Wuthering Waves Yinlin Guide – Role, Echoes, Weapons, Stats, Team Comps, Rotations

Yinlin is the first Limited 5-Star SubDPS/Amplifier in the game, she sets a high bar for future SubDPS characters with her impressively high DPS, energy generation, and outro buffs.

  • [Rarity] 5-Stars
  • [Weapon] Rectifier
  • [Element] Electro

Kit Explained

Basic Attacks
Yinlin's Basics will combo up to 4 times, mark enemies with Sinner's Mark and grant Judgement Points (Forte).

Resonance Skill
Yinlin's 1st Skill (skill 1) will deal damage and enter a state in which Yinlin's next Basic Attack sequence will deal "Electromagnetic Blast" to marked enemies (up to 4 hits total).

Yinlin's 2nd Sikll (skill 2) will end that state and deal damage.

Both skill casts & Electromagnetic Blast will grant Judgement Points.
Switching from Yinlin between the 2 skill states will cause her skill to go on cooldown.

Resonance Liberation
Yinlin will deal high damage in an AoE and mark enemies with Sinner's Mark.

Forte Circuit
When Yinlin's Forte is fully charged her next Heavy Attack will deal damage in an AoE around her, all enemies with Sinner's Mark hit by the attack will get marked with Punishment Mark instead.

This mark acts similarly to Sinner's Mark, only it deals more damage and can be triggered way more often, and by anyone on her team. Meaning it will trigger when Yinlin is off-field.

Intro Skill
Deal damage and mark enemies with Sinner's Mark.

Outro Skill
Grant 20% Electro & 25% Liberation Damage Deepen to the next Resonator.
Will be removed if a switch is performed.

Inherent Skills
1) Yinlin gains 15% crit rate when using Skill 1
2) Yinlin's Skill 2 gets 10% dmg bonus when hitting enemies marked by Sinner's Mark, when triggered Yinlin gains extra 10% atk.

Echo Build - Sonata Effect

Yinlin has 2 Echo set options:
Moonlit Clouds / Void Thunder

Pros & Cons
Void Thunder - Higher personal damage, better for teams without Calcharo.
Moonlit Clouds - Higher total team DPS, better if using Calcharo with her.

Void Thunder - Will fall off later when stronger Electro characters come out.
Moonlit Clouds - Requires higher investment due to Yinlin not gaining the 40% Electro Damage Bonus from Void Thunder.

Yinlin is not a MainDPS, being able to further buff Calcharo's atk by 22.5% using Moonlit, alongside her Outro Skill, will result in slightly more damage than if you were to use Void Thunder.
However, Moonlit is more futureproof as future Electro carries will out perform Calcharo and Moonlit Clouds will come on top even more.

Echo Build - Active Echo

Moonlit Clouds - Impermanence Heron

Void Thunder - Tempest Mephis

Both Echo Skills can be swap - canceled easily to save time and gain benefits from them.
Impermanence Heron will grant Yinlin 10 Resonance Energy which helps with her ER% requirements at some teams, but also grant 12% damage bonus to the next Resonator when Yinlin performs an Outro Skill, further enhancing the MainDPS you'll run with her.
Tempest Mephis will grant Yinlin 12% Electro & 12% Heavy Attack Damage Bonus after hitting the final hit. Yinlin doesn't care much about the Heavy Attack bonus but the Electro% buff is welcome.

Echo Build - Stats

4 Cost - Crit Rate / Crit DMG
3 Cost - Electro + Electro / ATK
1 Cost - ATK + ATK

Sub-Stat Priority:
1. ER% (if needed)
2. Crit Rate / DMG
2. ATK%
3. Resonance Skill% > Liberation%
4. Flat ATK

Energy Requirements:
1 Skill Rotations: ~130%
2 Skill Rotations: 100%
Typically you'll use her Resonance Skill twice per rotation so you won't need almost any ER%, her Skill generates a ton of energy.

Calcharo / Yinlin / Verina - Energy Requirements:
Calcharo - ~120%
Yinlin - 100%
Verina - ~200-220%

Talent Bonus Stats:
12% ATK
8% Crit Rate

Weapon Recommendation:

Her BiS signature, best weapon overall, makes lower-end builds even stronger up to 30% over Cosmic Ripples.

Cosmic Ripples:
Standard Banner weapon, great alternative and the gap between Stringmaster is not that bad if your substats are really invested into Crit. Even better in teams where she needs ER%.

