Wuthering Waves Reveal Livestream Overview

Wuthering Waves is an Open-world Action RPG set for global release on the 22nd of May (PT). The game will be available on the Epic Games Store on PC. It'll be on Android as well as iOS. It features a high degree of freedom in combats as well as vast expanse of the overworld exploration.

You will be taking on the role of rover who wakes up at a world filled with haze and looming threats and you'll tread along a path towards your lost memories alongside companions that have special abilities: The Resonators.

Resonators can exert their Fortes through visible portals on their body - Tacet Marks - to wield different abilities. They are going to be your loyal companions aiding you through your thrilling adventures.

Main Quests

Apart from the original four acts released during CBT2, this version will also introduce two new acts: Act V: Rewinding Raindrops and Act VI: Grand Warstorm. Rover will gradually reclaim some lost memories during exploration of the world, surpassing Lament and reaching for the truth.

Companion Stories

In version 1.0, Companion Stories for the following characters will be available: Jiyan, Yinlin, and Lingyang. Stories about the Resonators including a recollection of past events brought by the Retroact Rain, an unexpected encounter and rumours about the beasts of Jinzhou are waiting for you to experience firsthand.

New Maps

As the story develops, the players will unlock different regions within the Jinzhou territory. These includes the Jinzhou City, the Central Plains, Wuming Bay, the Port City of Guixu, Tiger's Maw, Dim Forest, Whining Aix's Mire, Desorock Highland, and a lot more.

As for the new map, we have the Norfall Barrens as a location of lore-significance in the open-beta. It lies adjacent to the Desorock Highland, north of Jinzhou.

New Monster

The new enemy is called the Dreamless. It's a mysterious residual entity that descends over Norfall Barrens and it's one of the anomalies of the Dual Moons. So it takes the form of a sphere and it's identified as a Threnodian during its dormant stage. Now, due to its continuously escalating internal energy surges, the possible detection methods against it have failed, so the threat level is unknown.

Pre-Registration Rewards

For reaching all of the milestones, all players across the world will be able to receive:
(1) Lustrous Tide x20
(2) Sigil: En Route x1
(3) Astrite x200
(4) Advanced Resonance Potion x10
(5) Shell Credit x80000

and most importantly: (6) Rangers' Series Weapon of Choice x1 through the in-game mail.

Limited Banners

Starting on the opening on May 22 (PT), players can use Radiant Tide to participate in the Character Event Convene 'Prevail the Lasting Night' and obtain the featured 5-star Resonator Jiyan. At the same time, you can use the Forging Tide in the Weapon Convene Event to obtain the featured 5-star weapon 'Verdant Summit.'

Then, starting from June 12 (PT), the banners will change into 'When Thunder Pours' and you can have the chance to obtain the featured 5-star Resonator Yinlin, and the Weapon Convene Event to obtain the featured 5-star weapon 'Stringmaster.'

In both Character Convene Event, players are guaranteed a 5-star Resonator after up to 80 Convenes, with a 50% chance to get the Featured Resonator. If the Resonator is not the Featured Resonator, the next 5-star Resonator is guaranteed to be the featured Resonator.

In the Weapon Convene Event, after up to 80 Convenes, players are guaranteed to obtain the featured 5-star weapon, and the obtained 5-star weapon is guaranteed to be the Featured Weapon.

There will also be a Featured 5-star Resonator Trials during a Character Convene Event. Players can try out Jiyan and Yinlin to master their skills ahead of time.

Standard Banner

Players can also use Lustrous Tide in the Standard Convene to obtain Resonators and Weapons. In Standard Weapopn Convene, players can select a 5-star weapon for Targeted Convene. The selected 5-star weapon can be switched at any time during Convene and when obtaining a 5-star weapon, it's guaranteed to be the selected 5-star weapon. After obtaining the selected weapon, players can continue to switch targets for Targeted Convenes.

Beginner Convene Event

Players can use Lustrous Tide to participate in 'Utterance of Marvels,' the Beginner Convene Event. In this event, every 50 summons guarantee a 5-star Resonator. The Convene cost two attempts less if you attempt Convene x10 at once.
In other words, players only need to spend a maximum of Lustrous Tide x40 to obtain a 5-star Resonator.

After obtaining a 5-star Resonator from the Beginner Convene, the beginner 5-star Resonator Convene of Choice will follow. Here, players can pick their favorite Standard 5-star Resonator for Targeted Convene.
With up to 80 Convenes, they're guaranteed to get a desired Resonator. That means everyone can get at least two 5-star Resonators from these events.

Additionally, players can also obtain obtain Afterglow Coral or Oscillate Coral as extra items during Convene. Afterglow Coral can be exchanged for Resonator Wavebands of Standard or Featured Resonators, Convene Tokens and other valuable items.
Oscillate Corals can be exchanged for Convene Tokens and development materials during each event.

New Events

(1) Gift of Thawing Frost

Players can receive Lustrous Tide and Radiant Tide by logging into the game daily while Day 5 login grants an instant reward 4-star Resonator Sanhua.

(2) Awakening Journey

Increase your Union Level to get all Lustrous Tide x40, Astrite x1600, and a Standard 5-star Weapon of Choice reward.

(3) Rumbling Hollows

Players can take on the 'Tower of Adversity' to get the 4-star Resonator Yuanwu from this event, along with other rewards.

(4) Depths of Illusive Realm

The roguelike gameplay will be available to challenge in V1.0. In this event, players can obtain random Illusive Echoes, Metaphors, and special buffs for Resonators each time they enter the dungeon. By applying different combinations, players can experience different battle styles.

(5) Alloy Smelt

In this event, players can experience the accelerating battle of Resonator's rapidly advancing abilities and obtain Astrite, development materials and other rewards.

(6) Overdash Club

This event involves players to conquer parkour challenges across Jinzhou to earn Astrite. So you'll be using Grappling Hook to soar around places.

(7) Second Coming of Solaris

Pre-Download Available Time

Pre-downloading for Wuthering Waves starts on May 21, 03:00 AM (PT). Players can head on over to the Epic Games Store or they can head over to the official website, the App Store or the Google Play Store to get the game.

Server Opening Time

The official server is schedule to kick off on May 22, 07:00 PM (PT).

Coming to Mac App Store

Wuthering Wave will be available on Mac platforms as well, so keep an eye out on the official social media platforms for updates and for the pre-order for Mac users.

Additional Rewards

After Wuthering Wave goes live, all players will be given Lustrous Tide x10 and Radiant Tide x10 from the in-game mail.


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