Global Launch Rollout Begins Now!

Warcraft Rumble Global Launch Rollout

Warcraft Rumble is Blizzard's take on Clash Royale: A free to play mobile action strategy game with a Warcraft flavor and more heavy focus on PvE progression. It has been in soft launch for several months now in a small number of regions, and finally it's ready to be unveiled to the world! With an official release date of November 3, 2023, it is now undergoing global launch rollout as the download becomes progressively available across multiple regions.

This is our dedicated Warcraft Rumble section on DotGG where you will find articles, decks, database, builder, tier list, and more. Take note, we are currently working hard on it and is under heavy construction. Things will change a lot over time!

You can download Warcraft Rumble via the buttons below for your preferred device:

The game's released will also be officially announced at BlizzCon 2023 which starts at November 3, 2023 at 11 AM PDT.

In the meantime, check out our beginner's guide and more upcoming content during the launch period!


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