Honkai: Star Rail Memory of Chaos Stage 7 Guide (V2.2 – A Song’s True Theme)

Memory Turbulence

At the start of every wave of Cycle, summon 1 Trotter onto the field. The Trotter will be immediately defeated when it is Weakness Broken.
After the Trotter is defeated, Advance the attacker's Action Forward by 100%, then apply Memory Imprint to all allies. Every stack of Memory Imprint then apply Memory Imprint to all allies. Every stack of Memory Imprint increases the target's ATK by 15% and Break Effect by 30%, up to a max of 5 stack(s).

Enemies Lineup

First Half

Second Half

Team Recommendations

First Half

You can find more lineups from the HoYoLAB Lineup Assistant here.

Recommended Elements: Quantum & Physical
As long as your main DPS is one of the recommended elements, you should be fine. Both single-target and AoE DPS are viable here but I think single-target would be best. There's Silvermane Lieutenant here so that's why Blast/AoE is pretty good since this one often summon more mobs. That is, unless you defeat him fast enough before it can summon anyone.

Second Half

You can find more lineups from the HoYoLAB Lineup Assistant here.

Recommended Elements: Lightning & Imaginary
For this stage, you definitely need characters of the recommended elements because the Meme Elite Enemy here will reduce DMG received as long as it's not Weakness Broken. That's why, bring its weakness elements to Weakness Break it as fast as you can.


A Song's True Theme First Half: Guardian Shadow & Silvermane Lieutenant

  • In the first wave, there are 3 enemies and 1 Trotter. Hover over the Trotter and check if your DPS can Weakness Break in one move. If you can, definitely go for the Trotter first because once you Weakness Break it, your DPS will have their turn again immediately, while also getting bonus ATK and Break Effect.
  • After that, focus on the Guardian Shadow. Guardian Shadow has 3 types of Ban skills: Ban on using Basic ATK / Ban on using Skill / Ban on attacking the Guardian Shadow. If you don't heed those Bans, she will immediately attack your character that breaks the rule (Retribution).

If Guardian Shadow bans you from attacking her, then you can attack the two Imaginary Weavers. Or, you can
(1) use a cleanser like Huohuo or Luocha to remove those ban
(2) still attack her and take the damage like a champ, but only if you have a shield

  • In the second wave, focus on the Silvermane Lieutenant first and try to defeat him before his second turn or he will summon more soldiers. Don't forget about the Trotter too. After the Lieutenant is down, there's only Guardian Shadow left.

A Song's True Theme Second Half: Memory Zone Meme "Shell of Faded Rage" & Automaton Direwolf

  • In the first wave, there are 2 small Memes and 1 huge dinosaur Meme (and the Trotter). Just like before, if you can defeat the Trotter in one shot, make sure to execute it first.
  • For the Memory Zone Meme "Something In The Mirror", if you didn't Weakness Break it right from the start, it will transform to random enemies but still have its own default elemental weaknesses so you don't have to worry about how to Weakness Break it.
  • With that said, focus on the 2 small Memes first before you attack the dinosaur Meme.
  • Keep in mind that the dinosaur Meme has high DMG reduction as long as its Toughness Bar is still active so you need to Weakness Break it as fast as possible. Once it is Weakness Break, you should have an easier time defeating it.
  • In the second wave, there are two Elite enemies. You can focus on any one of them since both are the same threat. But I would focus on the Automaton Direwolf first because it's easier to defeat than the dinosaur and once it's defeated, you will only face one Elite enemy left.

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