Wuthering Waves Resonator Tier List – Version 1.0

Best Wuthering Waves characters, their ranking, and simple explanations as to why they've earned their rank.


This list is made from the opinions of many Theorycrafters including me that I have heard, even CN and ultimately I decided to go for a different format.
The characters in each tier are not in any particular order.
Keep in mind, since the game is still new a lot of these placements will change and I will update it based on future characters.

MainDPS / Main Carry

Jiyan: Jiyan is the strongest MainDPS currently. He has the highest potential damage output on top of having incredible AoE. His best duo is Mortefi.

Encore: Encore is quite close to Jiyan in damage, with Yinlin's Signature weapon "Stringmaster" she can compete with him in ST. She pairs really well with Sanhua.

Calcharo: Calcharo has 1 main problem and it's when you dodge, he wont get a Forte stack, which means you wont have enough time to get a 3rd Death Messenger (Forte during Liberation state), which causes his damage to tank down a lot. He pairs really well with Sanhua / Jianxin as amplifiers.

Ling Yang: Ling Yang has a few inconsistencies, but overall is quite a decent DPS and not much behind Calcharo. Ling Yang really enjoys running with Sanhua.

Havoc Rover: Havoc MC is quite a strong character. Their Liberation is incredibly strong and with the combination of Dreamless Echo they can dish out incredible burst damage. Great F2P option, pairs up with Danjin & Sanhua really well as amplifiers.

Chixia: Chixia is the weakest DPS probably rn. Her damage is mostly tied to her Forte which can be hard to pull off against bosses when you are forced to dodge so often. Her liberation takes a much bigger portion of her damage than expected which means it's not as powerful anymore to Deepen buff her Skill Damage using Taoqi's outro skill. Jianxin / Taoqi are good amplifiers for Chixia.

Danjin: This placement will surprise many, however... this tier list is more aimed towards Tower of Adversity / General gameplay, while also considering the average player into consideration. If we're talking specifically about Hologram, Danjin really shines. Her DPS is lower than most however, this game is not only about the biggest numbers, but about consistency. And Danjin is VERY consistent.

SubDPS / Amplifier

Yinlin: Yinlin's damage is simply really high, quite close to the damage of a MainDPS. On top of that her energy generation is absolutely bonkers. She pairs up really well with Calcharo as his damage distribution is mostly leaning towards Liberation DMG. She has amazing swap cancel potential and can use Moonlit Clouds / Void Thunder because her damage is high enough to justify it.

Sanhua: Her speed, and flexibilty is what makes her so good. Sanhua uses Moonlit Clouds very well because it gives her all the ER she needs, as her energy generation is really high. Her damage is quite good and swap canceling potential is quite high. Her 38% Normal Attack Deepen works with so many characters right now that it puts her at T0 for me over other SubDPS characters. She's also free, and is really worth building for a lot of accounts.

Danjin: Danjin's kit doesn't really scream "subdps", however, due to how good Havoc Rover is, it earns her the T1 spot as a good amplifier for Havoc Rover.

Mortefi: Mortefi is overall a solid character and an incredible teammate for Jiyan. Jiyan is a really strong damage dealer, the "best" one in fact, which means Mortefi earns even more value. His S^ allows him to be a bit more flexible with who you can use him with, as it gives a mini Verina 20% atk buff.

Jianxin: Other than being a good sustainer and grouper, Jianxin's SubDPS capabilities are not bad. Her damage isn't the greatest but it's not bad either. She pairs up well with Calcharo and quite well with Chixia. Future Liberation damage scalers will really enjoy her on the team.

Spectro Rover: Spectro Rover doesn't offer much other than damage. The damage is good, but without proper swap canceling they're not that great. Their outro can hurt you sometimes when used with bad timing. Flex tape character.

Aalto: Despite his utility being awful (10% dmg bonus to projectiles that go through his gate... at max talent level...) and his damage being on the lower side, his buff is actually a decent replacement to Mortefi's outro for Jiyan. Hopefully in the future we'll get an Aero DPS who's kit doesn't focus on a single attack type (in Jiyan's case, heavy attack).

Yuanwu: He's simply a fine SubDPS. Kinda like Spectro Rover, he's a flex tape character. He doesn't really offer any amazing buffs, mostly Defense related stuff.

Yangyang: Yangyang can work as a budget grouper if you don't own Jianxin, and her energy generation outro can help energy hungry characters quite a lot. Unfortunately, the only character rn that wants this is Jiyan and he still prefers Mortefi by a long shot.

Taoqi: She got so heavily nerfed on launch. Her shield is about half as good as before, and her damage is not great. Right now there isn't an incredible Skill Damage-focused carry to pair her up up with.

Support / Sustainer

Verina: This character is simply a league above everyone else. She gives a total of:
35% atk with Rejuvenating Glow set
10% dmg bonus with Bellborne Echo skill
15% Deepen damage multiplier to your entire team
She's also really quick and has good energy generation. Use her with Variation - 4 Star ER% weapon and you're good to go.

Baizhi: Due to lack of supports in the game, Baizhi has a lot of value rn as a budget Verina alternative for a 2nd team. She offers worse buffs than Verina and is much slower, however is still a good option.

Jianxin: Her sustain is actually quite strong, and as a support she can offer decent buffs with Moonlit + Liberation Deepen. Can also run Rejuvenating Glow however her healing tick takes 6 seconds so it's a bit awkward to trigger it's buff.

Taoqi: If you build Taoqi as a sustainer she's fine. She'll get the job done and still offer her buffs. You can use Rejuvenating Glow to grant a teamwide buff as she can self heal.

Spectro Rover: At S4 Rover can sutain the team. However the healing is horribly low. It can still activate Rejuvenating Glow, however.

Yuanwu: His shield (that you get from sequences) and defense buffs aren't enough to justify running as a sustainer and he can't run Rejuvenating Glow. Moonlit is fine.

Yangyang: There's a hidden tech with Yangyang as a Verina replacement in a Jiyan team, where you use the Originite: Type II sword to self heal and trigger Rejuvenating Glow + Bellborne for extra buffs. That way you can battery Jiyan, swap to Mortefi to keep buffing Jiyan. However it's still worse than Verina.


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