Honkai: Star Rail Memory of Chaos Stage 11 Guide (V1.6)

This guide is updated for Honkai Star Rail Version 1.6.

Memory Turbulence

At the start of every wave or Cycle, randomly applies a debuff for 10 time(s), selected from the following: reduce ATK by 8%, reduce DEF by 8%, reduce SPD by 8%, reduce Effect RES by 8%, or increase the received follow-up attack DMG by 20%. Each debuff can stack up to 3 time(s) and lasts for 3 turn(s). At the same time, enables 1 ally following either the Path of The Hunt or Path of Destruction to immediately take action.

Enemies Lineup

First Half

Second Half

Team Recommendations

First Half

Recommended Elements: Imaginary & Physical
There are only 2 enemies in each wave, and all of them are bosses so I recommend a single-target DPS like Dr. Ratio to take the stage or a strong Blast character like DHIL or Clara. If you bring a single-target DPS, make sure to focus on one enemy only before moving to the other one so you can reduce the damage taken in the long run.

Second Half

Recommended Elements: Wind & Fire
Almost all enemies have the same weakness, but the one that matches all of them is the Wind element. If you have Blade, he's a strong character to be used here. Dan Heng is a starter character but he can also complete this stage with proper gear and teammates. Although, since Svarog is the big last boss here, I opt to use the Kafka Nihility team because they can reduce its Toughness Bar much faster with all the matching elements (Kafka-Lightning, Sampo-Wind, Guinaifen-Fire).


First Half: Bronya & Aurumaton Spectral Envoy

  • Start the battle with an Imaginary or Physical attack to reduce the enemies' Toughness Bar. Out of the two bosses, focus on the Aurumaton Spectral Envoy so you won't get inflicted with Reverberation debuff.
    • After targets afflicted with Reverberation receive an attack, they enter the Strong Reverberation state and then have the Reverberation state dispelled. Targets with Strong Reverberation cannot take action.
  • The one ability you need to be careful of from Voidranger is Spiral Arrow, which locks onto a single target. Then, in the next action, it will deal massive Quantum damage to that locked character. Make sure you have a Shield on the targeted character so they can survive or you can use Taunt to redirect that attack or just have a high HP.
  • In the second wave, there's only Bronya and Aurumaton Gatekeeper. Remember that Bronya will have no weakness once she appears in the second wave because of the Aurumaton Spectral Envoy (once you defeat the Aurumaton, Bronya's Weakness will be revealed). But honestly, I think it's better if you still focus on Bronya until she's down even with no possible Weakness Break since her skill is annoying when applied to enemies (remove debuff and instantly make them move next turn).
  • If by any chance you defeat the Aurumaton first before Bronya, she will now summon Silvermane soldiers (She won't summon any soldiers until the Aurumaton is down, at least for me she does it like this). Once she summons more mobs, her weaknesses will once again be hidden until you defeat the soldiers, but it's better to just ignore those mobs and focus on Bronya since I'm sure her HP will be low by now.

Second Half: Svarog & Aurumaton Gatekeeper

  • Start the battle with Wind or Quantum attack (if you bring one). Then, focus on the Aurumaton Gatekeeper to reduce its HP as much as possible. Gatekeeper can summon more mobs while the Ice Out of Space can Freeze you. Both of them are equally bad but Gatekeeper is the worst one out of the two because it can summon a mob that can deal decent AoE damage.
  • The worst combination of bosses is here in the second wave and that is the Aurumaton Gatekeeper and Svarog. Both of them can summon more enemies but in my opinion, the worst one is Svarog and you should focus on him first.
  • Aurumaton will be the first to summon its goons and in my playthrough, I ignore them and still attack Svarog. But if you bring the Kafka Nihility team, you should have many AoE damage from Ultimate here that can deal damage to all enemies.
  • After a few turns, Svarog will summon an Auxiliary Robot Arm Unit to the field. This mob is worse than the Dragonfishes because it can trap one of your allies in its grasp. Unless you have a super strong DPS, then you can only count on Weakness Breaking this enemy with Lightning/Wind/Quantum so it can release your character.
  • But even after that, focus on defeating it until the HP is 0 or Svarog may make it enter Overload mode that will deal massive damage to a single target in the next action.

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