Black Clover M – Gauche (Swimsuit) Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Currently, Gauche's banner remains active, prompting players to consider whether he's worth pulling for. As a great support, if you're in need of one, he could be the perfect addition to your team.

Who is Gauche?

In the anime and manga series "Black Clover," Gauche Adlai is a member of the Black Bulls, one of the Magic Knight squads in the Clover Kingdom. Gauche is characterized by his intense love and dedication to his younger sister, Marie.

Gauche's dedication to his younger sister, Marie, is paramount in defining his character. His love for Marie is intense and often obsessive, leading him to prioritize her safety and well-being above all else. This extreme protectiveness stems from their tumultuous upbringing, where Gauche took on the role of both brother and parent to Marie after their parents passed away.

His Mirror Magic allows him to create reflective surfaces that not only serve defensive purposes but also allow him to create mirror clones of himself. Initially introduced as a standoffish and rather antagonistic member of the Black Bulls, especially towards Asta, Gauche's interactions with the squad gradually soften as he becomes more accustomed to their camaraderie.

Throughout the series, Gauche's growth as a character is noticeable as he learns to open up more to his comrades and understand the importance of teamwork. His dedication to Marie remains unwavering, and it's a central aspect of his motivations as a Magic Knight.

Gauche's evolution from a solitary and defensive individual to someone who values friendship and teamwork highlights the overarching themes of growth and camaraderie prevalent in "Black Clover." His character arc adds depth to the series, showcasing the transformative power of relationships and bonds forged through shared experiences and challenges.

Gauche's Role

Swimsuit Gauche can support offensive capabilities, regardless of whether it's physical or magical. As a supporter, he strengthens offense through abilities like 'Weapon Enhancement,' 'Overall Attack Increase,' 'Intense Sunlight' (an irremovable damage increase buff), and indirectly boosts stats such as 'Critical Hit Rate Increase,' 'Action Power Increase,' 'Penetration Increase,' and 'Accuracy Increase' for both physical and magical attack types.

Due to not needing to switch supporters based on the attacker in the lineup, Swimsuit Gauche holds top-tier versatility as an offensive support.

Prioritizing the enhancement of Skill II is advisable. Among Gauche's buffs, 'Intense Sunlight' increases damage dealt. By strengthening Skill II, the effect of 'Intense Sunlight' rises from an initial +5% effect to a maximum of +10%. This upgrade significantly bolsters Gauche's performance as an offensive support.

Following this, let's enhance the combined skill and then the special move.

As Skill I solely contributes to offensive enhancement, neglecting its enhancement won't negatively impact Swimsuit Gauche's role.

Recommended Skill Pages

Skill PageReason for recommendation

Angel Statue on the Beach
・Motif skill page
・Added ability to remove continuous damage from all allies when critical attack occurs to skill I
・PS has a probability of blocking continuous damage at the start of WAVE, and if continuous damage cannot be blocked, blocking poisoning

Insatiable spirit of inquiry
・When using Skill II, all attack power buffs are given to the ally with the highest total attack power.
・The original buff is Lv, so it can be stacked.

womanizing personality
・When using skill II, give yourself an action buff.
・Easy to increase the number of actions you take.

Moonlight Necklace
・Durability increases by increasing defense power
・Although the recovery amount buff becomes passive after death, the increase in defense power is still high.

Recommended Equipment Sets

Equipment SetSet Effect
Sprouting Mystic Tree[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 250]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 20%]
Scorching Sky[2 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 2,000][4 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 10%]

Great merchant's trade goods
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 30%]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 40%]
[Toughness 8%]

Remnants of the ice mansion
[2 sets]
[Maximum physical strength increased by 7%]
[4 sets]
At the start of each turn, [recover] physical strength by 10% of maximum physical strength

Base and Maximum Stats

The main stats are pretty mediocre besides the speed. The speed helps him out a lot, but he already has 110 speed, which is higher than pretty much every other support or about the same. At Dup 2, when he uses Skill Two, there's a chance for another random Intense Sunlight buff to apply. At Max dupe, both Skill Two and the ultimate will apply a random Intense Sunlight buff. So, with only using Skill Two once, if you get lucky, you could have someone with all three damage buffs almost instantly after two turns. That's how it looks for Gauche.

