Wuthering Waves


A member of the Midnight Rangers, capable of acquiring information from winds. When faced with protecting the things she dears most, Yangyang will not hesitate to convert her gentleness into blades.


Wind Blade

Normal Attack
Perform 4 continuous attacks with swords, the 4th attack deals Aero DMG, and gains 1 [Cleaving Winds].

Heavy Attack
Consume stamina and stab forward to deal Aero DMG.

Heavy Attack: Sound of Winds
Within certain time after heavy attack, Yangyang's next normal attack strikes with wind blade, deals Aero DMG, and gains 1 [Cleaving Winds].

Plunge Attack
Consume stamina to strike down from midair to deal Aero DMG.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, Yangyang's next normal attack stabs forward and deals Aero DMG.

Wind Field

Creates domain of winds with sword and pulls nearby enemies toward the center, deals Aero DMG and gets 1 [Cleaving Wind].

Reverting Winds

Slashes to create a whirlwind, pulls nearby enemies together towards the whirlwind and deals Aero DMG. Knocks enemies back in the end.

Thoughtful Mind

After using midair attack: Feathery Blade, increases ATK of Resonators in party by 10% for 10s.


Casting Azure Hymn increases Yangyang's Aero DMG by 15% for 8s.

Azure Hymn

Strikes enemies back with sword and deals Aero DMG. Gets 1 [Cleaving Winds].

Of Wind and Feathers

Heavy Attack: Wind Strike
When Yangyang gets 3 [Cleaving Winds], heavy attack will strike as Wind Strike to deal Aero DMG and knock back enemies

Plunge Attack: Feathery Blade
When Yangyang gets 3[ Cleaving Winds], plunge attack will consume all [Cleaving Winds] to perform multiple slashes to strike down and deal Aero DMG. Yangyang will sheath her sword and slash again to deal Aero DMG.

Gaining Cleaving Winds
Hitting enemies with the 4th normal attack gets 1 [Cleaving Wind].
Hitting enemies with heavy attack: Sound of Winds gets 1 [Cleaving Wind].
Hitting enemies with Winds Domain gets 1 [Cleaving Wind].
Hitting enemies with Azure Hymn gets 1 [Cleaving Wind].

Choral Ordeal

Reduce stamina cost for Side Sprint by 20%