Version 1.2 Trailer - A Nightmare at Green Lake

Version 1.2: A Nightmare at Green Lake Content Overview

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.2 - "A Nightmare at Green Lake" will be available on Dec 7.

Here is an overview from the chilling story at Green Lake to the mysterious arrivals...


  • For Mobile: Version 1.2 will be a mandatory update. After the maintenance on Dec 7, you will need to re-download and reinstall the game. Please update the game over a stable network connection.
  • For PC: Please run the Launcher to update the game on PC platform.

New Characters

The Great Thief and her dramatic entrance, the solitude-craving border collie, and the spotlight-seeking artist... The Rimet Cup Exhibition is coming soon, and the main casts are all in place.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy works for the Foundation, looking after young Arcanists, taking care of their teeth, and dealing with anything that requires the assistance of a doctor.

"I'm here for a worn tooth."



Pretty, stylish, and always with the latest handbag, she perfectly fits the stereotype of the "extravagant rich girl."

"Do you see anything different on me today? ... Urgh, I have my hair made. You have no idea how to appreciate the beauty."






Content Overview

From [The Horror Show] series garments to [Forest of Silence] theme in wilderness... Here're the new arrivals in Shop, and rewards available!


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