Wuthering Waves Echo Guide: Master the System

This Beginner friendly Wuthering Waves Echo Guide by DotGG teaches you how to farm, upgrade, and equip Echoes.

Wuthering Waves Echo Guide Introduction

Equipment is crucial for character progression in most gacha games, and Wuthering Waves is no exception. This guide dives into the "Echo" system, explaining how it works, its advantages, and how to optimize your resource usage. Let's get our Wuthering Waves Echo Guide started!

Here's what sets Wuthering Waves' Echo system apart

  • No Stamina Gating: Unlike Genshin Impact some games, farming Echoes for your characters doesn't consume stamina, allowing for more focused farming.
  • Flexible Stat Allocation: You can leverage two Echo slots: "Tonic" for combat-usable Echoes with main stats and deactivated substats, and "Consonant" for non-combat Echoes with active substats and a deactivated main stat. This allows for creative combinations.
  • Strategic Tuning: Upgrade your Echoes using readily available resources (random Echoes and coins) to unlock random substats. These substats benefit your character regardless of which slot the Echo is equipped in.
  • Rarity Matters: Terminal level influences Echo drop rarity. Higher levels increase the chances of acquiring higher-tier Echoes for enhanced stats.
  • Set Bonuses: Combining specific Echoes unlocks valuable set bonuses like increased attack or critical rate.


This guide is based on the Closed Beta Test (CBT2), and elements might change before the official release.

Understanding Echoes and Costs

What are Echoes?

Echoes are holographic remnants of defeated enemies you equip to your characters. They offer a variety of stat upgrades and effects, but come with a cost. To maximize their benefit, you need to consider their cost in relation to your character's build.

Echo Cost Explained

Check out the Echo Cost for each monster at the bottom right picture

Echoes come in three categories based on cost (1, 3, or 4). You'll see the cost displayed in the bottom right corner of their icon. Your character's "cost limit" increases as you level up your terminal (by collecting Echoes). This limit determines the total cost of Echoes you can equip at once when you reach the end-game content (e.g., a limit of 12 allows various combinations like 4+3+3+1+1, but not all 4s).

Why Cost Matters?

Cost influences the tier of stats available on an Echo. Here's a breakdown:

  • Cost 1: Basic stats like attack%, HP%, or defense%. The second stat is always flat HP.
  • Cost 3: Offers attack%, HP%, defense%, along with elemental damage bonuses (e.g., Spectral, Glacial) or Energy Recharge. The second stat is always flat attack.
  • Cost 4: Provides the highest tier stats, including attack%, HP%, defense%, crit rate, crit damage, healing bonus, and elemental damage. The second stat is also flat attack.

Wuthering Waves Complete Sonata Effect Guide

Sonata Gallery user's interface during the CBT2

What are Sonata Effects?

Next on our Wuthering Waves Echo Guide is the topic of Sonata Effects. These effects are set bonuses for Echoes in Wuthering Waves, similar to artifact sets in Genshin Impact or memory sets in Punishing Gray Raven. Equipping multiple Echoes from the same set grants additional stat boosts on top of their individual effects.

How many Sonata sets available?

Currently, there are nine Sonata sets: one for each element (boosting elemental damage), one for healing, one for attack, and one for energy regeneration. This limits customization somewhat, as you'll likely prioritize the elemental damage set for damage dealers and a more generic set (like healing or energy regen) for support characters.

How to Get Sonata Effects

Each Echo has a random chance to belong to a specific Sonata set. You might fight the same enemy and get two Echoes, but one could be from the "Sierra Gale" set and the other from the "Moonlit Clouds" set. Regular Pokemon enemies can drop two different Sonata effects, while boss monsters ("Overlord" class) always drop the same set.

Benefits of Sonata Effects

The more Echoes you equip from the same set, the greater the bonus. Two Echoes from the same set grant a bonus (e.g., 10% Fusion damage), and a full set of five grants an even more powerful bonus (e.g., an additional 30% Fusion damage for 15 seconds after using your resonance skill).

