Wuthering Waves


Tacetite Specialist from New Federation who dwells in Huanglong. He turns his rage into power. Lingering fury seems to burn behind his deep ruby eyes.


Overture of Depression

Normal Attack
Performs at most 4 continuous attacks with duel guns and fire. The 3rd attack deals Fusion DMG.

Heavy Attack
Initiate aiming, hold attack to charge.
Shots after fully chaged will deal Fusion DMG.

Midair Attack
Consumes stamina. Performs multiple shooting attacks in midair before depleting stamina.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, next normal attack deals Fusion DMG.

Variation of Indignant

Strikes out flaming flashes in the front and deals Fusion DMG.

Violent Finale

Violent Finale
Deals Fusion DMG and inflict Rhapsody of Wings to Resonators in the party for 15s.

Rhapsody of Wings
Performs coordinated attacks when current active Resonator hits enemies with normal attacks. Strikes 1 Emphasis and deals Fusion DMG.
Performs coodinated attacks when current active Resonator hits enemies with heavy attacks. Strikes 2 Emphasis and deals Fusion DMG.

Will to battle

In Rhapsody of Wings duration. Reduces DMG taken by current active Resonator by 15%.


Within Rhapsody of Wings duration, hitting with each Emphasis increases next Emphasis by 1.5%. This effect can be triggered once in every 0.3s.
Effect resets after Violent Finale.

Unexpected Noise

Attacks enemies and deals Fusion DMG.

Dragon's Breath

Gaining Irritation
Hitting enemies with Overture of Depression, Unexpected Noise, Variation of Indignant gets Irritation.

Resonance Skill: Dragon's Breath
Mortefi can cast Dragon's Breath when reaching 100 Irritations.
Casting Dragon's Breath consumes all Irritations. Strikes with Flaming Flashes to deal Fusion DMG.

Precision Purification

Has 10% to get double materials in Purification for Weapon Upgrading materials.