Honkai: Star Rail Memory of Chaos Stage 10 Guide (V2.2 – A Song’s True Theme)

Memory Turbulence

At the start of every wave of Cycle, summon 1 Trotter onto the field. The Trotter will be immediately defeated when it is Weakness Broken.
After the Trotter is defeated, Advance the attacker's Action Forward by 100%, then apply Memory Imprint to all allies. Every stack of Memory Imprint then apply Memory Imprint to all allies. Every stack of Memory Imprint increases the target's ATK by 15% and Break Effect by 30%, up to a max of 5 stack(s).

Enemies Lineup

First Half

Second Half

Team Recommendations

First Half

You can find more lineups from the HoYoLAB Lineup Assistant here.

Recommended Elements: Ice & Fire
In this half, you can use both single-target or AoE DPS. As long as you get the correct element, or cheat like Boothill and Silver Wolf who can add weakness to enemy. Unless your confidence on said team is through the roof, bring along a healer or shielder because one of the elite enemy can summon more mobs that can attack you and another elite enemy deal huge single target damage.

Second Half

You can find more lineups from the HoYoLAB Lineup Assistant here.

Recommended Elements: Imaginary & Lightning
DHIL got the special shoutout here because hit kit is pretty good against SAM when enter Secondary Combustion (more will be explained later). Just a reminder that survival the second wave might be a little tough than usual because of SAM's skill, which will also be explained later. So make sure you bring a built shielder or healer.


First Half: Senior Staff Team Leader & Abundance Sprite Malefic Ape

  • In the first wave, there are 2 initial enemies (including Trotter) until the Team Leader summons more mobs. The strategy here depends on your team, if you bring single-target DPS = focus on the Team Leader and ignore the mobs, but if you bring AoE DPS = focus on the mobs first. If you have Luocha, it's best to bring him here because his Ultimate can remove their Performance Point buffs = no buffs for the big boss.
  • Each IPC soldier will receive 1 Performance Point after unleashing an attack. Each stack increases DMG dealt by 50%, stacking up to 3 times. You can remove their points by either inflicting a Weakness Break, defeating them, or using characters that can remove enemies' buff.
  • Just a reminder that those IPC Soldiers hit pretty hard so if you bring Blast character, defeating them while focusing on the big boss is definitely a plus.
  • In the second wave, there are 2 elite enemies. I would still recommend focusing on the Team Leader before the Malefic Ape.
  • The Malefic Ape will focus and target the last character that uses Skill, so you should time your Skills wisely, or just make sure the last one using Skill has a decent HP because the Ape deals huge single-target DMG. Look at the left corner to see your character and enemies’ rotation to decide who will be the last one using Skill to trigger the Malefic Ape gaze.

Second Half: Stellaron Hunter Sam & Searing Prowler

  • In the first wave, you will face Searing Prowler and Automaton Direwolf. For Searing Prowler, 1 lot of their attacks can inflict Burn debuff on your characters, so you might want to remove them using a cleanser or they will take Fire DMG on each turn.
  • One of the Skills (Combustion Slash) deals Blast attack, so if you bring a character that can Taunt or a Preservation character in general, make sure to put them in the first or last slot so only 2 characters will get hit instead of 3 if the elite enemy targets them. This attack prioritizes the target inflicted with Burn, so you can actually control who it will attack next by removing the debuff on a certain character and letting the tanky one have the debuff so the elite enemy targets them.
  • Automaton Direwolf: This Automaton only deals single-target damage, so your team should be able to survive its attacks with a decent healer/shielder. One attack that you need to be careful of is the one where it locks on your character. In the next turn, Automaton Direwolf will deal massive damage to that character plus a chance to inflict Bleed (Felling Order). If the locked-on character does not have a Shield when hit by this Felling Order, Automaton Direwolf will have an Extra Attack that deals damage to a random ally.
  • In the second wave, there are 3 enemies. I suggest removing the mob and the Searing Prowler first so you can deal with Sam alone later. Make sure the Mr. Domescreen (the TV) is in the Surprise Channel state before its next turn. If you didn't know, it has 2 channels and you can switch the status by attacking it:
    • Surprise Channel: Regenerates Energy for a random target.
    • Fright Channel: Deals minor Quantum DMG to all targets (your team) and causes all targets to lose Energy.
  • As long as the Domescreen is in Surprise Channel before its next turn, you can get free energy (random target though).
  • In Sam's second turn, they will enter the Secondary Combustion state: dispel its own Weakness Protected effect, gain 5 Molten Energy stacks, and their skills consume their HP.
  • In the same state, your Skill Points will become Combusted Skill Points. When using these Skil Points, your character will lose some HP.

If you didn't remove Sam's 5 stacks of Molten Energy (can be seen below their HP bar), in Sam's next turn, they will use the Ultimate skill that deals AoE Fire DMG.

  • You can remove those stacks by using Skill Points to deal damage to Sam (If you use Skill that does not attack Sam, it will not reduce the Molten Energy stack).
  • The best character to remove those stacks will be Dan heng Imbibitor Lunae since he can consume 3 Skill Points for his superior Basic ATK. Those 3 stacks of Skill Points consumed will reduce 3 stacks of Sam's. Then, make sure you can reduce the remaining stacks with other characters. Qingque's Skill does not work like Dan Heng IL.
  • If you manage to reduce the Molten Energy stacks, Sam will get out from the Secondary Combustion state, get a Weakness Break, and your Skill Points will be normal again + all your Skill Points will be recovered.
  • Another important thing to note, your characters will receive less (extremely less) incoming healing when Sam's in the Secondary Combustion state. Like in the picture above, it's like they don't receive any healing from Fu Xuan's Ultimate at all (Yes I tried with Luocha too, and boy, very little incoming healing).
  • However! This does NOT include Fu Xuan's Talent [Bleak Breeds Bliss] (or Luocha's Talent) where she will heal herself when below 50% HP. She will still get the maximum HP she can get, and it will not be affected by Sam's Combustion state.

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