Important Note

Equipping two of the same Echo (e.g., two "Fusion Dreadmane" Echoes) won't double the set bonus even if they're from the same set. You need different Echoes from different Pokemons monsters within the same set to maximize the bonus (e.g., get 5 different Freezing Frost echoes from different monsters to get the 5-set piece effect). Speaking of Sonata effects...

Complete Sonata Effect Details

Sonata2-set piece effect5-set piece effect

Freezing Frost
Glacio damage increased by 10%After using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Glacio damage is increased by 10%, this effect can be stacked three times, lasting 15 seconds

Molten Rift
Fusion damage increased by 10%After using Resonance Skill, Fusion damage is increased by 30%, lasting 15 seconds

Void Thunder
Electro damage increased by 10%After using Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill, Electro damage is increased by 15%, this effect can be stacked twice, each lasting 15 seconds

Sierra Gale
Aero DMG Bonus by 10%When using the Intro Skill, Aero DMG Bonus by 30% for 15 seconds.

Celestial Light
Spectro damage increases by 10%.When using Intro Skill, Spectro DMG Bonus by 30%, lasting 15 seconds

Havoc Eclipse
Havoc DMG Bonus by 10%After using Basic Attack or Heavy Attack, Havoc DMG Bonus by 7.5%, this effect can stack up to four times, lasting 15 seconds.

Rejuvenation Glow
Healing Bonus: 10%When performing the Outro Skill, the ATK of the entire team’s Resonator increases by 15%, lasting 30 seconds

Moonlit Clouds
Energy Regen increased by 10%.After using Outro Skill, the ATK of the next Resonator to enter the field increases by 22.5%, lasting 15 seconds

Endless Resonance
ATK increases by 10%When on the field, ATK increases by 5% every 1.5 seconds, this effect can stack up to four times. Outro Skill DMG Bonus by 60%.
These details holds true based on the CBT2 and may change when the game fully comes out

Upgrading and Tuning Your Echoes

Similar to other games with equipment systems, you'll need to upgrade your Echoes in Wuthering Waves to maximize their effectiveness. Here's what you need to know:

Rarity and Leveling

  • Rarity: Echo rarity (green, blue, purple, gold) affects their base stat strength, max level, and tuning potential. Higher rarity Echoes have stronger base stats, can reach higher levels (25 for gold, 10 for green), and offer more slots for extra substats (5 for gold, 0 for green).
  • Leveling: Upgrade your Echoes using Sealed Tubes. Feeding other Echoes provides 75% experience. Higher rarity Echoes require more experience to reach their max level.


  • Unlocking Substats: Every five Echo levels grants a slot for an additional substat. Use Tuners to unlock a random substat from a pool that includes attack/defense percentages, HP, energy regen, crit rate/damage, basic/heavy attack damage bonuses. Elemental damage cannot be unlocked through tuning.
  • Tuning and Rarity: The number of substats you can unlock depends on rarity (green: 0, blue: 3, purple: 4, gold: 5).
  • Important Note: Tuning doesn't transfer when using a tuned Echo to level another. You'll need to re-tune the new Echo.

Echo Abilities

  • Slot Order Matters: The Echo in the top slot determines your active Echo ability. Equip your strongest Echo (usually gold rarity) in this slot for the most powerful ability.
  • Rarity and Ability Strength: Higher rarity Echoes generally have stronger active abilities.

Additional Tips

  • While leveling unlocks tuning slots, it doesn't improve your Echo ability's strength.
  • Consider focusing on higher rarity Echoes as lower rarities become less valuable later in the game due to limited inventory space.

Wuthering Waves Echo Farming Strategies

The 'Detection' button is a blessing

The next Wuthering Waves Echo Guide section provides some helpful strategies to maximize your Echo farming efficiency.

