Black Clover M – Rades Spirito Best Build, Skill Pages & Team Composition

Who is Rades Spirito?

Rades Spirito is a character in the anime and manga series "Black Clover." He's an antagonist who initially appears as a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, a group of mages with sinister intentions aimed at disrupting the Clover Kingdom.

Rades is a former Magic Knight who holds a deep grudge against the Clover Kingdom due to his past experiences and mistreatment by society. He possesses the ability to manipulate corpses using his unique magic, known as Wraith Magic. This power allows him to reanimate the dead and control them as his servants in battle.

His initial motive revolves around seeking revenge on the Clover Kingdom and its Magic Knights, whom he believes wronged him in the past. Rades joins the Eye of the Midnight Sun with the goal of exacting vengeance and causing chaos within the kingdom.

Throughout the series, Rades undergoes character development as his motivations and perspectives are challenged. He forms alliances and encounters situations that challenge his beliefs, leading to a shift in his actions and attitudes.

Rades Spirito's journey in "Black Clover" showcases the complexities of personal vendettas, redemption, and the potential for change, adding depth to the narrative and the conflicts within the series.

Rades' Role

Rades possesses support-oriented abilities despite being a character in the Defender (Tank) class. He can grant defense buffs, barriers, and the ability to block abnormal statuses to the entire team.

While he can provide provocation through his cooperative skill and awakening passive, effectively fulfilling the role of a sturdy wall compared to Mars can be challenging. Therefore, it's advisable to designate him effectively as a supporter.

Enhancing skills should prioritize his Ultimate Skill. The primary reason for employing Rades usually revolves around barrier deployment. Hence, it's recommended to prioritize skill enhancements starting from the Ultimate Skill to heighten the durability of the provided barriers.

Due to his naturally higher magical power, the barrier's strength is reliant on magical power-dependent multipliers. Therefore, as his development progresses, the benefits become more substantial.

Recommended Skill Pages

To enhance Rades's survivability, it is advisable to boost his defense power as it falls short in comparison to his HP, particularly when contrasted with Mars.

There are four main ones I'd recommend. The barrier-focused skill page provides a barrier equal to his HP and damage resistance on his skill two. Mars's skill page offers damage reduction on taking damage, ideal if building him for shielding purposes. Additionally, SE increases HP and defense, serving as a decent alternative. These skill pages provide varied benefits, and while some are free-to-play, others offer more specific advantages.

Skill PageReason for recommendation

crazy beliefs

・Added damage reduction buff to all allies to Motif Skill Page・Skill II
・At the start of WAVE, passive barrier grant based on maximum physical strength

moonlight necklace
・Defense/recovery buff passive
・No need for damage/recovery buff, but excellent defense buff

distorted confidence
・Physical strength/defense buff passive
・Since it is low rare, it is easy to convex, and the defense buff increases with convexity, so it is compatible ◎

Recommended Equipment Sets

Rades, being a magic attack unit, excels in providing barriers. Strengthening his magic attack significantly enhances the barrier's resilience, making it formidable to penetrate. Aim for high magic attack stats, potentially reaching 70-80k barriers. His current shield might reach around 45,000, but with the skill page's boost and other buffs, it could easily surpass 100k, making it difficult to break through.

Equipment Setset effect

Great merchant's trade goods
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 30%]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 40%]
[Toughness 8%]

Mysterious tree in full bloom
[2 sets]
[Defense power increased by 250]
[4 sets]
[Defense power increased by 20%]

Base and Maximum Stats

StatsEarly (SSR)Maximum (LR)
DMG RES210210
CRIT DMG50.00%50.00%
CRIT RES0.00%0.00%

Skills and Passives

Skill one deals a decent amount of damage and applies poison to a single target, nothing too extraordinary. Skill two, on the other hand, is quite impressive as it applies Defense level two, a 140% defense boost. It also offers damage resistance with his skill page, which is beneficial despite the AOE nature that might backfire when countered. However, getting the defense after applying a barrier proves beneficial.

His ultimate is the highlight of his kit, offering a barrier of up to 240% of his magic attack. Additionally, it grants endurance and status change immunity for two turns, preventing stun effects. His unique passive provides him with seven-speed, making him the fastest Defender at 107 speed.

His passive enhances defense and HP but lacks magic attack, which could have made him even more effective. Nevertheless, it triggers taunting when taking damage, hindering the enemy from using buff skills. It's advisable to aim for two dupes, which can significantly boost his stats as Defenders boast high base stats.

Skill I: No.4 Jimmy

Summons a ghost that throws cursed bullets, dealing damage to one enemy.

- 45% chance to inflict [Poisoning] continuous damage on the enemy for 2 turns

Lv.2Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power 5%
Lv.3[Poisoning continuous damage] activation rate +7.5%
Lv.4Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power 5%
Lv.5[Poisoning continuous damage] activation rate +7.5%

Skill II: No.3 David

Summons a corpse that sprays muddy water in front of you, damaging all enemies.

・Gives [Lv.2 defense power increase] buff to all allies for 2 turns

Lv.2Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power 5%
Lv.3Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power 5%
Lv.4Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power 5%
Lv.5Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power 5%

Motif skill page

iconEnhancement skill details
Summons a corpse that sprays muddy water in front of you, dealing damage to all enemies.

・Applies [Level 2 defense power increase] buff to all
allies for 2 turns ・Applies [Level 5 damage reduction increase] buff to all allies for 2 turns

Special move: No.1 curl

Summons a corpse with a powerful barrier to protect all allies.

・Gives all allies a [barrier] of 140% of your magic power for 2
turns ・Gives allies a [Lv.3 Penetration Resistance Increase] buff with a 50% chance for 2 turns
・For 2 turns, Blocks status ailments on all allies

Lv.2[Barrier] +25%
Lv.3[Barrier] +25%
Lv.4[Barrier] +25%
Lv.5[Barrier] +25%

Combined Attack

Work together with your partner to damage one enemy.

・Applies [Provocation] status to the enemy for 2 turns with a 60% chance

Lv.2[Provocation] Activation rate +20%
Lv.3Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power 5%
Lv.4[Provocation] Activation rate +20%
Lv.5Skill attack power +5%, skill magic power 5%

Unique Passive

[Speed ​​increased by 7]

Enhanced Passive

When attacked, the attacked enemy has a 30% chance of applying [Provoke] status for 1 turn.


In terms of talents, prioritize magic attack, defense, endurance, and swiftness with damage resistance, omitting less favorable options. This combination caters well to defense and support roles.

Team Composition

Team compositions play a crucial role, and Rades excels in providing shields. Teams featuring him and supportive characters like Mimosa or Mars can withstand damage due to Rades' barriers and their supportive abilities. Experiment with compositions that capitalize on Rades' shielding capabilities and allied support to optimize his effectiveness.


In conclusion, Rades proves incredibly valuable in providing shields and preventing stun effects, especially in team compositions that amplify his shielding potential. While he might gain more significance when paired with Noelle, he remains an excellent unit and worth the investment.


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