Wuthering Waves Reroll Guide

Wuthering Waves Reroll Guide

How to reroll in Wuthering Waves and what characters to aim for.

For most players, rerolling takes an extremely long time (roughly 30-60 mins), and rates for a 5* are low. In addition to this, there is no Guest Login option so you will need to create a new account and use a new email each time since salted emails are blocked.

How to Reroll

As mentioned previously, there is no guest login and salted emails are blocked. We recommend preparing multiple emails to attempt rerolling. For each reroll attempt, you will go through the tutorial and progress through the story until you unlock the summoning system.

The story and reroll process goes as follows:

  • Meet Yangyang and Chixia
  • Defeat the Crownless after meeting Baizhi
  • Head to Jinzhou
  • Follow the main quest until you unlock the summoning feature and have Baizhi join your party
  • Claim your free pulls from your mailbox

Reroll Targets

Before we talk about reroll targets, keep in mind that the pre-registration rewards only give us 20 Lustrous Tides that can only be used in permanent and novice banners. We recommend pulling on Character Permanent Convene.

Note that character information is likely to be changed as some characters are receiving buffs. We will be adding and updating character descriptions after the buffs have been revealed on the release of the game.

Verina: One of the best picks when looking for a survivability and buffing option. Verina has ATK and DMG% buffs for the entire team while providing constant healing over time. She also deals off-field Spectro damage, allowing you to spend more time on your damage dealers. 

Encore: An on-field Fusion damage dealer who deals most of her damage via her Resonance Liberation. While she isn't a bad character, there aren't any dedicated Fusion supports to help bolster her damage.


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