Wuthering Waves


Boss at the Nightingale Tea House. Master of Tea Therapy and Bright Lightning Boxing. Inside his fist aggression, indistinct lightning and delicate shows of plants are sensible.


Lightning Fist

Normal Attack
Performs at most 5 attacks with powerful martial arts.

Heavy Attack
Consumes stamina to charge and attack target.

Plunge Attack
Consumes stamina to plunge down and deals Conducto DMG.

Evasion Counter
Within certain time after evasion, next normal attack deals Conducto DMG.

Shocking Fist

Dim Lightning
Tapping Shocking Fist creates Wedge of Withering Night. Wedge of Withering Night will attack with active Resonator within the area of Dim Lightning and deal Conducto DMG once in every 2.5s.
Wedge of Withering Night lasts for 10s.

Myriad Thunder
Holds Shocking Fist while Thunder Thorns are full to cast Myriad Thunder and deal Conducto DMG. Inflicts 1 Thunder Mark.
Myriad Thunder will detonate Wedge of Withering Night 5m near Yuanwu to deal Conducto DMG, and inflict 1 Thunder Mark.

Yuanwu becomes Ruthless for 6s after casting Myriad Thunder and gains great bonus on attacking ability:
Normal attacks have wider attack range and DMG bonus. Deal Conducto DMG and reduce more enemies' plangency.
Heavy attacks will charge toward enemies ruthlessly and deal Conducto DMG. Reduce more enemies' plangency.

Desolation Reviving

Invokes the power of thunder, inflicts Blazing Light upon active Resonators and strikes enemies. Deals Conducto DMG and inflicts 1 Thunder Scar upon enemies.
Enemies' Thunder Marks will be upgraded into Thunder Scars.
Wedge of Withering Night will be destroyed when Desolation Reviving hits enemies and inflict 1 Thunder Scar.

Blazing Light
Resonators with this effect gets bonus on ATK and resistance to interuption.

Fading Ambition

Haunting Memories recovers extra 10 Resonance Energy.

Regrets of Life

When Yuanwu leaves battlefield and Thunder Thorns are not full, generates a Wedge of Withering Night.

Haunting Memories

Summons and detonates Wedge of Withering Night, and inflicts 1 Thunder Mark upon hitting targets.

Lightning Wish

Thunder Marks
Increases DMG dealt to targets with Thunder Marks.
The more stacks of Thunder Marks, the more the DMG bonus. Thunder Marks last for 12s and can stack 3 times.

Thunder Scars
Thunder Scars increase the effect of Thunder Marks by 2 times.
Increases DMG dealt to targets with Thunder Scars.
The more stacks of Thunder Scars, the more the DMG bonus. Thunder Scars last for 12s and can stack 3 times.

Gaining Thunder Thorn
Yuanwu gradually gets Thunder Thorn no matter in or off battle while Wedge of Withering Night is on the field.
Wedge of Withering Night's attack helps get 5 Thunder Thorns.
Haunting Memories' attack helps get 20 Thunder Thorns.

When Thunder Thorns are full and enemies are knock on to the Wedge of Withering Night by Yuanwu's attacks, Wedge of Withering Night is detonated and deals Conducto DMG, inflicts 1 Thunder Mark upon enemies.

Skillful Cooking

Cooking Battle Assisting foods has 20% chance to return all ingredients.