Black Clover M – Noelle Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

The Season 2 Noelle, also known as Swimsuit Noelle's banner, is currently active as I'm writing this. Swimsuit Charmy and Swimsuit Gauche share the same banner with her. This banner is an excellent opportunity to pull characters, given their powerful abilities, particularly Noelle. Even in non-global servers, she remains one of the top units in the game due to her design and kit.

Who is Noelle Silva?

Noelle Silva is a prominent character in the anime and manga series "Black Clover." She belongs to the noble Silva family, known for their powerful magic and prestige in the Clover Kingdom. Noelle is initially introduced as a member of the Black Bulls, a magic knight squad known for its misfit members.

Noelle stands out due to her struggle with controlling her magic. She possesses water-based magic but has difficulty controlling it, resulting in erratic and often destructive spells. This issue stems from the pressure of being born into a prestigious family where magic prowess is highly valued. Noelle faces discrimination and ridicule from her family and others due to her inability to control her powers perfectly.

However, despite these challenges, Noelle is determined to improve herself and prove her worth. Throughout the series, she undergoes significant character development, gradually gaining control over her magic while also showcasing immense strength, determination, and loyalty to her friends. Her character evolves from a self-conscious and insecure individual to a powerful and confident magic knight who fiercely protects her comrades.

Noelle's growth, determination, and her ongoing struggle to control her magic make her a compelling and beloved character in "Black Clover.

Noelle's Role

She's an attacker, but she can also contribute to the durability of her allies. Swimsuit Noel is an attacker who can provide barriers to herself and the entire team, and she can also give herself attack buffs.

Equipping her Motif Skill Page enables her to provide barriers and even heal, allowing one character to do the work of 2 to 3 characters.

Since providing barriers is a non-attacking skill like Jack, she'll lose one action as an attacker. However, her contribution to the party is on a completely different level, making the benefits much greater.

It's also remarkable that the skills are self-contained. Because the conditions for each skill can be fulfilled using her other skills, it's easy to use and excellent in allowing the free selection of support effects when combining characters.

All attack skills except Skill II are area-of-effect attacks, making it easier to repeat high-difficulty stages by combining characters that can support firepower.

Recommended Skill Pages

Ready for Summer
Reason for Recommendation
  • Motif skill page
  • Recovery added to Skill II if an ally has a barrier
  • When PS receives damage, there is a chance that a barrier will be obtained according to the amount of damage received
Respect for Beliefs
Reason for Recommendation
  • Damage increases when physical strength is 50% or more.
  • Easy to maintain physical strength with barrier and compatible ◎
Lion's Spirit
Reason for Recommendation
  • Increases total attack power according to the amount of remaining health
  • Easy to maintain health with barrier
Breath of Darkness
Reason for Recommendation
  • Unconditionally increases all attack power
  • The simplest way to increase firepower

Recommended Sets

For optimal damage, it's crucial to gear her to increase magic attack. Her skill sequence involves utilizing her special skill first to augment magic attack, followed by Skill 2 for a larger shield for allies.

Regarding gear enhancement, focusing on her second enhancement to grant 'Blessing of Water' might be more advantageous, alongside enhancing her first skill for enhanced counterattacks. However, prioritizing between her skills can be challenging, as all contribute uniquely.

Relic of an Ancient Wizard
[2 sets]
  • [Attack power increased by 220]
  • [Magic power increased by 220]
[4 sets][Damage dealt increased by 10%]
Nightmare called by Demons
[2 sets]
  • If your health is 70% or more, you will receive a buff that increases your critical rate by 10%.
[4 sets]If your attack is not a critical attack, you will receive a buff that increases your critical rate by 10% for 2 turns. acquisition
Ominous Equipment
[2 sets]
  • [Attack power increased by 7%]
  • [Magic power increased by 7%]
[4 sets][Damage dealt increased by 15%]
Aristocratic Heritage
[2 sets]
  • [Attention rate increased by 5%]
[4 sets]Attention rate increased by 10%

Base and Maximum Stats

StatEarly (SSR)Maximum (LR)
Offensive Power2883,599
Magic Power86412,799
Defense Power2243,207
Physical Strength3,60050,000
Damage Reduction201201
Attention Rate15.00%15.00%
Critical Damage50.00%50.00%
Critical Resistance0.00%24.00%
Penetration Resistance5757


Her primary skill, or Skill 1: If an active barrier is present, she attacks, granting a Weapon Enhancement Level 1 buff that increases her damage dealt by 30%. She receives a barrier from her Skill 2 and potentially another from her passive. This means she often gains this weapon enhancement, dealing significant extra damage, which is excellent.

