during the match. You could pick Fatal Frenzy for a more aggressive strategy, but I feel Old Murk-Eye just does a better job in that regard.

Jaina Proudmoore: Clearcasting


Jaina herself isn't so important to her deck, as she is quite easy to take out with S.A.F.E. Pilot or other similar removal. Then, it feels better to emphasize even more on the spell synergy.

Maiev Shadowsong: Enveloping Shadows


Maiev is lacking a really impactful talent for herself, so picking the one which will benefit other units in her army the most makes sense.

Old Murk-Eye: Marathon Of The Murlocs


The passive ability is already pretty strong with a five seconds timer. It's even better when it lasts for ten.

Rend Blackhand: Scale and Steel


The point of Rend Blackhand is to stay alive so you pay your other units one less gold. Then, improving survivability is the right move.

Sneed: Lead with Greed


Sneed isn't really a good leader, but it can snowball gold really fast when stars align. Then, let's push for that outcome as much as we can.

Sylvanas Windrunner: Black Arrow


Allows to make Sylvanas an AoE damage dealer, great to remove groups of units your tank would keep busy, or push a base while shooting at a unit.

Tirion Fordring: Divine Shield


Five seconds is very long in a PvP match, enough for Tirion to heal back a lot of health to your group, or finish the unit it was fighting with


Abomination: Noxious Presence


Abomination is a tank typically used to take care of ranged units, and most of the time played alongside Tirion. Then, Noxious Presence should help in making sure we remove the units that come across Abomination, while getting our DPS a little higher in the process.

Angry Chickens: Furious Fowl


The Chicken are only good when ignored, making the extra damage from the Fury the best talent we can get.

Banshee: Will of the Necropolis


Banshee is typically played as a counter to expensive units, which tend to have a lot of health. Might as well make sure they will turn on the opponent with all of it.

Bat Rider: Enchanted Vials


This should make sure you kill the Kobold next to the battle or completely block the path when fighting on restricted areas.

Chimaera: Leviathan


Paying five gold for a unit means we need it to contribute to the game or we might lose a lot of tempo. Then, helping the Chiamera survive as it is otherwise a bit weak in that department sounds ideal early after the mini's release.

Core Hounds: Guard Dog


It is very rare you will use this unit to push the opponent's base, rather to take hits while your other units do the job. In that regard, I believe the Core Hounds are best deployed as an answer to your opponent, meaning they will often fight at base or near meeting stones.

Dark Iron Miner: Gold Mine


This simply gives you an incredible control over the gold mines on the map, making sure opposing kobolds won't be able to come here in the future.

Darkspear Troll: Big Bad Voodoo


Absurdly strong talent, which makes Darkspear Troll remarkable against a lot of units with low damage output.

Defias Bandits: Pick Lock


Plus two gold is massive in PvP, and typically will force the opponent to spend gold to make sure your Bandits never open a chest.

Drake: Mother Drake


This unit doesn't really have a strong talent, but Whelp eggs will slow down melee units at least.

Earth Elemental: Obsidian Shard


The goal of this unit is to push the opponent's base and force the opponent into a reaction. With more elementals to take care of, they will be even busier.

Fire Elemental: Fan The Flames


Most of the time, you will use this figurine to counter Elemental heavy encounters, so might as well embrace it and make Fire Elemental as good as possible for this scenario.

Firehammer: Moultin' Metal


Similarly to Fire Elemental above, Firehammer can be turned into a counter to Flying minis and be great in certain PvE encounters, or if Rend Blackhand is very popular in PvP.

Flamewaker: Engulf


Flamewaker is typically used to counter waves of cheap units, which Engulf makes it even better at.

Footmen: Fortification


Almost only used alongside Tirion, Fortification makes that pairing even stronger.

Frostwolf Shaman: Earthwall Totem


Particularly in PvP, the ability to heal your base can go a long way into winning thanks to the clock running out.

Gargoyle: Wing Buffet


The whole point of Gargoyle is to reach the opposing base and hit it as much as possible until destroyed. Wing Buffet makes that better, while the other two talents are more situational.

Ghoul: Bone Shield


A tank unit able to get even tankier, we take those.

Gnoll Brute: Rabid


This unit isn't particularly stellar, so getting it for cheap can help decks looking to cycle quickly through their army to find a specific figurine.

Goblin Sapper: Rocket Powered Turbo Boots


We want these kamikazes to get to the opponent's base as often as possible. Speed will help in that regard. Look for reliability here, not potential.

Gryphon Rider: Odyn's Fury


I like Mighty Throw a lot in some scenarios, but the DPS you can get from Gryphon Rider when your tanks are taking the hits is great for just two gold.

Harpies: Infectious Swipes


Talon Dive could be a solid pick as well, especially if you don't expect your harpies to live long. However, if you use them to demolish melee units, the Infectious Swipes should be slightly more beneficial overall.

Harvest Golem: Unstable Core


Bountiful Harvest could fit in a Tirion army, as it would add even more healing to the strategy. However, the ability to stun for three seconds twice is more versatile as an ability.

Huntress: Shadowmeld


Elven Might probably is a better choice for PvE as it will significantly boost the damage dealt to bosses. If we are talking PvP however, it feels like Shadow Meld is a better talent, especially to dodge charges from tanks.