BP weapon, good alternative if you don't go for Cosmic Ripples. Not much better than Jinzhou Keeper, a gacha weapon. However it does get A LOT stronger at R5 if you happen to eventually get it to R5, it becomes as good as Cosmic Ripples if not, better. (I wouldn't recommend getting it to R5, I'd rather get extra copies for more characters, your choice however).

Jinzhou Keeper:
This weapon is her best 4-star weapon that can be obtained without paying. It doesn't get much stronger at R5.

Rectifier of Night:
If you don't have any of the available weapons above, Rectifier of Night at R5 can be an alright choice until you get a replacement.

Team Comps & Rotations

Calcharo - Yinlin - Verina
Best available Yinlin team as of now.
Calcharo fits the perfect MainDPS slot as his main damage source is Liberation Damage and he's an Electro character so Yinlin's Outro Skill is extremely valuable to him.
Verina is the best support right now to all teams

Calcharo -> Yuanwu
Yuanwu is an OK replacement, althought he's not really a MainDPS and you'll find Yinlin dealing more damage than him. Still his damage is fine and you might enjoy his gimmick of breaking the enemy's Stagger Bar quickly.

Verina -> Baizhi
Baizhi is like "budget-verina", she gives less ATK% through her Inherent Skill, and it is for 1 character which is a big deal. She's slower than Verina and generates less energy. However still functions fine and can grant: 15% team-wide atk, 15% atk buff to an ally, 15% damage deepen, 10% damage bonus through Bellborne Echo Skill.

Verina -> Jianxin
Jianxin's Liberation deepen in combination of her grouping can help Yinlin frontload a lot of damage using her Liberation onto grouped enemies, potentially allowing for faster clears than Verina in AoE content. However she lacks in less AoE based / ST content. She can use Rejuvenating Glow + Originite: Type V to buff the whole team or Moonlit Clouds as a grouping support.

Verina -> Taoqi
Taoqi isn't great, however, can be utilized with Rejuvenating Glow to buff the team's ATK by 15% and sustain with her shield. Additionally Taoqi's Skill DMG deepen is decent on Yinlin. Wouldn't recommend building just for using her in this team.

Calcharo -> *Flex*
In the current meta, Yinlin is so good that she can be used with anyone and it'll perform well.
Encore is a strong MainDPS that althought doesn't benefit from Yinlin's Outro, will still clear ST really well.
Havoc-Rover has a really powerful Liberation that can be enhanced by Yinlin's Outro and help frontload a lot of damage.

Rotation - Calcharo Yinlin Verina:
Verina: Liberation -> Echo -> Skill -> JumpB1
Yinlin: Skill 1 -> Liberation -> Skill 2
Calcharo: Skill -> B1 -> Skill -> B1 -> Skill -> B1 -> Heavy
Verina: Skill -> JumpB1
Yinlin: Skill 1 -> N4 -> Forte -> Skill 2
Calcharo: Liberation -> DeathMessenger -> B3+B2 cancel -> DeathMessenger -> B3+B2 cancel -> DeathMessenger

Signature Weapon "Stringmaster" - Should You Pull?

Should I pull this weapon? The question of all questions.
Yinlin's sig is good, however, there are available alternatives that are decent enough.
Since Yinlin is clearly a SubDPS/Amplifier, her total damage output will be lower compared to a MainDPS especially when Kuro Games are likely to make a character that will go well with Yinlin and replace Calcharo, a standard banner character. Since she's not dealing the most damage in a team, a 22% increase is not as good as a 25% increase on a MainDPS (Jiyan in this example, with his signature).
My recommendation: Avoid pulling unless you are sure you'll be good on Astrites, because the 4-star weapons on the banner are really good (Cadenza Banner).
See Yinlin's banner review for more context.

Should You Pull Yinlin?

In my humble opinion, Yinlin is a top tier pull. She's future proof because Kuro are not likely to powercreep her before Calcharo. She's a very strong character and doesn't need Calcharo to be good. However if you're a Calcharo fan, definitely consider Yinlin.

Sequence Overview

S0: Perfectly good at base.
S1: A Rather small power increase - ~6%
S2: Horrible sequence, unnecessary.
S3: Big jump in power in her off-field damage - ~20%
S4: Decent team DPS boost.
S5: Smaller power increase - ~10%
S6: So broken that it makes the game unfun.
Overall her sequences aren't great, if you are looking to make your Yinlin extra strong with her signature and sequences, get S1 from gacha and use the 2 dupes from coral shop to reach S3.

Damage Distribution

Most of her damage is Skill Damage, with Liberation damage secondly behind.
This is because her off-field damage from Punishment Mark is considered Skil Damage.

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