Wuthering Waves


Hierarch Guard, a person as cold as ice within the snow. In her eyes, everything in this world will eventually be distorted into monstrous forms, only few shall maintain a pure reality.



Normal Attack
Peforms at most 5 continuous sword attacks. The 5th attack deals Glacio DMG and gain 1 Perspective.

Heavy Attack
Consumes stamina to strike with multiple attacks.

Plunge Attack
Strikes down to deal AoE DMG.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, next normal attack deals Glacio DMG.


Deals Glacio DMG. Gets 1 Perspective and Concerto Energy. Generates wall of ice picks lasts 5s.

Scorched Frost

Scorched Frost
Deals Glacio DMG and creates glacier lasts for 5s.
Gets 2 Perspective at the same time.


Detonating Wall of Ice Picks and Glaciers will increase ATK of party by 15% for 7s.

Snow Sipping

Permafrost will increase DMG of heavy attack: Burst by 40% for 7s.

Frosting Stab

Stabs downward and deals Glacio DMG. Gets 1 Perspective.

Silent Burst

Heavy Attack: Burst
Holds normal attack, the indicator of Sanhua's Perspective Bar will start to move. Release normal attack while the indicator on Frost Mark, Sanhua will perform heavy attack: Burst to charge forward and deal 2 Glacio DMG.

Frost Burst
Heavy attack: Burst will detonate Wall of Ice Picks and Glaciers on her attacking direction and deal Glacio DMG.

Expand Frost Marks
Each Perspective will expand Frost Marks. Sanhua can have 2 Perspectives at most.
Expanded Frost Marks will last for 5s. Heavy attack: Burst will end the expanding of Frost Marks.

Choral Ordeal

Reduce stamina cost for swiming by 20%