Honkai: Star Rail Memory of Chaos Stage 8 Guide (V2.2 – A Song’s True Theme)

Memory Turbulence

At the start of every wave of Cycle, summon 1 Trotter onto the field. The Trotter will be immediately defeated when it is Weakness Broken.
After the Trotter is defeated, Advance the attacker's Action Forward by 100%, then apply Memory Imprint to all allies. Every stack of Memory Imprint then apply Memory Imprint to all allies. Every stack of Memory Imprint increases the target's ATK by 15% and Break Effect by 30%, up to a max of 5 stack(s).

Enemies Lineup

First Half

Second Half

Team Recommendations

First Half

You can find more lineups from the HoYoLAB Lineup Assistant here.

Recommended Elements: Fire & Physical
It's best if you bring along a shielder instead of a healer because there's the Dreamjolt Troupe's Sweet Gorilla in both waves and this enemy can be countered easily with a shield. But if you don't have a shield, your characters might receive lots of damage in just one turn (unless you have a trusty sustainer or healer).

Second Half

You can find more lineups from the HoYoLAB Lineup Assistant here.

Recommended Elements: Wind & Lightning
When it comes to Yanqing, I'm sure most would remember how he can summon multiple swords with hidden weakness element. This is why Blast or AoE attacks are recommended here to ensure you can destroy all those swords as fast as possible. Of course, raw damage can also defeat the sword, but not as fast as the right elemental attack on the sword which can one-shot it.


A Song's True Theme First Half: Dreamjolt Troupe's Sweet Gorilla & "Tomorrow in Harmonious Chords"

  • In the first wave, there is one Gorilla and Mr. Domescreen. As mentioned before, the Gorilla has an ability to throw soda bottle at you. And you can rebound it by using a shield, indirectly dealing damage to the enemy.
  • Hover over the Trotter and check if your DPS can Weakness Break in one move. If you can, definitely go for the Trotter first because once you Weakness Break it, your DPS will have their turn again immediately, while also getting bonus ATK and Break Effect.
  • Speaking about the Domescreen, this one can be left alone since it can bring some advantage to your team, BUT ONLY if it's in the Surprise Channel. It has 2 channels: Surprise Channel & Fright Channel. After being attacked, this unit will switch from the Surprise Channel status to the Fright Channel status, or vice versa.
    • Surprise Channel: Regenerates Energy for a random target.
    • Fright Channel: Deals minor Quantum DMG to all targets (your team) and causes all targets to lose Energy.
  • Aside from the Trotter, you defintiely should attack the Gorilla from the start since it can summon more mobs. If you bring AoE DPS, then you should be adble to deal with all of them. But if you bring single-target DPS, ignore the newly summoned mobs and focus on the Gorilla until it dies. After all, once it's defeated, the summoned enemies will also disappear.
  • In the second wave, there are two elite enemies. Just like before, I suggest focusing on the Gorilla first so it doesn't summon more and more mobs.
  • For the "Tomorrow in Harmonious Chords", it wasn't that theatening except the ability to inflict Alien Dream to your team.
    • Alien Dream: Cannot take action within a certain number of turns and regenerates minor amounts of HP at the start of every turn. When this unit is attacked, greatly increase the DMG it takes. Getting attacked dispels the Alien Dream state.
  • This attack is indeed dangerous, but can easily be deflected if (1) your characters have decent Effect RES, or (2) your shielder has Effect RES, or (3) you bring along cleanser to remove the debuff later.

A Song's True Theme Second Half: Cloud Knight Lieutenant: Yanqing

  • In the first wave, there are 2 Decaying Shadows and a Trotter. Whenever the Decaying Shadow uses its Binding of the Golden Age, she will have 9 Gauge Recollection on her back. Use everything in your power to decrease her stack as much as possible. During her next action, she will use the remaining Gauge Recollection she had to deal Liberation of the Golden Age. The more stack she has, the higher the damage she will deal. It will be even better if you can trigger Weakness Break so this ability will fail to activate.
  • The last wave features Yanqing, who can summon 4 Flying Swords with unknown Weaknesses and enter a Sword Formation mode. During this mode, Yanqing’s Toughness cannot be depleted and his SPD is increased. It's recommended to destroy all the summoned swords to remove the Sword Formation mode.
One hit from the correct element is enough to destroy the sword
  • Each sword has one Weakness only, and it can either be Wind, Lightning, or Imaginary (it’s completely random). You can find out which weakness it has by attacking the sword with the respective element. 1 attack of the correct element is enough to destroy the sword, so if you spam all your AoE/Blast attacks with the right elements here, you can easily destroy all the swords and remove the Sword Formation mode.
  • But if you were only able to bring two of the mentioned elements above, you can destroy the sword manually using any other Element's attack, but it will take a few attacks before being destroyed. After the Sword Formation is gone, you can focus on inflicting Weakness Break and defeating Yanqing.

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