Early (SSR)Maximum (LR)
DMG RES205205
CRIT DMG50.00%50.00%
CRIT RES0.00%0.00%

Skills and Passives

Skill One boosts Weapon Enhancement for the team above 80% HP, adding a 30% damage increase. Skill Two, an attacking buff, bestows 'All Attack' on a chosen target for two turns, boosting Attack and Magic Attack by 50%. This 'All Attack' buff can stack alongside other attack buffs. Gauche can also gain the Penetration buff and then apply Intense Sunlight.

Intense Sunlight boosts damage by 5%, maxing out at 10% when the Skill Two level increases. Without duplicates, Skill Two grants Intense Sunlight buffs once per use, providing a significant damage boost alongside an all-attack increase, making it a powerful skill.

His ultimate offers a 30% damage reduction upon losing 10% HP, plus accuracy for everyone and DT immunity for two turns. Interestingly, Gauche's differently-worded skill allows stacking with William's, providing a unique advantage.

For skill upgrades, prioritize leveling Skill Two followed by the ultimate. Skill Two enhances the ultimate's damage taken and ensures a 100% penetration chance, making it crucial.

Regarding passives, his normal one heals 15% HP when a buff expires, counteracting the 10% loss. His dupe passive boosts HP by 8,000 and speed up to 116. However, the crit rate increase from his skill page, removing DT instances on a crit, isn't desirable.

Skill I: Mirror Sunbeam

Shoots out a ray of sunlight from the mirror, damaging one enemy.

・Gives [Lv.1 Weapon Enhancement] buff to all allies whose health is 80% or higher for 1 turn

Lv.2Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.3Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.4Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.5Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%

Motif skill page

iconEnhancement skill details
Shoots out a ray of sunlight from the mirror, damaging one enemy.

・Gives [Lv.1 Weapon Enhancement] buff to all allies whose health is 80% or higher for 1 turn.
・If a critical attack occurs, removes 1 [Continuous Damage] from all allies.

Skill II: Mirror Burn

Reflects sunlight onto allies using a mirror, giving buffs to the specified allies.

・Grants [Lv.3 Total Attack Power Increase] buff to allies for 2 turns
・Grants [Lv.2 Penetration Increase] buff to allies with a 60% chance for 2 turns
・Grants [Intense Sunlight] to allies ]Apply buff

Lv.2[Intense sunlight] Damage amount +2.5%
Lv.3[Penetration increase] activation rate +20%
Lv.4[Intense sunlight] Damage amount +2.5%
Lv.5[Penetration increase] activation rate +20%

Special move: Cute Marie is the best!

The cute appearance of Marie will cheer you up and give buffs to all allies.

・Consume 10% of your current physical strength to give all allies a [30% reduction in damage received] buff for 2 turns.
・Give all allies a [Lv.3 Accuracy Increase] buff for 2 turns. Granted
: Blocks [continuous damage] from all allies for 2 turns.

Lv.2[Reduction in damage received] +2.5%
Lv.3[Reduction in damage received] +2.5%
Lv.4[Reduction in damage received] +2.5%
Lv.5[Reduction in damage received] +2.5%

Combined Attack

Work together with your partner to damage one enemy.

・Applies [Lv.5 Critical Rate Increase] buff to partner's attack
・Gives partner [Act Power 10% Increase] buff with 50% chance

Lv.2[Action power increase] Activation rate +5%
Lv.3[Action power] +5%
Lv.4[Action power increase] Activation rate +5%
Lv.5[Action power] +5%

Unique Passive

・When the [buff] applied to you wears off, your physical strength is [recovered] by 15% of your maximum physical strength (only once for each wave)

Enhanced Skill

・If you use "Skill II", give a random ally the [Intense Sunshine] buff.


These are the ones that I would recommend: the Damage Delta one and the Crit Damage one. Just because they're two universal ones, if you're not sure what to apply on anyone, I'd say those are the two best ones. For here, I'd say the Defense 20% and the extra per wave one is good. Then, for here, I'd say these two are very important, especially the Skill Two cooldown reduction by one turn with the chance one.


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