Wuthering Waves


Member of the Midnight Rangers, with strong desires for affection for family. If someone dares to harm her "family", she will give her all in order to safe keep it.


Swift Blossoms

Normal Attack
Danjin performs at most 3 continuous attacks with sword accordingly to the Ancient Sword Spectrum: Swift Blossoms

Heavy Attack
Danjin combines her Forte with the spectrum, and consumes stamina to launch rapid slashes

Plunge Attack
Consumes stamina and slashes down from midair to deal Havoc DMG.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, Danjin's next normal attack becomes slash strike according to the sword spectrum.

Evasion Counter: Chasing Shadows
Danjin can use Tattered Vermilion after Evasion Counter to trigger Vermilion Eclipse by tapping Resonance Skill twice.

Tattered Vermilion

Each time using Tattered Vermilion, costs 20% of Danjin's current HP.

Thriving Blossoms
Danjin strikes with sword, deals Havoc DMG and gets 1 Scarlet Essence.

Vermilion Eclipse
Use Tattered Vermilion after 2ed normal attack, Malice Strike and Evasion Counter. Danjin can perform at most 2 Vermilion Eclipse to deal Havoc DMG and gets 1 Scarlet Essence for each Vermilion Eclipse.
2ed Vermilion Eclipse inflicts Vermilion Eclipse Carving upon targets.

Vermilion Eclipse Carving
Decrease targets' Havoc RES by 10%

Scarlet Ember
Use Tattered Vermilion after the 3rd normal attack. Danjin can perform at most 3 Scarlet Ember strikes and deal Havoc DMG.
The 1st and 2ed Scarlet Ember gets 1 Scarlet Essence
The 3rd Scarlet Ember costs 20% of Danjin's current HP and recover extra 1 Scarlet Essence.

Scarlet Bloom

Hatred towards enemies surges. Performs 6 rapid slash attacks with duel blades in rage and 1 scarlet eruption. Deals Havoc DMG.

Scarlet Ray

After using Malice Strike, Danjin's ATK is increased by 15% for 15s.


Increase DMG of Vermilion Eclipse triggered by Evasion Counter: Chasing Shadow by 20%, but doubles the HP cost and the Scarlet Essence gaining.

Malice Strike

Converges battle wills onto the blade and strike with slashes, deals Havoc DMG. Malice Strike can connect with Tattered Vermilion and trigger Vermilion Eclipse by tapping Resonance Skill twice.

Scarlet Flashes

Heavy Attack: Scarlet Chaos
After fully charging Scarlet Essence, Danjin can perform more powerful rapid slashes to deal Havoc DMG, and recover HP for herself.
Within certain time after using Heavey Attack: Scarlet Chaos, Danjin's next normal attack triggers attack of Fallen Blossoms, deals Havoc DMG, and extend the duration of Vermillion Eclipse Carving.

While Danjin's HP is below 60%, she deals extra 35% Havoc DMG.
While Danjin's HP is below 30%, her Resonance Skill will cost no HP.

Skillful Cooking

Cooking Battle Assisting foods has 20% chance to get double Foods.