Moreover, if an active 'Blessing of Water' is present, she attacks, granting a Weapon Enhancement Level 2, which boosts the damage by a total of 40%. Moving on to Skill 2, this skill significantly impacts her kit, and it's crucial to grasp its complexities.

The skill grants a designated ally 'Blessing of Water,' equal to 120% of magic attack for two turns. 'Blessing of Water' creates a barrier, providing immunity to a set amount of damage and triggers a counterattack upon taking damage. This counterattack uses the character's primary skill. Hence, it's best to use 'Blessing of Water' on Noel or a character with an area-of-effect primary skill.

Additionally, the skill bestows all allies with a barrier equal to 120% of magic attack for two turns, providing protection. It also enhances favor damage dealt by 10% for two turns, increasing damage during favorable attacks. Moreover, it grants ally HP recovery equal to 50% of magic attack if they have an active barrier.

Lastly, her special skill boosts magic attack for two turns, significantly affecting her abilities. The combined attack is enhanced if a buff is present on herself, granting a 15% increased damage dealt buff.

Skill: Aqua Wave
Creates a fast-flowing spray that damages all enemies.
・If you have [Barrier], attack after giving yourself the [Lv.1 Weapon Enhancement] buff.
・If you have the [Water Protection] buff, give yourself the [Lv.2 Weapon Enhancement] buff. attack after giving
Lv.2 Skill attack power +4%, skill magic power +4%
Lv.3 Skill attack power +4%, skill magic power +4%
Lv.4 Skill attack power +4%, skill magic power +4%
Lv.5 Skill attack power +4%, skill magic power +4%
Skill: Skill Healing
Buffs all allies with water magic.
・Gives [Water Protection] of 120% of magic power to the specified ally for 2 turns
・Gives [Barrier] of 100% of magic power to all allies for 2 turns
・Gives [Barrier] of 100% of magic power to all allies for 2 turns Adds a buff that increases damage amount by 10% due to favorable compatibility.
Lv.2 [Barrier]+20%
Lv.3 [Water Protection] Barrier +20%
Lv.4 [Barrier]+20%
Lv.5 [Water Protection] Barrier +20%

Motif Skill Page:

Skill PageEnhancement skill details
Ready for summerBuffs all allies with water magic.
Effects- Gives [Water Protection] of 120% of magic power to the specified ally for 2 turns.
- Gives [Barrier] of 100% of magic power to all allies for 2 turns.
- Increases damage amount by 10% based on favorable compatibility.
- Grants buff: If an ally has [Barrier], that ally's physical strength is recovered by 50% of magic power.

Special move: You started it!Details
  • Attack after giving yourself the [Lv.2 Magic Power Increase] buff.
  • Give yourself the [Lv.2 Magic Power Increase] buff for 2 turns.
LevelEffect Increase
Lv.2Skill attack power +12%, skill magic power +12%
Lv.3Skill attack power +12%, skill magic power +12%
Lv.4Skill attack power +12%, skill magic power +12%
Lv.5Skill attack power +12%, skill magic power +12%

Combo Skill

Work together with your partner to damage all enemies.

・If you have a [buff] applied to you, attack after applying the [15% increase in damage dealt] buff to yourself.

Lv.2Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.3[Increase in damage dealt] +5%
Lv.4Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power +5%
Lv.5[Increase in damage dealt] +5%

Unique Passive

・[Magic power increased by 12%]

Awakening passive

・At the start of WAVE, give yourself a [barrier] of 10% of your maximum physical strength for 2 turns.

Recommended Party Composition

For potential teams, pairing her with characters like Sally, Rades, Mars, or Lotus can create strong synergies. Sally's boost to magic attack benefits Noel's abilities, making the team more resilient.


Finally, regarding talents, talents enhancing magic attack are vital for Noel, along with defensive enhancements for increased survivability. Balancing these talents will optimize her performance.


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