Wuthering Waves


An archaeologist of the Huanglong Academy, symbiotically connected with the Remnant called "You'tan". Insists on the extreme rational principle of "Only Takes Responsibility for Herself", and often embarks on exploration of ruins on her own.


Boundry Set

Normal Attack
Commands You'tan to perform at most 4 continuous attacks and deal Glacio DMG.

Heavy Attack
Consumes stamina to command You'tan to perform attack with totating, deals Glacio DMG. Can control You'tan's direction for attacking during heavy attack.

Plunge Attack
Consumes stamina to summon You'tan in midair and strike down, deals Glacio DMG.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, next normal attack deals Glacio DMG.

Fading Warmth

Summon You'tan back and recover HP for party.

Reverting Power

Summon You'tn to recover HP for party. Generates 4 Ice Crystal to follow current active Resonator.
Every 2.5s, Ice Crystal hits enemies and deals Glacio DMG. And recover HP for current active Resonator within range.

Warm Snow

Each time heavy attack hits enemies, recover HP for party equal to 0.25% of Bailian's max HP.

Fallen Pedal

You'tan will generate 2 Pedals after using Fading Warmth. The Pedals last for 15s.
Each Pedal will generate 1 layer of Shield if picked up by current active Resonator.
Shield will last for 10s and can stack 3 times.

Don't Bother

Conjures You'tan to perform plunge attack and deals Glacio DMG. Hitting enemies will get 2 Chilling Veins.

Ice Lotus

Remnant bound to Bailian's life. It reserves the same stats of Bailian. You'tan will return to Bailian's side if Bailian evade.

Normal Attack: Frigid Absorbs
Hitting enemies with the 2ed and 4th normal attack gets 1 Chilling Vein for each.

Chilling Vein
Fading Warmth will consume all Chilling Veins, for each Chilling Vein consumed recover HP for extra once in every 2s.

Skillful Cooking

Cooking Survival Assisting foods has 20% chance to get double foods.