Westfall – Vultros Heroic Mission Guide

What are Heroic Missions?

Heroic missions are missions unlocked upon obtaining 50 sigils. They need to be cleared once per faction, so aim to get at least one leader per faction as you progress through the game. The heroic missions are more difficult than their non-heroic counterparts, often employing a gimmick on the map or featuring an initial push that you need to defend.

Why do Heroic Missions?

Clearing a heroic mission rewards you with 3 tomes of experience for your troops as well as a sigil upon completing it once. You need to clear them 4 more times, each with different leaders from the remaining factions. Upon clearing them, you receive 300 coins for your efforts. It is quite rewarding and will be your main source of income in the end game.

Westfall - Vultros Heroic Mission Guide

Map Elements

  • Gold Mines: 2
  • Meeting Stones: 0
  • Treasure Chests: 2
  • Lanes: 3
  • Enemy Towers: 2
  • Ally Towers: 1
  • Chicken coop periodically spawn Angry Chickens .
  • Vultures periodically spawn near Vultros.

Enemy Minis

Angry Chickens

Golden Fleece
One sheep becomes golden. Killing it grants +1 gold.


A cheap pair of Flying scavengers. Two vultures are a nuisance, but each vulture victim adds to the flock!

Defias Bandits

Stealthy and weak on their own, but will sneak up and Stun enemies while your damage dealers open fire!


A Squad of Poisonous predators. Their venom will pierce Armor and down even the mightiest of Tanks.

Gnoll Brute

A tough Tank with a menacing mace. Cleaves through Squads of enemies, or clobbers with collateral damage.


A Fast and ferocious Melee Tank. Sprints ahead to protect slower troops, or defend a far away fight.


This inseparable Tank and Ranged pair cover each other for an instantly effective offensive!

Recommended Minis

Darkspear Troll

This headhunter deals massive damage with savage spear throws. Enemies in the air beware!

The Darkspear Troll is really effective on this stage because there are many Vultures that need to be eliminated. Make sure to deploy a frontline unit to protect it from Prowler , Gnoll Brute s, and Mountaineer s.

Big Bad Voodoo BEST
Regenerate 10% health every second.
On kill, increase Attack and Movement speed by 10%. Stacks to 50%.
Serpent Sting
Gain Poison.

S.A.F.E. Pilot

A flexible Ranged unit. Crash her into enemies or land her behind your Tanks for Area Damage support.

The S.A.F.E. Pilot is a no-brainer on this stage because of the swarm of minis. Dropping a timely pilot will change the tide of the game.

Gnomish Cloaking Device BEST
Deploy from the explosion with Stealth and Ambush.
Comin’ In Hot!
Deploy twice as fast and Burn nearby enemies.
Gnomish Muttonizer
Polymorph the first blaster target.


A Fast and lethal Ranged rider.
Her glaives slice through Squads, bouncing from foe to foe.

The Huntress might be costly, but it can easily clear a swarm of Vultures . It's worth adding to the deck if you're having trouble dealing with those Vultures .

Darnassian Steel
Glaive bounces an additional 3 times.
Elven Might BEST
Deal 50% additional damage to the initial target.
Gain Stealth and Ambush.


Sometimes you need to light an enemy on fire. She prefers to light them all on fire.

Similar to the Huntress , the Pyromancer can swiftly clear a mass of minis without much effort. Just ensure to protect her from melee units, and she should provide a lot of value.

Conflagrate BEST
Splash area is doubled.
Deal triple damage on the first attack.
Blaze of Glory
Damage and Burn nearby enemies on death.

Defias Bandits

Stealthy and weak on their own, but will sneak up and Stun enemies while your damage dealers open fire!

Good for opening treasure chests and performing even better with the lock pick talent, the Defias Bandits excels in this area. There is a treasure chest near your base, so you can truly take advantage of the Defias Bandits ' talents.

Deadly Poison BEST
Gain Poison.
Pick Lock BEST
Earn an extra +2 Gold when opening chests.
Last Resort
On death, Stun the target for 3 seconds.

Deck Build


How to Clear

Your main objective is to survive the initial wave of minis and Vultures thrown at you at the beginning of the game. Once you have taken care of them, initiate a counter-push on the right tower to free up the gold mine and treasure chest in that area. Upon capturing the tower, defend it with a minimal force while focusing your deployments on the left side to conquer the tower there. Once occupied, you will gain access to another gold mine. You can either execute a split push or proceed with a push straight down one lane. Vultros should fall easily once you have control of both towers.


Here you have it: a Westfall - Vultros Heroic Mission Guide. Stay tuned to Dotgg.gg for more in-depth heroic mission guides.


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