Boss Respawns and Enemy Spawns

The good news is that boss fights are repeatable! You can challenge bosses as many times as you want, though they do have respawn timers. However, regular enemies have a limited presence on the map. The number of available enemies varies depending on the type. Elite monsters can range from a scarce few (3-4) to abundant (like wolves). Utilize the detection feature to pinpoint all available enemies on the map before moving on to the next area.

Echo Drop Rates and Prioritization

Defeating an enemy grants a chance to drop their Echo. There's no guarantee, so keep farming if you don't get the specific Echo you need. Since some Echoes are more valuable than others, consider prioritizing Cost 3 Echoes. These Echoes have a more limited presence on the map compared to lower cost options. Additionally, Cost 3 Echoes offer better stats that can significantly enhance your character's build.

Co-op Farming (Level 30 Unlock)

Once you reach level 30, the world of co-op opens up! This offers another potential avenue for Echo farming. By joining forces with other players in their worlds, you can potentially access a wider variety of Echoes you might not find readily available in your own world.

Increased Drop Chance Theory

There's an unconfirmed theory circulating among players that repeatedly defeating a specific enemy increases the chance of acquiring their Echo on subsequent attempts. While this hasn't been officially verified, it's worth keeping in mind during your farming runs. The more you fight a particular enemy type, the higher your potential chance of getting their Echo on the next encounter.

Post CBT2 Improvement on the Echo System by The Developers

Echo System

We received a lot of feedback on the Echo system. Thank you so much for taking the time to test out this system and providing valuable suggestions!

We have received many suggestions and concerns about how the Echo hunting experience was too grindy, how the game lacked disposal options for unwanted Echoes, and other issues.

To address these issues, we are planning to implement the following changes:

① Make it easier to obtain various Echoes.

We plan to make Echoes available through participating in- game events, completing daily activities, and other means.

② Provide a better way to dispose of unused or redundant Echoes.

You will be able to recycle unenhanced Echoes by converting them into random new Echoes of a type you have unlocked.

③ Return Turners when Tuned Echoes are consumed.

When you use Tuned Echoes to upgrade other Echoes, a designated % of Tuners you previously used will be returned.

④ Make it easier to get your desired Substats.

We will raise the minimum numbers you can get with substats rolling, and narrow the range of possible rolling results.

⑤ Optimize the auto-equip Echoes mechanism.

Additionally, we will improve Inferno Rider's Echo Skill to add a new transformation mode. When equipped, you can transform into the Infernal Rider.

We will be developing even more new events and new gameplays centered around the Echoes, and improve them based on your feedback to create unique experiences.

Official Info from the Official Subreddit

Conclusion: Mastering the Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Equipping your characters with powerful Echoes is essential for success in Wuthering Waves. This guide has explored the intricacies of the Echo system, from understanding Rarity and cost to effective farming strategies.

Here's a quick recap for our Wuthering Waves Echo Guide:

  • Echoes: Holographic remnants of defeated Pokemons monsters that enhance your character's stats and abilities.
  • Rarity and Cost: Rarity determines Echo strength and max level, while cost influences stat tiers and equip-able Echoes.
  • Upgrading and Tuning: Leveling unlocks tuning slots for additional substats, while tuning uses random Echoes to unlock random substats for your chosen Echo.
  • Echo Abilities: The Echo in the top slot determines your active ability. Higher rarity Echoes typically have stronger abilities.
  • Sonata Effect: There are 9 effects to further customize your characters
  • Farming Strategies: Prioritize Cost 3 Echoes for their limited spawns and better stats. Utilize the detection feature to locate all available enemies. Co-op farming at level 30 unlocks additional options.

By understanding these concepts and implementing effective farming strategies, you'll be well on your way to optimizing your Echo setup and avoid getting owned by in-game bosses.

Thank you for choosing DotGG for your Wuthering Waves guides! We strive to provide comprehensive and informative content. Stay tuned for more guides as we delve deeper into the game's mechanics and strategies. Hopefully this Wuthering Waves Echo Guide was helpful for our readers.

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