Meat Wagon: Filet Trebuchet


Puts Meat Wagon out of range of pretty much everything, meaning it is the ultimate DPS as long as you can keep the attention away from it

Molten Giant: Blood Of The Mountain


Pretty mediocre in PvP, the giant will at least deal a lot of damage to large groups of units in PvE with this talent

Mountaineer: Mend Pets


Mountaineer is one of the worst units because of its cost. Then, making it as synergistic as possible seems to make sense, especially as it can now be a decent support to Hogger.

Murloc Tidehunters: Safety Bubble


They hit pretty hard when they get to DPS safely, but those murlocs are also amongst the squishiest in the game, so Safety Bubble will help with that

Necromancer: Jeweled Skulls


With this talent, Necromancer becomes one of the best ranger unit in the game, great to deploy at your base to defend and get a tank to focus on the skeleton, or get to a high ground to support your other units.

Ogre Mage: Frostfire Bolt


Ogre Mage is a great support DPS, usually valued because it grants Bloodlust to others rather than its own damage. Through Frostfire Bolt, Ogre Mage should gain a bit of survivability.

Plague Farmer: Splashing Pumpkins


This is kind of the only talent which makes sense for this unit, as it helps it be stronger overall, rather than improve specific scenarios.

Prowler: On The Prowl


Pack Leader could make sense in a deck with Old Murk-eye, otherwise, Stealth and stun are two strong mechanics to gain on a fast unit, making it very useful to take out DPS.

Pyromancer: Conflagrate


Considering the best use for Pyromancer is to hide it behind a tank to take care of squads looking to remove it. Then, Conflagrate is great to improve that specific role.

Quilboar: Tunnel Vision


The other two talents will lead to dealing more damage to other units, while Tunnel Vision will lead to attacking any target earlier.

Raptors: Strength In Numbers


The whole point of this unit is to come as a pack, and demolish their target in a matter of seconds, or be removed before getting there. This talent emphasizes this, but the other two won't help either, so might as well do the one thing extremely well.

S.A.F.E. Pilot: Gnomish Cloaking Device


This is already one of the best unit in the game before grabbing a talent, and it only gets better with this one. You basically get two AoE for three gold.

Skeleton Party: 5-Man


Corpse Run is great while your levels are limited in PvP. However, once that limit is lifted, 5-Man seems to be stronger overall

Skeletons: Exhume


Two additional Skeletons helps a lot for defending or pushing a tower more effectively.

Spiderlings: Envenom


The only reason to use Spiderlings currently is if you believe in the power of poison.

Stonehoof Tauren: Pummel


This one if better for PvP on average, as it makes Stonehoof Tauren great to engage fights and take care of a Dps. However, Momentum can be considered just as strong, especially if you aim at dealing with low health units.

Vultures: Tendon Rip


Don't expect them to do too much for one gold, but the Daze can sometimes annoy an ennemy unit enough to tilt a fight in your favor.

Warsong Grunts: Command


Blood Pact is the better standalone talent, but Command gives the Warsong Grunts a reason to be played as a synergistic option in a Beast deck.

Warsong Raider: Razing Focus


All three talents have their merit to give Warsong Raider a different purpose in your army. I like Razing Focus combined with a fast unit, as it can quickly reach a base and get some damage done.

Whelp Eggs: Flame Burst


Probably the best figurine in PvP once you have this talent, drop it on the unit you wish to remove and the Burst damage will take care of it, or the Whelps will finish the job quickly after.

Worgen: Premeditation


This makes Worgen a silent killer, able to take out most DPS if it hits them first.


Arcane Blast: Amplification


This spell is only decent when played with Jaina or General Drakkisath, as they boost its power. With that in mind, we are just looking to spam it at the opponent's or our base most of the time, and make sure we cover wherever units could be in that radius.

Blizzard: Brittle Ice


This makes Blizzard a great support tool when engaging a fight or when you need to quickly be done in order to save your base.

Chain Lightning: Brilliant Flash


If you can time this one right and stop caster at the right time, or a charge from a Stonehoof Tauren, it becomes a really useful ability.

Cheat Death: Last Gasp


You will usually use this spell to help push the opponent's base, which exactly what Last Gasp will do for you.

Deep Breath: Melting Point


Probably just a PvE potential use here, as Deep Breath is widely considered one of the worst figurine in the game. But in case you would need to melt some armour, at least you have this.

Execute: Bloodthirsty


Mostly a PvE card, this will represent your support card to push for the kill in that mode, both dealing significant damages alongside making your units able to DPS more.

Holy Nova: Inner Fire


While Amplify Magic has more potential, it also forces you to play a very specific army as a result. Then, Inner Fire will always represent a solid option, no matter the situation

Living Bomb: Chain Reaction


Without the talent, this spell is considered useless. Once we get it thought, it can lead to some funny situations where we blow up a lot of enemy units.

Polymorph: Golden Fleece


Polymorph is already perfect in the right situation, so making it more manageable gold wise is the perfect talent to acquire.

Smoke Bomb: Through The Shadows


The main use of Smoke Bomb is to help your units get to the opponent's base safely, and speed can help in that regard. Band of Thieves can be useful while you are level locked in PvP.

Closing Words

There are many units with flexible Talents, with each one allowing you to specialize in a different directions. For these, simply pick one depending on the use you will anticipate having of that unit, particularly if you think you will need it in PvP or not. Also, keep in mind that balance changes can come and impact the power of each Mini or one of their Talents.

I hope this list might be helpful to a few people looking for guidance. We have plenty more articles to help with the early stages of Warcraft Rumble on this website. You can also reach out on Twitter if you had a specific questions.

Good Game Everyone.


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